Heartland Season 10 Episode 13 Review

When I think about this newest Heartland episode, all I can say is wow. I can honestly say that I was not expecting some of the twists that Heartland season 10 episode 13 brought us. But I am glad the show went where it went this episode because it was exciting to see and felt like something totally new. So without further ado, here is the recap of Heartland episode 13.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

Mallory’s back in Heartland

In the past Heartland has been pretty good at sticking to their horse-of-the-week format, but this season there have been many episodes, that totally deviated from this format. And Heartland season 10 episode 13 was no exception. This episode’s main storyline was based around the return of a fan favorite character Mallory Wells. But it wasn’t quite the homecoming that some of us might have expected because over the course of the episode we slowly found out the real reasons behind Mallory’s reappearance.

After Mallory arrived in Heartland, she spun a tall tale of having a fabulous life in London, but from her behavior, we could deduct, that it might not be true. She was a little too eager to get back to show jumping and for everything to be just the way it was when she left. And then, during a conversation between Mallory and Jack, we found out that her life in London is a mess and that she just wants to remember her old self. Which was also why she decided to come back to Heartland.

In the end, Jack gave Mallory sage advice, telling her that although everything staying the same might seem nice and comfortable, it also is incredibly boring. And Mallory seemed to take it to heart, finally letting go of the tension inside of her. But just as everything seemed to fall in place for Mallory, Jake showed up at Heartland.

I have a feeling that the next Heartland episode will also very much concentrate on Mallory and her finding herself again. Especially, since Jessica Amlee has only two episode story arc. But I think it will be more than enough for us to get our Mallory-fix and for the story to progress at just the right pace.

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Lou and Mitch

In Heartland season 10 episode 13 we also saw two major couples of the show struggle with relationship problems.

Firstly, we saw Lou, who was finally back from New York, and Mitch dancing around each other, trying to figure out their feelings and future. In a sweet scene at the beginning of the episode, Lou admitted to Amy that she had started texting with Mitch, while she was away, which would indicate that Lou and Mitch were finally on. However, upon coming face to face with Mitch, Lou confessed, that she is ready for their future together, which unfortunately didn’t seem to fit well with what Mitch was thinking. He became distant again, and Lou was beating herself up about ruining yet another relationship by going too fast. But it turned out, that it had nothing to do with what Lou said.

Mitch became like that because he had a huge decision to make, to accept or not to accept the new job in Calgary, which he applied for mainly because of Lou. This news about him possibly leaving, of course, devastated Lou, because for a moment she thought that their relationship was over without properly starting. But luckily, they talked it out and Mitch decided to stay in Heartland and stay by Lou’s side. Maybe Lou will finally get the happy ending and present husband she didn’t find in Peter.

Georgie and Adam

But the second relationship that was trouble in this episode didn’t end that well. In the review for episode 12, I already mentioned how Adam assumed that there was something going on between Georgie and Clay. But instead of actually asking about it, he decided to take matters into his own hands and attacked Clay at Maggie’s. And after Georgie found out, she realized that Adam doesn’t trust her, nor can she trust Adam anymore. So they broke up, and not even Adam’s sweet flower gesture could change Georgie’s mind.

It was sad seeing this couple breaking up, but I have faith, that it’s not over between the two. Neither Georgie or Adam seemed like they actually wanted this breakup, so we can hope that they will still work it out.

Amy’s baby shower

The third major theme of this Heartland episode was Amy’s baby shower. Over the course of the season, we have seen Amy’s baby bump grow, and the whole Heartland family engaging in various baby-related activities. Well, it seems, like the birth of the baby is getting closer and closer. And in Heartland season 10 episode 13, we saw another major step towards it. Lisa and Lou organized a baby shower for Amy.

It was a sweet family gathering with food and gifts. And I couldn’t imagine anything more Heartland. On top of that, afterward, we also saw Amy and Ty video chatting again, were Ty promised, that he will be home in few weeks’ time. Could this mean that Ty will be back in Heartland soon? And could it be that we meet Amy and Ty’s baby before episode 18, which is the last episode of this season of Heartland? I certainly hope so!

Last thoughts Heartland Season 10 Episode 13

Lastly, can I express my shock when Jake suddenly turned up in Heartland, surprising Mallory? That was probably the moment of Heartland season 10 episode 13 that took me most by surprise. And, since Jake’s reappearance was also the last scene of this episode, we now have to wait until next Sunday, February 19, to find out what actually happened between Mallory and Jake. Oh, what a sweet torture it is.

Episode highlights:

• Mallory being back in Heartland and being Mallory
• Lou steering Mallory away from Mitch
• the scenes between Lou and Mitch this episode
• Lisa and Lou buying the same stroller for Amy
• Jack and Mitch trying to put the stroller together
• Mitch deciding to stay in Heartland
• Mallory getting the hang of jumping again
• Amy’s baby shower
• Amy and Ty’s video chat
• Jake’s reappearance

Episode let-downs:

• Mallory lying to everyone about her life overseas
• Adam attacking Clay
• Georgie and Adam breaking up

Quote of the episode:
Lou: “It’s official, I’ve ruined things with Mitch.”
Amy: “Since this morning?”
Lou: “Yeah! Of course! You know me, classic case of foot in mouth syndrome.”
Amy: “Oh no, Lou, what did you say?”
Lou: “It was just so nice to see him, Amy, and I was feeling so comfortable and I let it slip.”
Amy: “What? What did you let slip?”
Lou: “The F-word.”
Amy: “Huh?”
Lou: “The future!”

First look at Heartland season 10 episode 14:


  1. We just ordered Up on Xfinity to watch season 10 on Demand because we are recording season 11 now broadcasting weekly. However, my bf and I binged watched season 10, but there was no episodes after episode 12. What happened there? Where are last 6 episodes? We’re going crazy, we can skip to season 11 without finishing season 10.

    1. You are right, there should be 6 more episode in season 10, since season 10, just as season 11, consists of 18 episodes. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you what happened there. You should contact Xfinity or Up to get some answers.

  2. You guys need to make the seasons available sooner in the US. I can’t wait 6 months to get my Heartland fix. Help stuck in America!

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