Heartland Season 10 Episode 17 Review

Usually, the most dramatic episodes of TV shows are reserved to the final episode of the season, but Heartland made their second-to-last episode of season 10 their most dramatic one. And I am definitely not angry about it. It made for an amazing episode. And it also means that the last episode of season 10 (hopefully) won’t leave us on a huge cliffhanger. But before we start anxiously waiting for the closing episode of Heartland season 10, let’s see what exactly happened on Heartland season 10 episode 17.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

Ty’s illness

As we expected from the promos, Heartland season 10 episode 17 mostly revolved around Ty fighting for his life in the hospital. And Amy was by his side the whole time.

The episode started with Ty being rushed to the hospital and Amy running to the hospital to find out how is Ty doing. At first, she wasn’t even allowed to see her husband, since the doctor didn’t know if what Ty has is contagious. Yet a bunch of tests and Tim’s anger tantrum later, the doctors were sure – Ty had pneumonia. But, since he didn’t receive proper treatment right away, it had developed into a life-threatening form of the illness. So all the doctors could do was put Ty on antibiotics and fluid and hope for the best.

But just as with most things in life, it got worse before it got better. At first, Ty didn’t respond to the treatment and developed sepsis, which caused him to flat line. However, that might not have been the only cause for Ty almost dying. In his fever induced state he was dreaming about being back in his childhood home and his father telling him that he isn’t good enough for Amy or their unborn child. Luckily, he was able to overcome his father’s cruel words and he returned to the land of the living with a new determination.

Ty came back determined and excited to meet his child and to be the best father to that child that he could be and the best husband he could be to Amy. And hopefully, that means that he doesn’t go away to Mongolia for extended periods of time ever again.

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Lou’s business venture

Another character that was back in Heartland on not so pleasurable conditions was Lou. On Heartland season 10 episode 17, we found out that a key investor withdrew his support to Lou’s Maggie’s venture in New York, leaving her in panic. Lou even considered dropping this dream altogether. But it wouldn’t be Lou if she didn’t find a way to keep going even when it seems hopeless to do so.

However, this time around, she had help. Peter arrived to Heartland in the midst of all the craziness with Ty and Lou’s investors and offered to help Lou out. And Lou jumped at the chance. Even after Lisa warned her that it might not be such a good idea to do business with her ex-husband. So Peter arranged a meeting between them and an investor friend of his, who is interested in investing in hospitality businesses. But, of course, Lisa was right, because the investor only agreed to invest into Maggie’s if Peter invests, too.

I can already see so many complications coming out of this for Lou and Peter and their already rocky relationship. Nevertheless, it still is a great way for Heartland writers to keep Peter around and give him more to do on the show than to only be Katie and Georgie’s occasionally present father. Now we just have to hope for season 11 to see this whole situation unfold.

Georgie’s big break

And the third main story line of Heartland season 10 episode 17 had to do with Georgie. In this episode, she took on her first solo case so to speak, since Amy had to stay with Ty in the hospital.

While Georgie was in the hospital to visit Ty, she ran into Adam who, as it turned out, was there with Olivia. During a training session Olivia’s horse had thrown her off and she broke her leg. And that resulted in Olivia’s mom wanting to put Budget Buster down. So Olivia asked Georgie to ask for Amy’s help. But, as we all know, Ty was sick on top of Amy being 9 months pregnant, so she suggested Georgie try helping the horse herself.

In the end, Georgie figured out why Budget Buster was acting up and also ensured that the horse didn’t need to be put down. Which only proved how much Georgie has learned from Amy and that in the future Georgie might become just as skilled as Amy at helping horses. I would really love to see Georgie getting her own client horses and helping them alongside Amy. It would truly bring it all full circle as well as give lots of new and exciting story line options for Georgie’s character.

Last thoughts on Heartland season 10 episode 17

Two of my favorite moments of Heartland season 10 episode 17 was Tim and Jack visiting Ty. Firstly, we saw Tim in a whole new light when he admitted to an unconscious Ty that he is good enough for Amy, that he will be a great father and that Ty already is a great son-in-law for Tim. It truly showed how integral part of the Heartland family Ty really is. And let’s face it, if Tim likes you, everybody likes you!

Secondly, we also saw Jack sitting at Ty’s bedside and tell Ty that he thinks of him as his son. We already kind of knew this, but now we saw Jack admitting it out loud, cementing in our memories.

Lastly, I’ll also admit that I half expected Amy’s water to break as soon as the doctor announced that Ty will make a full recovery. However, it looks like we will have to wait until next week to finally meet Tamy’s daughter or son. On top of that next week will bring another wedding to Heartland, so the last episode of Heartland season 10 is suiting up to be a joyous occasion.

Episode highlights:

• Lou and Mitch’s moment in the episode beginning
• Amy not having Tim’s temper tantrum in the hospital
• Peter offering to help Lou with her business
• everyone being so worried about Ty
• Tim telling Ty that he thinks that Ty is good enough
• Georgie being able to help Olivia and her horse on her own
• Jack calling Ty his son
• Ty’s determination of being a good father and that preventing him from dying
• Amy and Ty finally being together again
• the last scene between Amy and Ty

Episode low points:

• Tim lashing out at Bob and the nurse
• Adam dating Olivia so soon after his breakup with Georgie
• Ty almost dying

Quote of the episode:
Jack: “Well, I never had a son, until you showed up on my doorstep with your motorbike and your bad attitude. And you grew up and you made something of yourself. And you made me proud. You are my son, Ty. You are my son.”

Promo for Heartland season 10 episode 18:


  1. Are they doing a season 12? And when will season 10 and 11 finally come out on Netflix? I love this show!

    1. Season 12 has not yet been announced. But I am pretty positive that there will be one. As for when Heartland be on Netflix, season 10 will be on there sometime this summer, and season 11 will most likely be added next summer.

  2. I am ausralian and i just love heartland. We have seen season 10 and now eagerly wait for session 11. My sister and i have watched all the sessions from 1 to10 all over again and never tire of it. We are not teens we are 60 years old. I hope session 11 comes to netflex soon

  3. I’m with you crissy! We can really feel their characters parts and their emotions. I think it’s the best tv show in the whole world. What amazes me though is that Ty ( Graham Wardle ) and Amy ( Amber Marshall ) are both married to different people and they get married in season 8 and then ty goes away to Mongolia and then when ty comes home Amy is in labour on their way to a wedding. IT’S JUST SO AWSOME!!!!

  4. Jack is awesome. I love him myself ♡ Its superb he told Ty, he is a son to Him. Jack and Tim are both strong good and wise family men of strength. Their daughters and granddaughters have that strength.
    This series is beautiful because it is,about a wonderful family with ups and downs, then working through them
    The love stories are realistic . I believe everyone loves family and Heartland brings it to life for us.

    1. Totally agree, Katie. The heart of the show is the Bartlett-Fleming-Morris-Borden family, and the stories are what brings it to life.

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