Heartland Season 12 Episode 5 Review

Another new episode of Heartland has graced our screens. And it had everything from trick riding to babysitting. So, if you want to know what happened during the latest Heartland episode, keep on reading this Heartland season 12 episode 5 recap!

Warning, spoilers ahead!

Helping a legend

One of the main storylines of the episode was all about Georgie and Wyatt teaming up to help one of Georgie’s trick riding idols.

At the beginning of Heartland season 12 episode 5 we saw Betty Thomas walk into Maggie’s while Georgie was on shift. And Georgie instantly geeked out because Betty isn’t just a regular customer. She’s a trick riding legend that Georgie idolizes ever since her trick riding days. But unlucky for Georgie, Betty wasn’t one of those happy-to-meet-your-fans legends. Rather she was grumpy and mean to Georgie when she tried to talk to Betty.

However, when Georgie told Jack and Amy about her encounter with Betty, it became clear why the former pro trick rider was the way she is. She and her husband had fallen on hard times and had to sell everything they owned, including Betty’s horse Boots. And later her husband passed away which really put Betty through the wringer. So Georgie was determined to help Betty reunite with her horse. And she roped Wyatt in to help her.

So the two tracked Boots down, went to see him and even talked to the manager of the place where Boots’ new owner was keeping him to let them take Boots to Heartland for a day. So the next day Georgie and Wyatt managed to talk Betty into coming to Heartland and she was once again reunited with her horse. And after a trail ride and some showing off from both Georgie and then Betty everyone was left in high spirits. Until Luke, the kid we met in episode 3 and who was at Heartland for the weekend, let him loose.

Change of plans

Like I said, during this episode, Luke was once again spending his time at the Heartland ranch. In fact, the episode started with Clint bringing Luke to Heartland for the weekend. And although Ty had mixed up the dates and thought that Luke was coming next weekend, he and Amy still kept their word and took Luke in. But despite Ty making some headway with Luke the previous time he was at Heartland, Luke posed quite a few challenges to Ty and Amy while he was in their care.

At first, Luke got a little defensive when Ty and Amy said that they’re glad that Luke is spending the weekend with them because he thought that they are implying that Luke’s mom leaves him alone on purpose. Then he tried to sneak out in the middle of the night after his mom wasn’t answering his texts. And then he let Boots loose thinking that he’s giving the horse a better life. Luckily, Ty was there for Luke.

Instead of getting mad at Luke for freeing Boots, he talked to the boy and tried to get to the bottom of why Luke did what he did. And as it turns out, Luke let Boots go thinking that it would save Boots from having to go back to a bad home since Betty couldn’t take care of her horse. Which, as Ty suspected, was more about Luke and his mom than the horse and the trick riding legend.

So, Ty asked Clint to bring Luke by Heartland more often so he could understand what was really going on with the boy. And since Amy decided to buy Boots after seeing how much Luke bonded with the horse, now Luke had one hell of a reason to want to come back to Heartland.

Kicked out of the house

The third storyline of the episode was everything to do with how frustrated Jack was with Tim living at the ranch.

From previous episodes, we know that Jack was not happy about Tim moving in. But this episode all those frustrations boiled over after Tim used the vintage wine Lisa sent Jack to cook his cedar planked salmon. So Jack told Tim to get out of his house. Which Tim did. But he did not decide to rent a house or buy a new property. No! Instead, inspired by Amy and Ty’s little camping trip in episode 4, Time decided to get an RV, park it somewhere and live there.

Jack, of course, also refused to let Tim park his new motorhome on his grounds, so Tim found somebody else who let him stay and set up camp there. But after Tim extended an olive branch to Jack in the form of a new, expensive bottle of wine for Jack and Lisa to enjoy, at the end of the episode Jack stopped by Tim’s new place. And he even brought coffee and biscuits, which seemed like a good-will gesture from Jack as well.

Therefore, it seems that everything will be okay between Jack and Tim after all. Because, let’s face it, those two need each other. And they definitely are better together than apart.

Jade’s new gig

And then, mixed in-between everything that already was going on, we had a fun little storyline for Jade as well. Who accidentally on purpose got stuck babysitting Lyndy.

Ever since Jade’s fall and the following concussion diagnosis, she has been moping around her mom’s house, so Tim invited Jade to Heartland for dinner. But, since she arrived early, Tim put her on babysitting duty while dinner cooked and subsequently offered her babysitting services to Ty and Amy during dinner. And, although, Jade was reluctant to accept, she actually made a really good nanny. Even with Ty’s overbearing father tendencies. So much so that Amy and Ty offered her a full-time gig.

However, the day spent babysitting Lyndy finally made Jade realize how much she missed the rodeo school. So she declined Ty and Amy’s offer and decided to go help out at Tim’s rodeo school after all. Which hopefully means that we will see Jade getting back in the saddle sooner rather than later.

Last thoughts on Heartland season 12 episode 5

And finally, what did you think about Georgie and Wyatt getting back together? Ever since episode 3, those two have been drifting back towards each other. And this episode we saw them work together once again. By the end of which Georgie suggested that they should go to the movie they were planning to see not as just friends but treat it as a date. So it seems that Georgie will have one more thing to juggle in the upcoming episodes – her relationship with Wyatt.

Also, how much do you want Lisa to come back from her trip? As Tim pointed out, Jack seems miserable without her, so I’d love to see Lisa returning in the upcoming episodes and see the two of them reunited once again.

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Episode highlights:

  • Amy and Ty agreeing to host Luke for the whole weekend
  • Wyatt helping Georgie to track down Boots
  • Ty being an overbearing father and worrying about Jade’s ability to babysit Lyndy
  • Jade’s proof of life pictures of Lyndy
  • Georgie being there for Jade
  • Luke bonding with Boots
  • Georgie reuniting Betty and Boots
  • Jade potty-training Lyndy
  • Georgie and Wyatt deciding to go on a date after all
  • Amy buying Boots
  • Ty deciding to figure out what’s wrong with Luke
  • Jack visiting Tim at his new home

Episode low points:

  • Betty being rude to Georgie
  • Luke freeing Boots

Quote of the episode:

Jack: “Hope you don’t plan on parking it here because when I told you to move out I didn’t mean move out into the yard.”
Tim: “No pleasing you. You know, I hope Lisa doesn’t extend her stay but I’ll understand if she does. Because you’re impossible.”

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