Heartland Season 12 Episode 3 Review

This Heartland episode not only seemed to bring past events full circle with Ty mentoring a troubled kid just as Jack championed him in season 1. But also featured a new equine-related activity – horse yoga. As well as some relationship trials and tribulations. Here is Heartland season 12 episode 3 recap!

Warning, spoilers ahead!

Horse yoga with a pinch of romantic complications

The episode began with Lou announcing that she’s hosting a horse yoga retreat at the Dude Ranch. And although it all started well and good, soon she realized that the yoga instructor, Maya, is also the women Mitch is dating. Which, as you can imagine, was quite awkward for Lou.

In the first episode of this season, Mitch blindsided Lou with the news that he’s dating someone new. And Lou, although put on a brave face for Mitch, deep down was quite devastated to learn that Mitch is off the market. Especially, since Lou thought that Mitch wanted to get back together with her. And it didn’t help that Maya is a beautiful woman who’s able to do a handstand atop a horse. However, Lou soldiered on once again, even complimenting Maya on how well she’s handling hosting her retreat in a Dude Ranch owned by Mitch’s ex.

Little did Lou know that Mitch hadn’t disclosed their relationship to Maya. Which led the new couple to get into a huge fight right in front of Georgie and Wyatt. But luckily for Mitch, Lou was there to give him some sage advice and by the end of the episode, Mitch and Maya were proclaiming their love towards each other. With Lou making a snap decision of going back to New York despite the fact that Nicole was giving her a generous out of Maggie’s New York franchise.

Will Lou really run back to New York? Or decide to stay and actually deal with her heartbreak over Mitch? It’s hard to say. But by the looks of things, Lou and Mitch won’t be getting back together after all. At least not any time soon. However, anything can happen in the seven episodes that are left in Heartland season 12, right?

Yoga horse in trouble

While Lou was trying to do horse yoga and dealing with the whole Mitch dating Maya situation, Amy was working with one of the yoga horses, Warrior. It was actually Maya’s horse that she bought at an auction about a year ago and was hoping to experience yoga with for the first time. But it turned out that Warrior wasn’t so happy about Maya doing yoga on him. And since Amy knew what the problem might be right away Maya asked her to work with Warrior. To which she agreed.

And her suspicions were right, Warrior just wasn’t accustomed to being ridden bareback. So Amy asked Tim to help her and together they showed Warrior that a saddle-less rider is nothing to be afraid of. Which meant that Amy was able to keep her promise and give Warrior back to Maya for the second day of the retreat. And Maya was able to bond with her horse with the help of yoga.

I’m so happy to see Amy being confident in her work again. The last few seasons she seemed to struggle with helping horses quite a bit. That’s not to say that there won’t be harder horses for Amy to crack down the line. It only makes this show that much more interesting. But it’s great to see miracle girl settling back into her horse whisperer role.

Treehouse bonding

Whilst the third storyline of Heartland season 12 episode 3 revolved around Jack, Tim, and Ty building a treehouse for Lyndy. And, as we all know, where there are Tim and Jack working together, you know that there won’t be smooth sailing. This time was no exception. Especially since Ty was in the mix as well, trying to wrangle both men and also make sure that Lyndy’s tree house isn’t too high up and therefore too dangerous for Lyndy to play in.

However, the situation was made even tenser by Luke being there. Who is Luke, you ask? He’s the troubled kid Clint Riley, Ty’s old probation officer, asked Ty to mentor. And it quickly became clear to all three Heartland men that Luke has some things to work through. What with the kid smashing the birdhouse he was given to put together after Tim took away Luke’s phone because he was texting his mom on it too much. And, by the end of the episode, it started to seem that the issues Luke had run deeper than just juvenile anger.

From what Ty and Clint pieced together, Luke might have a troubled home life. So hopefully Ty will be able to help Luke somehow. Because after all, that’s what Jack did for Ty.

And what about the treehouse, you ask? Despite everything Tim, Jack, Ty, and Luke managed to finish it. Which meant that Tim was finally able to build the treehouse he wanted to build for Amy and Lou twenty years ago. And that now Lyndy had a stunning treehouse to play in.

Last thoughts on Heartland season 12 episode 3

Finally, if you caught the fact that above I mentioned that Wyatt was back in this Heartland episode and wondered if I made a mistake then I’m here to tell you that I didn’t. Because Georgie’s boyfriend-turned-friend was indeed back and even working with Georgie side by side. Since Jen, Wyatt’s mom, made him do odd jobs around the Dude Ranch, which she helps Lou manage.

Although the episode didn’t focus on Georgie and Wyatt much, for all those who loved these two together I can say that it seemed that they might be once again heading that direction. Of course, they did talk about being friends again. But that conversation was quickly followed by them asking each other if they were seeing anyone. So even though it looks like we won’t be seeing Lou and Mitch together anytime soon we might just get Georgie and Wyatt as a couple once again.

What do you think? Do you want them to become a couple again? Or are you happy with just the fun and flirty friendship they have going on right now? And what about Lou and Mitch? Let me know in the comments below and until next week!

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Episode highlights:

  • Amy and Ty teaching Lyndy to ride
  • Greg Lawson (who plays Clint Riley) being back on Heartland
  • Ty agreeing to mentor Luke
  • Jack, Tim, and Ty building a tree house for Lyndy
  • The Heartland family dinner with Maya, vegan food and crystals
  • Georgie and Wyatt being good friends again
  • Wyatt teasing Georgie about her magazine interview
  • Tim admitting to Amy why he wants to build Lyndy that exact tree house
  • Amy agreeing to help Maya with her horse
  • Learning that horse yoga is really a thing and looks pretty awesome
  • Ty bonding with Luke
  • The tree house turning our amazing
  • Lou chucking Maya’s crystal in the lake

Episode low points:

  • Tim taking away Luke’s phone
  • Mitch and Maya’s fight
  • Lou deciding to go back to New York because of Mitch and Maya

Quote of the episode:

Mitch: “What do you think, Lou?”
Lou: “I think that when two people belong together it doesn’t really matter what their differences are, you know. Life has a way of working that stuff out if you don’t let any meaningless little detail get in the way. Maybe sometimes we get so far up inside our own heads we miss out on what the heart really wants.”

Ty: “I know what it feels like to want to protect someone you love. You get this feeling inside, like in your gut, it’s like a fire. And it feels like it’s going to burn you up if you don’t do something about it so you lash out. That’s what I did. I got into a lot of fights when I was a kid. I’d get so mad I felt like I was going to explode. Do you know what I mean?”
Luke: “How do you stop feeling like that?”
Ty: “Well, now I just breathe. Just in and out. Just breathe a few times and eventually, the anger just drains out of you.”
Luke: “How long does it take?”
Ty: “A few minutes. And sometimes a few years, but it’s better than acting out. And no one has ever been arrested for breathing before.”

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  1. I don’t like Mitch and Lou as a couple, but would love to see Lou and Peter reconnect!

    1. I agree I don’t like Lou and Mitch together either. Lou need to take a breath realize she is not all that. So concited. Would like to see Lou and Peter together. Please dont hookup Peter and Jen. Never trusted her From the first time she appeared.

  2. I have never liked Mitch with Lou, he acts too much like a little boy. Way back in the beginning when he went on a fishing trip and Lou showed up he was too emotional over the anniversary of his cousins death to spend time with her and didn’t tell her why. My husband and I were both thought that no man would act like that toward the woman he already really likes. They were alone, perfect time to share his feelings. And it’s just been more if the same. At least Peter was an adult.
    Georgie and Wyatt should just be friends. He doesn’t deserve her. Besides he’s way too weird!! Georgie needs someone who can challenge her.

  3. Lou can’t have it both ways. She can’t keep running off for her business ventures for weeks and months at a time and expect everyone else to put their lives on hold and things to remain the same when she returns. She’s ambitious and competitive and always chooses success over personal. The very things she accused Peter of when he wanted to continue in his job in another city where he was able to rebuild his career and the expectation of his wife and family joining him. Lou always wants everything her way. While I’m not a great Mitch fan he didn’t just walk away from Lou. Time after time he witnessed Lou and was put on hold and back burnered by her while Lou maneuvered and manipulated to get what she wanted. While he didn’t know what was actually going on she should have attended the wedding with him since she invited him whether Peter was invited or not. For Mitch it was the straw after several straws that broke the camel’s back.

  4. I hate Mitch. I haven’t liked him since they first introduced him. And his actions in the season 10 finale just confirmed my hatred. What is so great about this guy? He left Lou without a word and refused to answer her calls for months because he saw her leaving the wedding (THAT SHE HAD INVITED HIM TO) with her ex and just assumed the worse. Just ugh. I’m rewatching Season 10 and I see that the writers are trying to get us to like him. The whole “former soldier who tragically lost his cousin because of the war and blames himself” storyline. Since this is the third season we’re dealing with him, I guess the writers are trying to make Lou and Mitch into Amy and Ty. But considering that Mitch spends most episodes acting like the teenage boys Georgie is dating… it’s not working.
    Finally, where is Casey?! Did Tim propose? Did she say no? I love Casey. I love her character. But apparently we get more of immature Mitch than awesome Casey. That sucks! Lou freakin deserves better. Seriously, if she wrote in to an advice column about Mitch, everyone would say “move on.”
    Loved the rest of the episode. So glad we have Ty back.

  5. I definitely want to see Mitch and Lou together. They are good for each other. Lou needs to fight for him.

    1. Me too, although it seemed that Mitch is pretty happy with Maya, at least for now.

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