Heartland Season 12 Episode 6 Review

This Sunday CBC treated us to yet another lovely Heartland episode. And during it we saw big decisions being made, business meetings being held as well as some tension between Amy and Ty. What to know what exactly happened? Then keep on reading this Heartland season 12 episode 6 recap!

Warning, spoilers ahead!

The investigation

This episode featured a bit different type of horse-related storyline. Instead of Amy and Ty treating a horse, they were hired to figure out if a horse is being mistreated. Let me explain!

At the beginning of the episode, we saw a rider getting bucked off a horse and breaking her arm. And as it turns out that was Laura, recently promoted Fairfield Stables’ manager who’s convinced that Tony, one of Fairfield’s stable hands, is doing something to her horse to get back at Laura for getting the promotion instead of him. So Laura asked Amy and Ty to get to the bottom of what’s happening with her horse Diamond.

But it was easier said than done. Because they didn’t want to jump to conclusions just because of Tony’s checkered past. Yet, they also couldn’t ignore the signs pointing towards Tony being the bad buy. So much so that Ty and Amy got into a serious argument over Ty contradicting Amy in front of a client.

Luckily, the couple was able to resolve their issues with each other, make up and finally get the bottom of what’s happening with Diamond. Because in the end a plant growing in neighboring yard called Locoweed was at fault for Diamond’s behavioral changes, not Tony or anybody else. However, since this was the first really big fight between Amy and Ty that we have seen since they got married, I have to wonder if them going into business together will work out after all. I really hope it will though because despite their differences of opinion they make an amazing team.

Big decisions

While Amy and Ty were dealing with all that, Georgie and her parents had a huge decision to make.

During Heartland season 12 episode 6, we saw Kim Price, Georgie’s show jumping coach, tell Georgie, Lou, and Peter about an exciting training opportunity. Apparently, there is a stable in Switzerland that trains promising new jumpers and Georgie has a shot at getting into the training program. However, it would mean that Georgie has to move to Switzerland for four months. And that plus the expensive price tag that comes with this life-changing opportunity was enough to make Georgie doubt if it really is worth it.

Georgie’s parents, of course, saw the hesitation in their daughter, and, after talking it through amongst themselves, they decided to tell Georgie that she should apply for the equestrian camp. And Georgie, who also voiced concerns of leaving for four months to Wyatt and who told her that he will be right here waiting for her, finally told Peter and Lou that she wants to go. So it looks light Georgie might be leaving for Switzerland at the end of the season.

I love this storyline for Georgie because it shows her dreaming big. Yet at the same time, the show also deals with real-life obstacles that often come with shooting for the stars. Like money, fear of leaving home and uncertainty. Which makes this storyline feel realistic as well as showcases that any big dream comes with sacrifices.

The steak-off

While the third bigger storyline of the episode dealt with Jack, Tim and Mitch’s business venture.

If you remember, on episode 17 of last season we saw Jack, Mitch and Tim partner with Fred Garland to sell Heartland-raised meat in Garland Foods’ stores. And this episode Fred was back at Heartland telling Jack and Mitch that Garland Foods wants to double their order since their customers love Heartland beef that much. However, before all that could occur we also saw Jack and Mitch engage in a sort of a cook-off.

Since Fred proposed a business meeting out of the blue and, scared that Fred wants to cancel their partnership, Mitch decided to cook Fred some quality Heartland steak. Just to remind the grocery store mogul of why he’s doing business with them. Jack, of course, assumed that he’s going to grill. Yet Mitch had something else in mind – Heartland steak cooked in a fancy new barbecue that Mitch borrowed from his buddy.

Jack, not wanting to screw up the partnership by serving Fred bad steak, proposed that Mitch cook potatoes in the fancy grill, while he’s going to barbecue steak on his trusty old charcoal grill. But in the end, both Jack and Mitch cooked some steak and let Fred decide which is better. Fred found Mitch’s steak better and offered to increase their order. Which meant that all three men, Jack, Tim and Mitch, now had a decision to make.

Jack voiced his concerns about not being able to deliver on quality if they doubled their cattle business. Yet Mitch was full steam ahead, what with him and Maya getting pretty serious. So we will just have to wait and see what they decide in the remaining five episodes of Heartland season 12.

Last thoughts on Heartland season 12 episode 6

After last episode’s date, it looks like Georgie and Wyatt are back on. Which was great to see. Especially since Wyatt was so supportive of Georgie possibly going to Switzerland for four months. Yet, Peter wasn’t so happy about finding out that Georgie has a boyfriend. And he made his thoughts known during his test drive of a car Wyatt was selling for his friend and Peter was interested in buying.

The whole situation of Peter buying a car from Wyatt was funny in its own. But Peter getting pulled over for speeding while test driving the car with Wyatt in the passenger’s seat and Peter basically telling him not to hurt Georgie was priceless. That along with Jack and Mitch’s cook-off was just the comedic relief that the episode needed.

And finally, I just wanted to mention how sad it was to see Lou hear about Mitch and Maya getting serious. Although Lou knew about them for a while know, hearing that somebody you love is getting serious with somebody else can’t be easy. So I wonder if that will make Lou spend even more time in New York. Or maybe that will be the push she needs to get over Mitch? What do you think? Sound off in the comments below and until the next episode recap!

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Episode highlights:

  • Peter buying a car from Wyatt
  • Lou and Peter this episode
  • Peter giving Wyatt the dad talk about dating Georgie
  • Ty giving Tony the benefit of the doubt because of his own past
  • Peter getting pulled over for speeding three times
  • Kim offering Georgie a life-changing, carrier-making opportunity
  • Mitch and Jack’s cook-off
  • Fred ordering more of Heartland’s beef
  • Jack and Peter’s heart to heart while changing the tire
  • Amy and Ty making up
  • Wyatt being a supportive boyfriend
  • Georgie deciding to apply for the equestrian camp

Episode low points:

  • Laura jumping to conclusions just because of Tony’s past
  • the fight between Amy and Ty
  • Mitch pushing Jack to expand their cattle business

Quote of the episode:

Lou: “Okay, then I’ll just figure out how to send her on my own.”
Peter: “Don’t be ridiculous.”
Lou: “Yeah, and you can continue living out your midlife crisis in that car you pulled up in.”
Peter: “Wow. Couldn’t wait to throw that in my face, huh?”
Lou: “Okay, I’m sorry. That was a low-blow.”

Wyatt: “So, what do you think? Interested in the car?”
Peter: “I don’t know, you know. See, the thing about a nice car is you just end up worrying about her all the time. It becomes kind of like your kid. If it got scratched or dented or even the tiniest little scuff mark on it, you’d be so consumed with anger and rage that you had no choice but to just hunt down whoever laid a finger on her and just crush and destroy them with your bare hands. You know what I’m saying right?”
Wyatt: “Loud and clear.”

Promo for Heartland season 12 episode 7 aka Heartland’s 200th episode:


  1. Love love love this show. Best relationships are Ty and Amy and Jack and Lisa. Also miss Lou and Peter, hope they reconnect.

  2. I love this show!! We need to be able to watch season 12 in the USA! It’s driving me crazy not to be able to watch it. We need a season 13!! It’s great seeing a loving couple for once and them loving their family. Please don’t stop making this show.

  3. Love this show please don’t ever end it. I am an old woman and I so enjoy this show.

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