Heartland Season 12 Episode 10 Review

Despite this episode not being the Heartland season 12 finale, it airs this Sunday, April 7th, the episode still packed an emotional punch. As well as gave a beautiful send-off to one of Heartland’s favorite recurring characters. Which character exited the series this episode? And what emotionally-charged storylines am I talking about? Find out by reading this recap of Heartland season 12 episode 10.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

Gone but not forgotten

At the start of the episode, we saw Jack receive a visitor. It was Will Vernon’s wife. Who informed Jack that Will has passed. Which, of course, was shocked everyone. But it was hard on Jack, in particular, who considered Will his best friend. And who had a fishing trip planned with Will just next week. So Jack decided to honor Will by going fly fishing alone. Even against Amy’s worries that Jack shouldn’t be alone right now.

Jack’s trip started out good. He drove up to the cabin, played Will’s old guitar, drank some whiskey to honor his friend and got up bright and early the next morning to start the very thing that he drove to the cabin to do – fishing. But after the fish weren’t biting Jack decided to walk upstream to find a better spot. However, after he did manage to catch one fish his search for a better fishing spot was sidetracked by a duck stuck in a fishing net.

Jack, of course, untangled the duck and let it loose, yet in doing so he lost his footing and fell into the river hitting his head and losing consciousness in the process. Before you worry let me assure you, at the end of the episode Jack was fine. And it was all thanks to Will. Because while Jack was unconscious he had an out of the body experience.

Dream or reality?

In the scenes following Jack’s fall, we saw him standing by the river, talking to Will, while his body was still lying face first in the river. Which, although was very off-brand for Heartland, a show that’s rooted in reality, still got the point that it was making across beautifully.

Heartland delivered heartfelt scenes between the two friends. Including Jack and Will reminiscing about the good old days like their time on the rodeo circuit and the Christmas when they saved the herd of wild horses (which we saw during Heartland’s Christmas special appropriately titled “A Heartland Christmas”). As well as Will praising Jack for giving him back his life that Christmas. And thanking Jack for bringing him and his ex-wife back together. But more importantly, through this peculiar sequence, the show reassured us that it’s not yet Jack’s time to go.

After their exchange, Jack woke up in the cold water, crawled to the shore and tried to get up. Luckily, while all this was happening, Tim and Lisa were on their way to the cabin. So, after another hazy chat with Will, Tim found Jack and helped him back to the cabin. Where Jack reunited with Lisa and recovered.

I’m happy that Heartland decided to do this storyline this episode. Or worst yet leave Jack’s faith up in the air as a season finale cliffhanger like it was in season 6. Because, although the scenes between Jack and Will were heart-wrenching to watch, this storyline solidified Jack’s place as the family’s patriarch. And let us, the audience, know that Jack isn’t going anywhere. At least not anytime soon. Which is great because Heartland wouldn’t be the same without Jack.

Bonding time

The second big storyline of this episode was Ty mentoring Luke again. Ever since Clint first brought Luke to Heartland Ty had made a lot of progress with Luke. Not only bonding with the kid but even helping him by teaching Luke how to control his anger. And this episode Ty once again was there for Luke – helping Luke with his STEM class project.

During the episode, Ty and Luke not only built a really cool battery-operated car. But we also finally learned a bit more about Luke’s mom. Because, after Amy broke down over Will’s death while Luke was still with them, the next day Luke admitted to Ty that his mom also cries sometimes. That she’s sad a lot, but then sometimes Luke’s mom also wants to have fun. Like making pancakes in the middle of the night. Which I believe is a subtle way of the show telling us that Luke’s mom is dealing with a mental illness.

But then at the end of the episode, after Luke thanked Ty for helping him get first place, Clint told Amy and Ty that Luke’s mom doesn’t feel that she can take care of Luke anymore. Which means that Luke is possibly going into foster care.

However, I have a feeling that Luke won’t end up in foster care. Rather that Amy and Ty will end up adopting him. It seems that the whole season has been building towards this. Especially judging by the great bond that Ty and Luke have developed. But, of course, to find out if Amy and Ty’s little family will actually become bigger we will have to tune in on Sunday and watch the Heartland season 12 finale.

Wedding jitters

Finally, the third bigger storyline of Heartland season 12 episode 10 had everything to do with Mitch’s fast-approaching wedding.

Ever since Mitch told Lou about Maya and then later revealed that he and Maya are engaged, Lou hasn’t quite been okay. What with her still having feelings for Mitch. Yet, now that the wedding is so close Lou really seemed to unravel. And Mitch and Maya weren’t helping either by showing up and asking Lou if she is going to attend the wedding.

Luckily for Lou, her sister and daughter were there for her. Because Georgie asked Amy to talk to Lou after admitting that she thinks that Lou isn’t over Mitch yet. And after Mitch paused just a little too long between saying “I want you” and “at the wedding”, I’m really not sure that Mitch will marry Maya after all. And luckily it looks like we might not have to wait until next season to find out how this storyline will play out since it looks like Mitch’s wedding might just happen in the season finale.

Last thoughts on Heartland season 12 episode 10

I liked how this episode Amy was really helping Georgie to relax and showing her that she should take care of herself, too. Not just train and push herself as hard as she can. Especially now that Georgie has earned her ticket to the equestrian camp in Europe. It’s about time we see Georgie happy again.

Then in this episode, we also saw Tim rethinking his life choices again. After his health scare last season Tim started season 12 by making some huge life decisions. Yet, lately, it seemed that these choices didn’t quite lead him to the life he wants. Or legacy he wants for that matter. So I have a feeling that next episode we might also see some interesting choices being made by Tim.

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And last but not least, if you love Heartland then make sure to check out Hudson, the CBC digital series set in the world of Heartland available on CBC Gem right now. It features Jade, Georgie, Lou, and a few other Heartland characters. As well as a few new faces. And is a great extension of the Heartland universe, showing us the part of the Heartland world we don’t get to see on the actual show.

Quotes of the episode:

Lou: “Mitch, why would you even want me there?”
Mitch: “Why? What do you mean why?”
Lou: “Just a simple question. Why?”
Mitch: “Because I want you. At the wedding.”

Jack: “It’s funny isn’t it? How we can think of family as being so strong. When it’s actually so delicate.”
Lisa: “I don’t know what I would do without you. I really don’t.”

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    1. Season 11 should be on Netflix US sometime this summer. With season 12 most likely getting added next summer.

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