We are still months away from the Heartland season 12 premiere. But while we wait for the 11-episode season 12 of Heartland to start airing we have a bit of Heartland-related news to share with you. And the news is the announcement of an original digital series which will be set in the world of Heartland. That’s right, we are getting to see more of the Heartland world via a Heartland digital series launching this fall.

The announcement was made by Heartland’s official social media accounts and blog on Thursday, July 12. And not only were the news and the first behind-the-scenes picture of the new digital series shared, but Heartland’s social media pages also circulated a hashtag with the announcement, which you can use to share your excitement for this upcoming Heartland series. It’s #WelcomeToHudson. So make sure you use it when tweeting or otherwise mentioning CBC’s Hudson on your social media and beyond!

Hudson: a Heartland digital series

As the title suggests, this new Heartland venture is called Hudson. It’s set in the digital series’ namesake – the town of Hudson, where Maggie’s diner is located in the mother show. And the series will follow the life of Jade Virani.

Heartland’s fans know and love Jade, played by Madison Cheeatow, as Georgie’s (Alisha Newton) friend, a pupil of Tim’s (Chris Potter) rodeo school and ‘Maggie’s’ diner’s trusted employee. But with this upcoming original series, we will get to explore more of Jade’s life, because Hudson will revolve around Jade and her friends’ day-to-day lives, living, working and playing in Hudson.

At the forefront of the new series, however, will be Jade’s friendship and rivalry with Maggie’s newest staff member Sloane, played by Bianca Caroca. As well as Jade’s relationship with another student of Tim’s rodeo school Trace, played by Sam Muik.

What do we know about Hudson

Since the announcement of this new Heartland digital series just happened, not much is know about it yet. But there are a few things that we have deduced about the upcoming CBC’s digital series thanks to Hudson’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.

For example, we do know that some of the episodes will be directed by Heartland’s own Michelle Morgan, who plays Lou on Canada’s longest-running family drama. While others will be directed by Sandi Somers. And thanks to the official Heartland blog, we also know that the series will premier some time this fall. Although no specific is yet known. Or the specific means of distributing this new series. But if we had to guess, we will most likely be able to watch Hudson on CBC TV, CBC’s paid streaming service.

So, what do you think about this new Heartland digital series? Are you happy that the Heartland world is expanding and we will have a chance to see more of it? Or maybe you’re excited to meet Heartland universe’s newest characters Sloane and Trace? Let me know in the comments below.

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