Hudson: New Heartland Digital Series

We are still months away from the Heartland season 12 premiere. But while we wait for the 11-episode season 12 of Heartland to start airing we have a bit of Heartland-related news to share with you. And the news is the announcement of an original digital series which will be set in the world of Heartland. That’s right, we are getting to see more of the Heartland world via a Heartland digital series launching this fall.

The announcement was made by Heartland’s official social media accounts and blog on Thursday, July 12. And not only were the news and the first behind-the-scenes picture of the new digital series shared, but Heartland’s social media pages also circulated a hashtag with the announcement, which you can use to share your excitement for this upcoming Heartland series. It’s #WelcomeToHudson. So make sure you use it when tweeting or otherwise mentioning CBC’s Hudson on your social media and beyond!

Hudson: a Heartland digital series

As the title suggests, this new Heartland venture is called Hudson. It’s set in the digital series’ namesake – the town of Hudson, where Maggie’s diner is located in the mother show. And the series will follow the life of Jade Virani.

Heartland’s fans know and love Jade, played by Madison Cheeatow, as Georgie’s (Alisha Newton) friend, a pupil of Tim’s (Chris Potter) rodeo school and ‘Maggie’s’ diner’s trusted employee. But with this upcoming original series, we will get to explore more of Jade’s life, because Hudson will revolve around Jade and her friends’ day-to-day lives, living, working and playing in Hudson.

At the forefront of the new series, however, will be Jade’s friendship and rivalry with Maggie’s newest staff member Sloane, played by Bianca Caroca. As well as Jade’s relationship with another student of Tim’s rodeo school Trace, played by Sam Muik.

What do we know about Hudson

Since the announcement of this new Heartland digital series just happened, not much is know about it yet. But there are a few things that we have deduced about the upcoming CBC’s digital series thanks to Hudson’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.

For example, we do know that some of the episodes will be directed by Heartland’s own Michelle Morgan, who plays Lou on Canada’s longest-running family drama. While others will be directed by Sandi Somers. And thanks to the official Heartland blog, we also know that the series will premier some time this fall. Although no specific is yet known. Or the specific means of distributing this new series. But if we had to guess, we will most likely be able to watch Hudson on CBC Gem, CBC’s paid streaming service.

So, what do you think about this new Heartland digital series? Are you happy that the Heartland world is expanding and we will have a chance to see more of it? Or maybe you’re excited to meet Heartland universe’s newest characters Sloane and Trace? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. I’d like to see Hudson but more importantly I’d like to have some closure with characters inHeartlanf. Have watched all of the Seasons and to just stop and leave a huge cliffhanger isn’t fair. You become so involved with the characters that just to stop is worse than reading a book. At least when you read a book and it is going to end with a cliffhanger you are warned ahead of time so you have a choice as to whether to read it or not. Where is your choice in this? Why start watching Hudson if they are going to do the same thing to us? Granted the characters want to move on as Miss Marshal already has. I will say I was surprised to see her but will also say she wasn’t as good as she was in Heartland.

    1. Heartland is coming back for season 14! And although we don’t know yet if there will be a season 2 of Hudson, given the warm reception of the web series, it’s definitely not off the table.

  2. I’m finishing up season 13 of Heartland soon. I’ve enjoyed it so much. I’d love to learn there are more seasons coming but I see now Hudson is a new series! I even subscribed to Wait and Family channel to finish watching Heartland (after watching seasons 1-11 on Netflix)like butdo not see Hudson there. I live in NY, how do I view it? Thank you

    1. Good news, Lisa! Looks like Hudson will be airing on Thursday evenings right after the new Heartland season 13 episode on UPtv.

    1. Unfortunately, Hudson can be only seen on CBC Gem at the moment. If you want to watch it in the US you can look into getting a VPN.

  3. After 13 seasons, do you know if “Heartland” is coming to an end? Most of the seasons of “Heartland” had 18 episodes, but Season 12 had only 11 episodes and I read that Season 13 will only have 10 episodes. That suggests that the station and/or the producers are gradually phasing out “Heartland.” If so, it’s been a long and satisfying run for “Heartland” and all things must end eventually. I will miss “Heartland” when it ends, but I imagine most or all of the cast and crew are ready for new projects. Thank you to everyone involved in “Heartland” for the wonderful experience!

    1. There is not telling if season 13 will be the shows last as nowadays a lot of series are doing shortened seasons opting for quality over quantity. However, when Heartland does end it will definitely have had an amazing run. Especially given that it’s Canadas longest-running one-hour scripted drama.

    1. I doubt it since it’s a digital series available for streaming on CBC. However, you never know.

  4. Can we assume that there will be a lot of crossovers and/or Heartland stars appearing in Hudson? I hope so. They are a great bunch! 🙂

    1. I know that Madison Cheeatow will reprise her role as Jade on Hudson and as will Alisha Newton, who plays Georgie. Not sure about the rest of the cast, though.

  5. So does this mean that Heartland will be ending or that Jade won’t be in future shows . I really hope not Heartland is a great show.

    1. It’s not yet known if there will be a 13th season of Heartland. As for Jade, she definitely will be in future episodes. In fact, she was in Heartland episode 1204 that aired at the end of January.

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