Heartland Season 15 Episode 9 Review

We’re on the second-to-last episode of Heartland season 15 which means that the season is almost done. But before you get too sad that the season is nearing the end, we still had this awesome episode to enjoy. As well as the next one to wait for.

This penultimate episode saw Amy and Spartan competing in an endurance horse race, while Jack was working with his new horse Blue and Lou and Katie went camping.

Want to know how all of that played out? Then keep on reading this Heartland season 15 episode 9 recap.

Since this is a recap of the episode, keep in mind that there will be many, many spoilers!

Nice to meet you, Blue

The episode began with Jack arriving back at the ranch, bringing a new horse – Blue – with him.

Jack’s old friend Stumpy offered him up. The horse is halter broke and does take a saddle, however, Blue’s still pretty green when it comes to human interaction. So, Jack decided to work with him since another horse to use while dealing with his growing cattle business wouldn’t hurt.

Amy, of course, offered to help Jack with Blue during the weekend since her weekdays were spent working with client horses. But Jack, much like his new horse, was stubborn and wanted to be the one to put the first ride on Blue.

Shaun Johnston as Jack on Heartland episode 1509

So, Jack set out to work with Blue on his own despite Lisa worrying about Jack’s safety. And at first, things were not looking too good for Jack or Blue.

As soon as it seemed that Jack was making some progress, Blue bucked and seemed to revert back to the unbroke horse he was before. It got so bad that at one point Blue threw Jack off and Jack fell against the fence injuring his arm.

That was the final straw for Lisa, so she asked her husband why he didn’t wait for Amy to help him with Blue. And it turned out that it had more to do with the horse than Jack trying to prove something to himself and others.

Jack admitted to Lisa that he saw that Blue wasn’t a mean horse, so when everyone else was giving up on Blue, Jack decided that he’s not going to do that.

Lisa: “Are you crazy or are you trying to prove something? What is it?”
Jack: “Well, I probably am crazy but you already know that so I guess, yeah, I do have something to prove.”
Lisa: “That you’re a young, tough cowboy? You have buckles, you have trophies. You don’t have to go out there and try and kill yourself.”
Jack: “It’s not about me, I swear. It’s about Blue. When I saw him over at Stumpy’s, I knew he was a good horse but nobody’s giving him a chance. Stumpy have up on him but I’m not gonna. When I told Amy that Blue and I were gonna be friends, I meant it and I never give up on a friend.”
Lisa: “You see good where no one else does. You always have and that is why I fell in love with you. But you don’t have to be an old fool and seriously hurt yourself. You’re just not gonna stop, are ya?”
Jack: “No.”

And Jack was right. Not giving up on Blue was the thing that finally got the horse to trust Jack.

After one last buck, Blue seemed to finally calm down and accept Jack as his friend. Which meant that Blue was staying in Heartland and Jack had a new horse with “cow sense”.

A new spring in his step

While Jack was dealing with Blue, Amy had her own challenge to overcome in Heartland season 15 episode 9.

At the start of the episode, we saw Scott visit Heartland to check on one of Amy’s client’s horses. And while at the ranch, Amy asked Scott to take a look at Spartan.

After Finn reshod Spartan in episode 1508, Spartan has had “a new spring in his step” so Amy just wanted Scott to check on the horse to make sure everything’s fine since Amy’s still trying to figure out the balance between taking it easy due to Spartan’s arthritis but also not letting the horse get too bored.

Scott suggested that they go for a ride together and then Scott will examine Spartan after to see how the horse is doing. And during their ride, Scott had to agree with Amy – Spartan is in better shape than ever.

Amber Marshall as Amy and Nathaniel Arcand as Scott on Heartland episode 1509

Which is why back at the house Scott suggested that Amy enter an endurance race that was happening at a nearby ranch that weekend.

Tim wasn’t sure that Amy should do it seeing that Spartan is an older horse. However, during dinner, Scott explained that the race is more for fun than anything and it might be good to challenge Spartan once in a while.

And with a little encouragement from Logan who was helping Amy with some client horses that day, Amy decided to do it.

Playing the long game

Amy brought Logan and Tim along as her pit crew for the endurance race. While Tim had Caleb enter the race with Amy to support her throughout it. And after some strategizing with Tim and Caleb, Amy and Spartan were off.

The first let leg of the race, which was about 20 miles, went by quickly and at the first vet check Scott assured Amy that Spartan is doing great and that she’s got nothing to worry about.

The same couldn’t be said about Evan Garland’s horse whose heart rate took a little longer than it should to go down, but in the end, Scott passed Evan’s horse Fire Season, too, and the endurance racers were off to the second leg of the race.

While Amy and Spartan were going slow and steady, Caleb had his heart set on beating out Evan for the first place since Evan was gloating so hard after winning the lumberjack competition in the previous episode. And Caleb was doing great, too, going head to head with Evan almost right till the end of the second leg of the race.

However, Evan was competitive and was not about to let a newcomer like Caleb overtake him. So, as the two were nearing the second checkpoint, Evan intentionally rode too close to Caleb and pushed the cowboy off his horse.

Caleb landed on the ground hard and it looked like he was not going to be able to finish the race. When Amy found Caleb she wanted to stay and help but Caleb urged her to keep going since she still had a chance to beat Evan. Amy reluctantly agreed and took off.

In the second vet check before the final leg of the race, everything checked out and Scott gave the go-ahead for Amy and Spartan to keep going.

Evan’s horse, however, was not so sound, so Scott told him to take it easy until the finish line – advice that he probably will not be following.

Now with Caleb out of the race with a sprained wrist, Amy continued on her own.

Amber Marshall as Amy and Kerry James as Caleb on Heartland episode 1509

As the finish line neared, Amy wasn’t far behind the leading racer – Evan. However, she wasn’t about to push Spartan just to win the race.

Yet, it seemed that Spartan wanted to win. So, when Spartan started galloping towards the end of the race, Amy decided to let him have his fun. The two sprinted towards the finish line easily beating Evan and Fire Season and won the race.

It seems that Jack was right when he told Tim that “just ’cause you’re getting old doesn’t mean you’re all washed up”. Spartan might be an older horse but he still has a lot of life left in him, especially with the new shoes Finn fitted Spartan with.

And who knows, the two might just enter more races down the line if we were so lucky to get another season of Heartland.

A chance to make things right

As I mentioned earlier, after a short absence Logan was back this episode to lend Amy a hand both when it comes to client horses as well as the endurance race.

Logan’s first task was to help Amy with Rose, a client horse that’s uneasy around traffic. And while doing so Logan asked Amy just how one becomes a horse whisperer.

And Amy answered that it’s more about being confident and not doubting yourself than anything else.

Logan: “How do you know all this stuff? Do you go to school for it? Horse Whispering 101?”
Amy: “Well, I learned a lot from my mom and the rest is, well, it’s kinda just intuition. You know, like going with your gut.”
Logan: “Either have it or you don’t, right?”
Amy: “Yeah, exactly.”
Logan: “Don’t know if I have what it takes.”
Amy: “You know, this isn’t something that you learn overnight. And I’ve seen you with horses, you definitely have what it takes. But it’s not enough for me to believe in it. You have to believe in it, too.”

So, when Amy was not sure whether to enter the endurance race or not, Logan let her know that she should take her own advice and believe in herself and Spartan.

Which is probably one of the reasons why Amy decided to take Logan along for the ride. And that is how Logan ended up stuck with Tim all day since Logan can’t drive and he needed to get from checkpoint to checkpoint somehow.

Although Logan was not happy about spending most of the day with Tim, it ended up being a blessing in disguise.

Even before the race started, Logan started getting calls on his cell phone. At first, Tim thought nothing of it, he was just annoyed that Logan’s phone kept going off. But by the third call Logan declined, the older man decided to ask Logan what’s up.

It turned out that it’s Logan’s dad who keeps calling him. However, since Logan is still upset at his father for not making parole, he didn’t think that the two really have anything to talk about.

As we know, Tim knows a thing or two about bad choices screwing up the relationship with his kids and how hard it is to get back to a good place after losing contact, therefore, he decided to give Logan some advice.

Tim told Logan how not a day goes by where Tim isn’t grateful that Lou and Amy gave him a second chance and a chance to make up for the lost time.

So, when Logan asked Tim why he told him all that, Tim explained that he knows how it feels to miss out on his kids’ lives because of something he did and that he doesn’t want the same thing to happen to Logan and his dad.

Logan: “Why did you tell me all those things about you know, not being around when Amy was a kid?”
Tim: “Because I watched you avoid your father’s phone calls all day long. And I remember how I felt when, for the longest time, my daughter’s didn’t take my calls either.”
Logan: “You know, I don’t know what to say to him anymore. He’s missed out on every important thing in my life and that’s on him. You know, he coulda tried harder to stay outta trouble. He coulda tried for me.”
Tim: “Yeah, he coulda. But he can’t fix the past, and trust me, he wishes he could. When my daughters finally started taking my phone calls, those conversations weren’t exactly easy. Most of the time they hung up on me. But at least it was a chance.”
Logan: “Chance for what?”
Tim: “To make it right.”

Tim’s words seemed to stick with Logan, so the next time Logan’s dad called he picked up and the two talked about what’s Logan up to.

Drew Davis as Logan and Chris Potter as Tim on Heartland episode 1509

Does this mean that Logan’s dad will get out of jail anytime soon? Probably not. But it’s nice to see Tim help Logan and his dad so they don’t make the same mistakes that he did with his own daughters.

The mother-daughter camp trip you will never forget

Finally, Heartland season 15 episode 9 also saw Lou and Katie go on a camping trip together.

Lou had booked a campsite for Katie and Peter but Peter couldn’t make it, so they rescheduled the trip. However, Lou had forgotten to cancel the campsite. So, since it was already paid for, she decided to make it into a mother-daughter camping trip. After all, it would be the perfect chance to talk to Katie about her and Peter.

Katie was skeptical at this idea but, seeing that her mom’s mind was made up, decided to go along with it. So, they packed up the car, Lou, of course, overpacking and going for more of a… glamping than camping experience, and the two set off.

And no surprises there, the trip had disaster written all over it.

First came the overpacking, then came the missing tent pole and a mouse munching on most of their food during the night since they locked it in Lou’s car instead of using a bear bag like Katie and Peter always did. Followed by a failed attempt at locating a hot spring and a sprained ankle on Lou’s side.

It all culminated into an argument by the fire.

After Lou and Katie got back from hiking, Lou apologized to her daughter about their failed camping trip. Which is when Katie admitted to her mom that although she doesn’t see the camp trip as a fail, they would be having more fun if Lou would just relax a little and stop trying to make everything so perfect.

Lou didn’t like Katie’s statement so she asked her daughter to elaborate. And Katie replied that Lou’s perfectionist tendencies tend to suck all the fun out of everything.

Lou tried to argue that she’s been trying so hard for two days straight to make this the best camping trip Katie has been on and was upset that Katie was so ungrateful. Which turned into Katie accusing her mom of only pretending to like camping. Just like Lou did when she and Peter were splitting up and they pretended that everything was still fine although Katie could hear them arguing through the walls.

Lou was shocked to hear that she didn’t do as good of a job shielding Katie from the divorce as she thought and that the breakup affected Katie more than her daughter let on. So, at Katie’s request, the two took some time apart to think.

Baye McPherson as Katie and Michelle Morgan as Lou on Heartland episode 1509

After the two had some time to cool of, Lou limped to where Katie was by the creek and the two finally talked it out.

Lou admitted that she didn’t know that Katie felt the way she felt about her and Peter’s breaking up. While Katie assured that although it was hard at the time, she loves her life now and wouldn’t change a thing.

Lou: “It was never my intention to pretend like nothing was wrong when your dad and I were splitting up. But I was just trying to shield you from what was going on. Gah… We’ve been patting ourselves on the back about how well we navigated our divorce and now I see that we sunk that ship. I’m really sorry.”
Katie: “You don’t have to be sorry. Even though we don’t live together, you’re both always there when I need you, and I love my life just the way it is. I wouldn’t want anything to change.”
Lou: “Really? Do you really mean that?”
Katie: “Yes. I’m happy with the way things are, Mom. Really, I am.”

The two made up and prepared to pack up and go home. After all, they didn’t even have buns for the hot dogs so their trip was getting bleaker by the minute.

But at the last minute, Katie came through for them. She went to a family that was camping nearby to ask them for ducktape to fix their tent and, as luck would have it, they also spared their hot dog buns.

Lou and Katie enjoyed one last night by the fire, eating hot dogs with baked beans on top Tim-style. And when Katie asked what Lou wanted to talk to her about during their hike, Lou replied that it’s not important anymore.

Does this mean that Lou decided against getting back with Peter? It would appear so.

And although I really hope that that’s not the case, it would only make sense because earlier in the season Lou was hesitating to go public with her rekindled romance with Peter because of their daughters.

But we will know that for sure only if we tune in for the season 15 finale episode this Sunday, December 19th.

Last thoughts on Heartland season 15 episode 9

It was so nice to have Nathaniel Arcand back as Scott this season.

We briefly saw Scott in episode 2 of this season. However, Scott was a crucial part of this episode not only taking a ride with Amy and urging her to enter the endurance race but also supporting her and Spartan through it. So, it was great to see him interacting with the Heartland clan again.

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Lastly, it seems that just yesterday I was writing the recap for Heartland episode 1501 and we’re already at the end of the season. So, I want to know, which episode of season 15 has been your favorite?

I think I’m partial to episode 1508, but the whole season has been wonderful!

Let me know in the comments and fingers crossed that there will be Heartland season 16 because I’m so not ready for this show to end!

Promo for Heartland season 15 episode 10

And here’s the promo for the final episode of Heartland season 15:

Heartland episode 1510 is titled “Leaving a Legacy” and will see Amy come into some unexpected money and trying to figure out what to do with it. Meanwhile, Lisa will be dealing with a racing accident that will put her plans in jeopardy. Tim will suspect that Jessica is keeping a secret from him. And Lou will finally make a decision when it comes to her relationship with Peter.


  1. I do not appreciate the way episode 9 represented the sport of endurance. I have been riding endurance now for 17 seasons and first and foremost, we DO NOT call it a “race”, although technically it is because it is a timed event, we call it a “ride” for a reason. I would have hoped that AERC, the American Endurance Ride Conference, which is the governing body of the sport, was consulted on this, but by watching this episode, it does not look as thought they were. Also, horses that do there first ride, be it an LD or a 50 mile ride, are not encouraged to win the ride. It is very discouraged. This sport is not about winning, although it makes for good drama, I get that, but it’s all about taking care of the horse, the horse is the number one thing in a ride. If you are going to represent a sport, especially for the sport of endurance, please consult someone and DO NOT glorify racing horses especially older horses. The motto of our sport is “To finish is to win” and it is in the rules that every one that completes a ride gets aa award and believe it or not the “turtle” award, which is awarded to the horse that completes last, is a very coveted award.

  2. I hope Lou give Peter another chance and be happy forever. Peter need to come home if he want the relationship work, Hoping his company merge with another company in Hudson. Lou don’t mess thing up because of your daughter.

  3. I have watched from the beginning And loved and everything and cried through the seasons with the families ups and downs but when tye passed away and no longer on the show I haven’t any new episodes as for writing Tim off he brings a lot of drama to the show but in all and all I wouldn’t want to see him leave the show he’s a great actor and I love watching him through out the seasons so please don’t write him out of the show

  4. when will I be able to see 15 in the us. season 14 I watched on UP FAMILY paid for it jus for that. please tell me it will be in the US

      1. Sure hope so, this is my favorite series. Heartland!
        Enjoy watching Lisa and Jack. And I have a new appreciation of horses.

  5. I was real disappointed to see that Lou and Mitch didn’t work out either he was definitely the best partner. Although it was a bit confusing due to the reason that Lou and Peter were always fighting about Peter never being in Hudson and always being away and now that Mitch was in town turns out she was not home and always away. I would like to see the show put Lisa in a better situation she gets used and abused by everyone especially By Amy and Lou they always have a free babysitter and never appreciate her and almost always get offended or bother by Lisa. As they do with Jack everyone gives orders and how and what to do with his house who can stay and can’t stay in his house it’s his house I also don’t get how no one NEVER EVER left the house dont these ppl work. No one can ever afford to leave or built there own home. It’s a white version of a Hispanic family. And please get rid of Tim he’s chaos. He’s a Ferrah Aberham as a dude. Just looking at them gets you in a bad mood.

    1. I agree. Tim is so irritating and always in everyone’s business but he’s own and can’t keep he’s mouth shut..i know its just a show but it feels like real life 🙂

  6. Heartland is a very special family show. I will hate to see it end. There are many avenues to persuade more episodes. I loved Amy and Ty and thought I wouldn’t want to watch it anymore but life goes on as I’m real life. I live in USA so watching it isn’t so easy. I wish Netflix would continue showing this wonderful show.

    1. We watch it not thru cable but regular anthena. We live in Indiana and I don’t think cable provides programs I want. Got other means to watch really good movies and shows. Heartland is provided by Christian Channel 46. Yes we are a season behind but the show is worth the wait. We just ended watching season 14.

    2. Hi’
      I agree, finally find a good show and they stop at episode 14, if it crime,profanity and disgusting I’m sure they would continue to air it

      1. If you meant that they stopped producing Heartland at season 14 then that’s wrong. Season 15 just finished airing in Canada. And although we don’t yet know if there will be a season 16, the possibility is very likely.

  7. J espère aussi qu il y aura une saison 16 et que Amy va retrouver un grand amour

  8. I was disappointed that it appears that Lou and Peter getting together is not in the works, but we can alway hope. It’s neat that Amy is getting on with her life, and I like the developing mentor relationship with Logan is coming along. I was afraid they were going to rush it and have Logan living at Heartland as soon as the Centre started having problems. I’m hoping that Amy will help salvage it, and I wonder if her windfall will provide the base for that. I was pleased with Tim’s willingness to offer his insight to Logan, I think it is further proof that he is maturing.

    I’m not ready for this season to be over, they have a lot of loose ends to tie up. And it goes without saying that I hope there is a Season 16 (and on.)

  9. Will be so disappointed if lou doesn’t go back with Peter . Probably wont watch anymore. Not fair to Peter

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