Heartland Season 15 Episode 10 Review

Another season of Heartland has come and gone and this final episode of season 15 beautifully wrapped up all of the storylines that we’ve seen play out this season.

Want to know just how the season concluded? Then keep on reading this review of Heartland season 15 episode 10!

As per usual, this is your official spoiler warning because this is a recap of the episode therefore there will be many spoilers.

Unexpected gifts

At the start of the episode, we saw Amy get a letter from Ty’s mom Lily.

Apparently, Lily and Ty’s step-dad Wade have finally parted ways and as part of their separation agreement Lily got to keep Howler, the race horse she brought to Heartland in season 14 episode 3.

Ever since Amy worked with Howler, the horse has been winning races left and right. And, since Lily owns Howler now, she gets to keep all his winnings, too. So, Lily sent Amy a check with part of Howler’s winnings since Amy is the reason Howler is doing so well in the first place.

It was a really large sum of money which meant that Amy was reluctant to accept the check. After all, Amy didn’t want to feel like she owes Lily something.

And all through the episode, we saw Amy wrestle with what to do about Lily’s check.

Heartland episode 1510 recap
Shaun Johnston as Jack and Amber Marshall as Amy on Heartland episode 1510

Leaving a legacy

But the check wasn’t Amy’s only worry in Heartland season 15 episode 10. She was also concerned about Logan and his future since Cooper’s center was still not in a good place financially.

Early in the episode, we saw Clint ask Amy to come to the center because he was worried about Logan. The teen was thinking about not going back to school in the fall and finding a job since Logan knew that the center will most likely close soon and he can’t keep living at the group home forever.

This did not sit well with Amy so she tried talking to Logan again, telling him how, although she was never a straight-A student, she still finished high school and that she also still regrets not going to university. And Amy also told Logan about Ty and his journey with going back to high school after arriving at Heartland and then graduating from vet school.

Logan, however, was still not convinced, so Amy decided to find Ty’s old college coursebook to show Logan how many options there are for the teen if he just sticks it out and finishes school. But while doing so she found something else.

Amy rummaged through all the cabinets at the office for the coursebook and she found it at the bottom door of the metal cabinet where next to it was a package and an envelope with Amy’s name on it.

From the handwriting, Amy knew that it was from Ty. And upon closer inspection, it turned out to be Ty’s gift to Amy for their sixth anniversary that he never got to give her.

It was a beautiful horseshoe with the words “Stronger Together” engraved on it. And Ty had also written a card that said:

Dear Amy,

I have a hard tune writing things like this. But you need to know how you’ve changed my life. How Heartland changed my life. I was a kid who didn’t know who he was or what he wanted to do. I was lost. I didn’t think I had a future. And now I have you. And our beautiful daughter. I have a life I never dreamed I would have. I think you and I can do anything. Let’ leave a legacy together.

I love you always,

This unexpected finding put things into perspective for Amy and she realized just what she wanted to do with Lily’s money.

Amy decided to invest it in the equestrian therapy center. She, of course, will put some of the money away for Lyndy’s future, however, the majority of it will go towards keeping the center going.

And although Jack was not sure if it was the right decision at first, Amy explained why she feels that this is the right thing to do.

Amy: “When I see a kid like Logan, I know what I have to do. Logan needs that place. It’s like what Heartland was for Ty. That centre could be a haven for so many kids if it’s allowed to grow. And Ty and I can leave a legacy together, just like he wanted. And I think Lily would approve, too.”

That quickly convinced Jack. And at the end of the episode, we saw the unveiling of  The Dr. Ty Borden Equestrian Youth Centre.

Heartland season 15 episode 10 recap
Greg Lawson as Clint and Amber Marshall as Amy on Heartland episode 1510

Clint agreed to stay on and run the center full-time. And he even asked Logan if he would like to move to the center permanently and work there, looking after the horses and the kids that come to the center. However, Clint did have one condition – Logan had to finish high school at Hudson.

So, it looks like the mystery of what will become of Cooper’s center that has been there since episode 4 of this season is finally solved.

The center will stay open with Clint at the helm. And Logan will also stay around to keep learning from Amy as well as to start his own journey of working with horses at the youth center.

This makes me immensely happy because, as Logan told Amy, he reminds Clint of Ty. And I suspect that Clint is not the only one. So, to have Logan stay in Amy’s life is a really nice thing.

A new beginning

Another storyline that has been present all throughout this season is Lou, Peter and them potentially getting back together. And I’m happy to report that this episode also finally saw an end to that debacle.

The episode began with Lou pondering her future by the lake and Amy enticing her to go on a trail ride with her, because, according to Amy, there’s “nothing like a ride to clear your head”.

During their conversation, Lou admitted that she still doesn’t know what to do when it comes to Peter. And ever since her camping trip with Katie in the previous episode, Lou is more confused than ever as to what she should do. After all, during their camping trip, Katie admitted that she likes her life just the way it is.

Amy, in return, tried to reason with Lou by asking if Lou’s fine and happy with her life as it is. And when that didn’t work, as we saw in the first look clip from this episode, Amy even asked Lou what she would do if she lost Peter.

That seemed to really hit home for Lou and for a second it seemed like Lou really thought about how she would feel if she lost Peter. But then Lou noticed the time and rushed to work.

Although Lou told her sister that their talk really helped, at the office, Lou was still pacing around, not knowing what to do when it comes to Peter. And even Rick has noticed Lou’s troubles and got her an Amazon Echo to help Lou relax a bit.

That night, however, Katie helped Lou finally make a decision.

After dinner, Katie went to talk to Lou about what she said at their camping trip about her parents. And Katie admitted that it was wrong for her to say that she’s fine with the way things are right now because the truth is she saw her parents at Tim’s wedding and was scared to get her hopes up about them getting back together.

Katie: “I know I said I was fine with the way things are between you and Dad, but I’m not always fine, Mom. I’m completely confused about what I want. Because I saw the two of you together at the wedding and I thought, I really did, that you might get back together. That we could be a family again. I didn’t wanna get my hopes up…”

That as well as Caleb’s comment that Peter is still in love with Lou and it doesn’t need to be as complicated as Lou makes out it to be seemed to finally help Lou decide what she wants to do. So, at the office, she tried calling Peter.

However, it turned out that Peter was on a business trip to Parise, France.

The fact that Peter didn’t tell Lou about the trip upset her and suddenly all her insecurities from their first go-around about Peter always being away on business trips came rushing back. So, Lou spiraled out of control, told Rick that she feels abandoned by Peter, and stormed out of her office.

Luckily, Rick was there for his friend. And being done with Lou’s indecision and her and Peter’s general lack of good timing he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Rick called Peter and told him that Peter needed to get home asap. So, Peter jumped on the first flight back to Canada. And when Peter rushed to Lou’s office to find out what has happened and why he needed to come home so urgently, Rick casually explained to Peter that he thought that they needed someone, an outside person, to help “put things in motion”.

That frustrated Peter to no end but he didn’t have time to dwell on it because Lou chose that moment to walk in.

Lou, of course, was surprised to see Peter there. But once the shock wore off, she asked Peter to go on a trail ride with her. And during that ride, Lou finally told Peter what she had decided.

Lou: “You know, when you were here last, that time we had together, it was magic. I’ve never been happier. But then, I was on my own, and I started questioning everything. What would it look like if we got back together? How would it work? The pros, the cons. You know me.”
Peter: “I do.”
Lou: “But I realized something, I realized that all throughout our marriage, I had this picture-perfect idea in my head of what it should be, what it should look like. And I was so aware of our flaws, I would look for them. I created them. But I don’t care about perfect anymore, Peter. I mean, look at us, we’ve been doing this all of these years, raising our girls together. And I’m more in love with you now that I have ever been.”
Peter: “Me too.”
Lou: “So, if we do this again, I wanna do things differently.”
Peter: “Yeah, no, exactly. I mean, that’s what I’ve been saying.”
Lou: “Right. We don’t need to be traditional. We’re better when we’re not.”
Peter: “Okay, so what are you saying?”
Lou: “I’m saying yes. I think we should give ourselves a new beginning. I think we deserve it. And I know it won’t be perfect but it will be perfect for us. I’m a hundred percent sure.”

Lou had realized that she wants to be with Peter. So, the two celebrated their reunion with a kiss.

And after they went to tell Katie that they are getting back together.

Heartland season 15 finale review
Gabriel Hogan as Peter, Baye McPherson as Katie and Michelle Morgan as Lou on Heartland episode 1510

Katie, of course, was ecstatic about the news. And the tree made a plan to take a trip to Florida to tell Georgie the good news.

Are you happy that Lou and Peter are getting back together?

I know that there are a lot of people who are Team Peter but there are also some that would rather see Lou get back together with Mitch instead. Let me know if you’re Team Peter or Team Mitch in the comments!

I’m personally more Team Peter because as much as I liked Lou with Mitch, she and Peter just seem like a better match. They seem like equals in the relationship which I think is something that every couple needs. And the fact that they have two daughters who will get to have their family intact again just sweetens the deal.


In Heartland season 15 episode 10, we also saw Jessica return to Heartland from her New York trip that she went on in episode 8 of this season. And although Tim was happy to have his wife back home, things weren’t quite back to normal.

Tim was still a bit jealous of Ezra, Jessica’s friend who helped her sell her fancy apartment in New York, and uneasy about the fact that Jessica is leaving her fancy condo and posh friends behind to live with him in Hudson, yet it wasn’t really a big deal anymore between the two of them. Not until Tim started suspecting that Jessica is hiding something from him.

First, she didn’t really eat anything at dinner and turned in early under the pretext of being exhausted from her flight. And then she ignored a call from someone saying that it’s a wrong number.

So when the number called again, Tim picked up and was surprised to hear that it’s Jessica’s doctor from New York calling.

Apparently, while Jessica was in New York the doctor’s office had called and left multiple messages but Jessica hadn’t answered any of them. So, the doctor told Tim that Jessica should make an appointment with Doctor Wilson in Calgary.

Understandably, Tim wanted to know what’s going on and why Jessica didn’t go to her doctor’s appointment. And that’s when Jessica broke down and told Tim everything.

When she was in New York, Jessica did go to her appointment as well as had some follow-up tests done. And the doctor had said that if she doesn’t hear from him then everything’s okay. However, the doctor’s office did leave a message to call the day before she left New York, so Jessica got scared that everything was not fine and didn’t return the call.

Fortunately, Tim was there for his wife and not only consoled her when she thought that things are bad but also promised that they will get through this together.

So, they made the appointment with the doctor in Calgary, and, true to his word, Tim was right there with Jessica when the call came in from Doctor Wilson.

Heartland season 15 finale recap
Chris Potter as Tim and Michelle Nolden as Jessica on Heartland episode 1510

And it turned out that Jessica didn’t need to be worried. Everything checked out, her cancer hadn’t returned and she was in the clear.

So, the two were relieved and embraced, reveling in each other and the knowledge that Jessica is okay.

To my surprise, this season I have really enjoyed Tim’s storylines and I have a feeling that it had everything to do with Jessica.

Not only have their storylines been really engaging and beautiful (I mean how beautiful was their wedding in episode 6?), but Tim seems like a changed man, too.

Of course, there are still certain things about him that are very… Tim. But all in all, he has become a much more thoughtful and reflective character this season and I love that for him!

Platinum Bow across the line

Lastly, this was also a big episode for Lisa who was gearing up to enter her new horse, Platinum Bow, in the Kentucky Derby.

Back in Heartland episode 1502, we saw Lisa buy a really expensive racehorse in hopes that it will help her expand her racing stock and therefore grow her business. And now that the horse is healthy again, she decided to enter it into the famous Kentucky Derby. Because, after all, winning such a huge race would surely put the horse and therefore Lisa’s business on the map.

And everything was going great. The horse was ready, Lisa had an excellent jockey, Eddie (played by Roel Suasin), who worked well with Platinum Bow, as well as a great horse trainer, Chuck (played by Jesse Vandewal). Everything pointed to the horse winning the race.

However, then Chuck, asked the jockey to exercise another horse, one that Lisa had also recently bought. But the horse hadn’t been proven, so when a plastic bag flew in front of the horse while Eddie was racing it at full speed to see what the horse can do, the horse spooked and the jockey fell breaking his foot.

Lisa, already being wound up about the big race, was beside herself now. She had to find a new jockey only days before leaving for Kentucky. So, things were looking bleak.

Jack tried to comfort her, especially during her outburst at dinner about things going too well and therefore that something bad was bound to happen, but Lisa wouldn’t have it. And it didn’t help that she had a hard time finding another jockey who worked as well with Platinum Bow as Eddie did.

But, as luck would have it, Eddie came to watch Lisa and Chuck test other jockeys. And just as the latest jockey did a time that was not even close to Eddie’s, the man himself suggested they give his cousin Carlos (played by David Restrepo) a chance. After all, Carlos already had a bond with Platinum Bow since he exercises the horse, and Carlos was also a jockey back home in Buenos Aires.

And Carlos did great, so, Lisa agreed to Carlos riding Platinum Bow at the Kentucky Derby. 

The next day, after a sweet goodbye with Jack, during which Lisa asked Jack to wish her luck and to watch the race on TV, Lisa and her team were off to Kentucky.

Heartland episode 1510 review
Jessica Steen as Lisa and Shaun Johnston as Jack on Heartland episode 1510

On the day of the big race, Jack, Amy, Lyndy, Katie, and Lou gathered around the TV to see how Platinum Bow does. And everyone, including, Lisa down in Kentucky, were ecstatic when Platinum Bow won the race.

It was so great to see Lisa succeed after going through so much trouble due to Platinum Bow.

And it seems that Jack and Lisa were right when in earlier episodes they said that it was time to ramp up not slow down because this big success of Lisa’s as well as Jack’s expanding cattle business really shows that things are only getting better for them.

Last thoughts on Heartland season 15 episode 10

It was such a treat to have Graham Wardle actually read the message Ty had written to Amy on the card for their anniversary.

Although we didn’t get to see Graham in person, he still lent his voice to the show, proving that although the actor is not on the show anymore, he will always be part of the Heartland family.

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Also how cute was the romantic moment between Lou and Peter at the dude ranch at the end of the episode?

It was such a nice callback to the Heartland season 5 finale when Lou and Peter set off Chinese lanterns to celebrate their 2nd anniversary. Only this time around, the Chinese lantern they released symbolized a new beginning and a new future for the two of them.

And speaking of the future, like me, you probably also have questions about the show’s future. We all want the show to continue for season 16 and beyond.

Will that happen, though? We simply don’t know yet.

These decisions usually aren’t usually made until the spring or summer. Last year, for example, we found out that Heartland was renewed in early June, the year before it was late May and in 2019 it happened in March.

So, most likely, we still have a few months to wait before there will be any news. But fingers crossed that Heartland season 16 will happen because I’m so not ready to say goodbye to this show!

UPDATE: Heartland has been renewed for season 16

Either way, I will be sure to write about it right here on the blog, so keep your eyes peeled!


  1. In the end of Season 15, I was hoping the re-uniting of Peter and Lou would have been more passionate. Peter deserves a part where Lou shows her genuine attraction and respect for him and who he is as a person… as he always does for her.
    Mitch seems like a person that could be attracted to many different women, so not a good match for Lou.

  2. Team Peter all the way. They were/are husband and wife and share a family. They have a long standing history. They are equals professionally, having run their own companies and worked in corporate America. They physically look great together and they can share a common love, interest and dedication to their daughters that Mitch could never match.

  3. I think that you shouldn’t have killed Ty. You could have found someone else to play the character. That character was a big part of the show and in the books. It would be great if you could find a way to bring that character back. My family lost so much interest in the show.

  4. Team Peter! Love Heartland and so do all my friends and family. Please don’t let it be canceled, it’s one of the all-time favorites of lots including young kids. I have watched it at least 5 times every episode every season.
    Thanks in advance
    Debra Roy

  5. I am team Mitch all the way! I think Mitch gave her a connection to the ranch being her husband like Jack does as her grandfather. And he gave her more stability for the dude ranch and all her Enterprises they’re related to heartland. So I pray that Kevin McGarry comes back

  6. Thank You. I would like to know if we’ll be able to watch Heartland Season 15, in the United States.

    Sara Putnam

      1. If you have a VPN and select Canada as your virtual location you can watch Season 15 here for free with commercials https://gem.cbc.ca/media/heartland/s15 and if you have an HDMI cable you can connect your computer to your television to watch it on a bigger screen .

  7. iI have always watched Heartland since season one on UPtv We were not able to watch season 15 I am so glad for the recap screens and the spoilers so I don’t feel left out. I would like this to continue but once Grandpa GG is gone I see no reason to continue the show. Two main characters is too much for me. I will just watch the reruns over and over and get to see TY and Amy and Grandpa; I know Amy has to move on but please don’t have TY return. There are many of us who are widows and it is not going to happen for us. Guess i got too involved in this show. It is like a real family for me and somedays I feel like I would like to sit at the table and have a real family meal with them. Hope there is a season 16 and UP tv lets us watch it.

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