Heartland Season 15 Episode 2 Review

Season 15 of Heartland continued this Sunday with another stellar episode that had everything from exciting action scenes to heartfelt moments and some great banter.

Want to know what exactly unfolded during this episode? Then keep on reading this Heartland season 15 episode 2 recap.

A spoiler warning is officially in effect because, as with any recap, storylines and plot points of this new episode will be discussed in this article!

Saving the stallion

The episode started with Amy, Lyndy, and Jessica going for a trail ride during which Amy got a call from Sam, the owner of Big River Ranch.

Last season (on episode 1405) we saw Sam agree to let the black stallion that got kicked out of his herd live on his property. But Sam’s ranch was robbed the previous night and the wild stallion escaped from his pen during the unfortunate event.

Sam asked Amy if she could help Sam search for the wildy. And Amy quickly agreed to help because there had been reports of a black stallion going over Highway 7.

So, the two set off to search the nearby area but had no luck locating the horse. Meanwhile, the wildy had stumbled upon a ranch with a less-than-upstanding owner who decided to just put the stallion in a pen with other horses that were to be sold to a slaughterhouse. Meaning that the black stallion was really in danger now.

Eventually, Amy and Tim, who offered Amy to help search for the missing horse, ended up at the same ranch that the wildy stumbled upon. And, although the owner wasn’t forthcoming about the horse, Amy and Tim realized that the stallion that had arrived at that property is, indeed, the horse they are looking for.

Sadly, the owner had already loaded all the horses onto a truck that was on its way to the airport.

Why the airport? Well, because they were to be transported to a different country where they would be slaughtered.

However, all wasn’t lost yet.

Amy, Tim, and Sam decided to race after the truck that the horses were on. And after some effort, they managed to flag it down.

Some negotiations were made that involved the truck driver getting a selfie and a signed baseball from Sam since the driver was a fan of his. But it was all in vain. When the driver agreed to the deal, Amy went to free the stallion but it wasn’t there.

Shawn Roberts as Sam, Chris Potter as Tim and Amber Marshall as Amy on Heartland episode 1502

It turned out that the truck driver had let the stallion go somewhere along his route because the horse was making too much ruckus at the back of the truck. So, now Amy had to, once again search for the black stallion. And she also couldn’t save the other horses that were on that truck which was an additional blow.

Fortunately, Amy’s fliers of the black stallion that she had put up all over the town came in handy. Because at the end of the episode we saw Amy get a call from a different rancher who had spotted the wildy. And when Amy went to bring it back to Sam’s property she saw a few additional horses there – the ones that were at the back of that truck along with the stallion.

So, not only did Amy get to see the wild stallion safe and sound but Sam had rescued the rest of the horses as well. Which really was a nice gesture from Sam.

Now I only wonder, was it out of the goodness of his own heart, or did he do it for Amy? After all, Sam was looking at Amy when he and Tim were talking about loving thy neighbor. But I’m probably reading too much into it, right? What do you think?

Tim: “Really hope we didn’t put you out.”
Sam: “You know I was expecting a solitary life when I moved to Big River. Then I met you folks.”
Tim: “Yeah, well you know what they say, love thy neighbor.”
Sam: “Yeah, and if you don’t, build a really high fence.”

A big investment

If in the last episode we saw Jack making big business moves by buying Mitch’s herd. Then in this episode, Lisa was the one making a huge business investment.

Lisa was still running Fairfield Stables and a good investment opportunity came along in the form of a horse that was to be auctioned off in a horse auction hosted by Fairfield.

The horse, a thoroughbred Sorrel gelding by the name of Platinum Bow, cost a pretty penny but judging by his pedigree and his track record, he had endless potential.

So, Lisa decided to expand her racing stock and buy the horse.

And after a small bidding war with a competitor at the auction, Lisa purchased it for a whopping 800 thousand dollars.

Shaun Johnston as Jack and Jessica Steen as Lisa on Heartland episode 1502

However, soon after the auction, it was discovered that the horse has some undisclosed health problems.

First, they thought that it was colic. Then, after Scott examined the horse (and yes, Scott is back this season for the first time since season 11), he suspected laminitis. But it turned out to be Potomac Horse Fever which is pretty serious.

Fortunately, the horse was only 3 years old so the hope of quick recovery was high. Meaning that the investment Lisa made in Platinum Bow is sound after all and it might just be the thing to help her expand her business and ramp up operations.

Babysitting woes

While Lisa was dealing with the sick horse, she also had to babysit Lyndy, Katie, and Parker, who was staying over for the weekend, since Amy was off looking for the wild stallion and Lou had her mayoral duties to attend to.

Although most of the time Lisa was more than happy to babysit the girls at the drop of a hat, this wasn’t one of those times. After all, she had more than enough on her plate.

Luckily, Jack was there for his wife and decided to set his granddaughters straight.

He gave them a good talking-to about how they have been treating Lisa as of late. Lou and Amy both finally realized that they have been taking Lisa for granted and that maybe Lisa might need their support at a time like this.

Jack: “I think you both take for granted that Lisa will be here for Katie and Lyndy. Now she’s so engrained in the daily life of this place you forget that she’s got a whole stable that she runs on her own. When was the last time either of you asked Lisa what’s going on in her life? [..] Well, if you’d bothered to ask you’d know that she just took a big risk on a horse, and now that horse is sick and she’s having one hell of a time. So, maybe, instead of always counting on Lisa to be there for you, maybe, just this once, you can try being there for her.”

So, Amy and Lou decided to visit Lisa at Fairfield the next day to see not only how Lisa and the horse are doing but also to apologize and thank Lisa for all she does for them.

Amy: “We wanted to thank you. We both know we don’t say it enough.”
Lisa: “You don’t have to say it.”
Lou: “Yes, we do. You know, being a Mayor is more than a full-time job, but so is running Fairfield. And I know you’ve sacrificed a lot over the years, to be there for Katie. I just want you to know I appreciate it.”
Amy: “And, being a single parent over the last year and a half, you have always been there for me. You’ve really stepped up, and I don’t think I could’ve got through it without you. So, thank you.”

And later Jack surprised Lisa with a romantic picnic to celebrate her new business venture and toast to not retiring just yet.

Hopefully, from now on we will really see an improvement in how Amy and Lou treat Lisa. And maybe, we might also get a bigger storyline with Lisa this season. It would be really interesting to see how this big investment pays off for Lisa.

The babysitting proposal

This mess of Amy and Lou underappreciating Lisa and Lisa having to choose between her family and her work could have been easily avoided by hiring a babysitter.

And why not keep it in the family and let Katie do it?

After all, we saw Katie ask Lou if she could start earning a bit of extra money by babysitting. Katie had even taken a babysitting course at school, knows baby CPR and she and Parker were seen practicing their life-saving skills on a dummy this episode.

Baye McPherson as Katie and Ava Tran as Parker on Heartland episode 1502

However, Lou still thought that Katie was too young to babysit Lyndy.

But Katie and Parker had a plan how to get Lou to reconsider.

And with a little help from Rick, who had to watch the two teens and Lyndy while Lou was in a meeting, they wrote up a whole proposal as to why they were ready to babysit.

That coupled with Lou and Amy realizing that Lisa shouldn’t be their go-to for all their babysitting needs, Lou and Amy decided to take Katie and Parker up on their offer. 

I’m really excited to see Katie and Parker babysitting Lyndy in the future. The two girls are growing up before our eyes and it will be interesting to see them taking on more responsibility.

However, from what we could gather from the clip that was shown during the Heartland Season 15 Launch Event, their babysitting adventures might not go completely smoothly. So, Katie and Parker’s misadventures in babysitting is definitely something we can look forward to seeing as season 15 continues.

Get out of the way of progress

Now that Tim is back from his trip with Jessica and decided to only focus on his rodeo school, it was time for him to see how Caleb was doing since Tim left Caleb to run the school on his own for the past six months.

And to Tim’s surprise, the rodeo school was doing great.

Caleb had made some useful improvements like digitizing the wavers the students needed to sign to practice as well as telling the students about visualization techniques that could help them with their performance.

Kerry James as Caleb and Chris Potter as Tim on Heartland episode 1502

At first, Tim was being Tim and wasn’t happy that Caleb had made so many changes while he was gone.

Yet, after Caleb stood up to his business partner and told Tim to suck it up because the new changes had actually been good for the school, Tim had a change of heart.

He realized that the changes are actually good for the school. Tim was so impressed with how Caleb has grown the business, in fact, that he was starting to ponder if maybe it was time to sign the whole business over to Caleb.

But Amy helped Tim realize that the school might actually need both Caleb and Tim.

Even though the kids like Caleb, his approach might not always be what’s best for the students. After all, Tim and Caleb balance each other so the students get the best of both worlds – Caleb’s friendly attitude and visualization techniques and Tim’s grounding and real talk.

Tim: “You see, the thing about teenagers is, every once in a while you gotta light a fire under their butts. If you’re too nice to them, they’re gonna slack off.”
Caleb: “So, I need to be tougher on them.”
Tim: “No, I think you should do exactly what you’ve been doing. No, they need a guy like you in their lives, inspiring them. But they also need a guy like me. Who could care less about being liked. So, if they wanna call me a “washed-up loser” behind my back, so be it.”
Caleb. “Oh, they call you way worse than that.”

So, the two agreed to go back to running the rodeo school like they always had because only together they could make their students the best bronc riders they can be.


Finally, this episode we also saw Jessica find more of a place for herself in Hudson.

Before they went on their trip, Jessica really was just visiting Lou in Hudson as her stopover point during her world travels. Of course, while Jessica was there she slowly started to integrate herself into the Heartland family, especially since she started dating Tim. However, the plan was always to leave.

Now it’s different.

Although Jessica is still interested in traveling the world, she now lives in Hudson with Tim. So, it’s about time for her to get settled and find her place in the community. And it seemed that this episode was largely about that.

First of all, we saw that Tim and Jessica moved into Amy’s old loft. Which means that the couple is closer than ever to the rest of the family.

We also saw Jessica tag along with Amy and Lyndy during a trail ride which allowed her to take pictures of the wild horses living on the Heartland property.

But most of the episode Jessica spent trying to figure out what to do with her life and art after a gallery in Calgary that she submitted her photographs to called them “too traditional”.

Tim suggested that she might want to try selling her work locally first since when he started rodeo, he also did every small town rodeo first and only then got to the big leagues.

Chris Potter as Tim and Michelle Nolden as Jessica on Heartland episode 1502

So, after that surprisingly insightful advice from Tim, Jessica asked Lou if she could sell her prints in Maggie’s. There is a shelf that’s dedicated to local products and artists at Maggie’s that would be perfect for that.

Lou reluctantly agreed, however, since the photos weren’t all that prominent on the shelf there weren’t that many interested buyers.

Jessica then asked if she could maybe move things around so her photos would stand out better but Lou didn’t want to do that so Jessica suggested that maybe a booth outside would be a better alternative.

But that got shut down by Hudson’s by-law officer since Jessica didn’t have the permit to sell her art on the street. Which led Lou to suggest Jessica sell her prints at the dude ranch while she’s waiting for a permit.

And at first, Jessica declined thinking that it’s no use since there are so few guests there at a time.

However, after thinking on it more Jessica came up with an idea – to organize an art market at the dude ranch. Jessica got together multiple vendors and created something that would attract tourists from Hudson. And it was a raging success.

Tourists loved it and Lou didn’t mind it either since 10% from all the sales would be Lou’s.

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It looks like by the end of the episode Jessica was really finding her place in Hudson which I’m glad about. And since at the end of the episode Tim asked Amy to gentle the wild horse Jessica was obsessed with for her I hope Jessica stays there permanently.

And even Lou was starting to warm up to the idea of Jessica being a permanent fixture in their lives. Although during the episode, ever since Tim and Jessica announced that they’re married really, Lou has been a bit apprehensive about Jessica.

But time will only tell how much Lou really warms up to Jessica who essentially is her new step-mom.

Last thoughts on Heartland season 15 episode 2

In this episode, we found out that there have now been two robberies in the Hudson area. And judging from the logline for the next episode, it looks like they are setting up a bigger storyline with these robberies.

We will have to wait and see if it will be a season-long arc or something that will be solved in the next couple of episodes, but I’m glad that lately Heartland is branching out and doing many different interesting storylines.

From the storm in season 13 to the train explosion last season and now this, these more exciting, high-stakes stories really spice things up.

Lastly, I wonder when we will hear any news about Georgie. Two episodes have passed and so far, nobody has as much as mentioned Lou’s other daughter.

But I am sure that that will change eventually and we will at least hear an update about how Georgie and Quinn are doing.

Heartland season 15 episode 3 promo

And here is the promo for the Heartland season 15 episode 3 titled “Bad Moon Rising” that will see Amy meet a gifted teen at Cooper’s therapy center as well as a string of robberies continuing to threaten Hudson leading to Lou getting pressured to shut down Cooper’s center and Jack and Lisa installing a security system at Heartland.


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