Killjoys Season 3 Episode 8 Review

The newest Killjoys episode was all about heists, war planning, and a surprisingly light-hearted Dutch. This episode was Killjoys to the core. So without further ado, let’s jump into Killjoys season 3 episode 8 recap.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

Killjoys mission of the week

For this week, our team’s mission of the week was a heist of a device that could prove to be extremely useful when the war against Hullen begins. Could it be any different with the episode title being “Heist, Heist, Baby”?

Killjoys season 3 episode 8 started with D’av and John running war simulators to generate the possible outcomes if they go against the Hullen in the condition they are now. And the odds didn’t look good. So Johnny scrambled to find something to help them. And he did, a frequency that disrupts Hullen communication. Meaning that they now have a way to turn the hive-like Hullen army into a regular one, which they know how to fight. Now all they needed was something to amplify the sound, so they could transmit it during battle.

That’s where the heist part came in. A clan on Westerly called Mole Miners had what they needed – a huge sonic amplifier. The only problem? The clan was ruthless and very meticulous about planning the transportation of their goods. So Dutch, John, and D’av came up with a plan. But before they could put it in motion, they had to get some information on the Miners. And they did that by visiting Borna (remember her from last season?). Where, weirdly enough, they reunited with Jelco, who, get this, was now Borna’s third husband. But more on him later.

Borna provided Team Awesomeforce the codes. So they kidnapped one of the original clan’s drivers, scanned his retina and stole his dog tag, so D’av could take the transporter’s place on the convoy. So far so good. But once D’avin go to the convoy and successfully passed for the kidnapped driver, that’s where the complications started.

Not without complications

Although D’avin got to drive the most dangerous Humvee, the one with explosive crystals in it, which, weirdly enough, wasn’t their target, that’s where the easy end. Not only D’av got handcuffed to the wheel of the vehicle, which put quite a damper on the team’s plan since now D’avin wouldn’t be able to make a quick escape. But midway through the drive Jelco and some of Borna’s man attacked the convoy, aiming to steal the crystals. Unfortunately, Jelco’s plan also failed, because the Mole Miners overpowered Jelco’s men and he and D’avin got captured.

At least Dutch got the sonic amplifier while Jelco and the Miners were busy shooting at each other. But D’avin still was locked up. Luckily, since Jelco got captured too, Johnny and Dutch united with Borna to get their boys back.

It wasn’t all bad for D’av and Jelco while waiting for their rescue. They managed to have a heart to heart during which Jelco revealed that he really loved Borna. And he also told D’avin that the secret to him being a good number two was to give Dutch something that no one else can give her. Not John. Not anyone. And in the end, they even got rescued by the Dutch-Borna team up. But Jelco’s words resonated with D’avin. So after they were back on Lucy, he confronted Dutch about what she saw during her Aneela memory trip.

The truth about Dutch

From the very beginning of Killjoys season 3 episode 8 we saw Dutch keeping the secret she learned during episode 7 from everyone. And at the same time, she also was trying to better understand what this all means for her. But only at the end of the episode we really learned the reason behind Dutch’s change in attitude and her reluctance to share her secret with anyone.

Zeph did some tests and figured out that Dutch has the same DNA as Aneela, Dutch’s just run in the opposite direction. And this announcement only confirmed Dutch’s suspicion – if she kills Aneela, she dies, too. And to say Zeph was not okay with this was an understatement.

However, D’avin was the one who took it extra hard when he forced it out of Dutch. Even though he is the guy Dutch can tell everything to, even her deepest darkest secrets, knowing that she will die when she kills Aneela and knowing that he, as the general of their army, has to let her die, wasn’t the easiest of things to wrap his head around. And from the episode 9 promos, it seems that this will be one of the main things that the episode will revolve around. Can’t wait!

A little bit of torture, a little bit of romance

On the other side of the universe, Aneela was interrogating Gander for information on Delle Seyah or Kendry, as she has grown to call one of the Quad’s leaders. And let’s just say Aneela got creative trying to find her missing girlfriend. Especially, since Gander was not about to give up Delle Seyah’s location, even after dying and regenerating back to life many times.

Aneela didn’t have any other choice but to go exploring the green together with Gander to locate Kendry. And she was successful. But the bad news? Now the mysterious Lady, who, as we learned during Killjoys season 3 episode 8, lives in the green, knows where Delle Seyah is, too. So the race to save Delle Seyah began.

The Lady changed the course of the Hullen Armada. So Aneela changed it back by adding some of her own green to the Hullen that runs the ship and went to finally rescue Delle Seyah. But just as Aneela was about to wake Kendry, some Hullen men that were not under Aneela’s control started attacking her. Lucky for her, Delle Seyah woke from her hibernation just in time to subdue the men and reunite with Aneela. After which she realized that she was pregnant and some hilarious moments followed, full of promises of torture and food.

When all was said and done, the two woman sat down and talked about what Kendry wants to do, how she became Hullen in the first place and why did Aneela bring her to her ship. And Aneela revealed that, since Khlyen trusted Delle Seyah, she thought she might trust her, too. Isn’t that nice? The Aneela Kendry relationship is growing stronger and deeper with each episode. And I am growing fonder of it with each episode as well.

Last thoughts on Killjoys season 3 episode 8

Finally, I just wanted to mention how much I enjoyed the more light-hearted Dutch on Killjoys season 3 episode 8. Although we now know that it is because she knows she is going to die soon, it still was fun to watch. And it also gave us a glimpse of a side of Dutch that we haven’t really explored that much before. Which is always exciting, and only deepened my love for Dutch’s character.

Episode highlights:

• John and D’av’s war conversation at the beginning of Killjoys season 3 episode 8
• Johnny defending the Hullen mirrored cube from Dutch’s wish to destroy it
• Aneela’s creative torturing tactics
• the way Aneela was desperate to find Delle Seyah
• John finding something that could help them in their war against the Hullen
• seeing Borna AND Jelco again
• finding out that Jelco is now Borna’s husband
• happy, lighthearted Dutch
• the faces D’avin was making while Dutch was telling them about how to get the sonic amplifier
• Aneela finding out where Kendry is
• learning a bit more about Hullen and The Lady
• Dutch, D’av, and John trying to flirt with the driver
• Pree’s concern about them incapacitating his customers
• old school Killjoys heist mission
• D’avin’s undercover
• Dutch and John teaming up with Borna to save D’av and Jelco
• Aneela finding Kendry
• Delle Seyah saving Aneela and their conversation afterward
• Jelco and D’av’s talk while they captured
• Zeph revealing how exactly are Aneela and Dutch connected
• the war meeting
• Aneela revealing that Kendry is the thing that’s keeping her grounded
• Dutch telling D’av about what she saw in Aneela’s memories

Episode low points:

• D’av getting handcuffed to the steering wheel
• Jelco ruining their plan to steal the sonic
• Dutch possibly dying when she kills Aneela

Quote of the episode:
Aneela: “Do you want to go and torture Gander for a bit?”
Kendry: “Uh-huh!”
Aneela: “Okay, let’s go torture Gander for a bit.”
Kendry: “Like, a lot of torture.”
Aneela: “Oh, as much as you want!”
Kendry: “And ice cream!”

Promo for Killjoys season 3 episode 9:

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