Killjoys Season 3 Episode 7 Review

The newest Killjoys episode was all about big risks and even bigger rewards. On top of that, we saw finally saw the army that Dutch, D’av, and John have been recruiting all season long come together. Which means that the war is coming. And with there only being 3 episodes left in Killjoys season 3, I wouldn’t have it any other way. But first, here is my recap of Killjoys season 3 episode 7.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

Killjoys mission of the week

I would say that the Killjoys mission of the week for Killjoys season 3 episode 7 was D’av trying to unite the army they have been assembling during the whole duration of season 3. And, since it was not the same task that Dutch was doing this episode, it left Dutch and the Jaqobis at odds of sorts. Especially Dutch and D’avin.

The episode started with D’av, John and their team of misfits testing the fleet of Hullen ships they found. Unfortunately, their attempt failed, losing them two pilots and Turin’s trust in the process. So the rest of the episode D’avin spent trying to make up for the failure and attempting to form a team in which everyone trusts each other.

At first, it seemed that getting the Ferran and Fancy on board might be the way to do that. Since The Ferran provided manpower, while Fancy was Khlyen’s right-hand man and knows a thing or two about the Hullen. But that quickly turned into trying to get all sides to honor their oath of fighting alongside Killjoys. Mostly because Fancy discovered that Turin had given an order to round up all the Cleansed, which D’av recruited as their Hullen fleet pilots just hours before, and confronted D’av about it right in front of the Ferran leader Jaal.

So D’av had to work extra hard to convince everybody to stay and actually help them in the war against Hullen. And he did so by arresting Turin, in that way showing all involved (Killjoys, Scarbacks, the Ferran and the Cleansed) that they aren’t fighting for an army that turns on its own. Which resulted in him replacing Dutch as the leader of the Killjoys army. It looks like the army has assembled. Bring on the war!

Between us, girls

Meanwhile, Dutch with the help of Zeph was risking everything to get a peek inside Aneela’s head via her memories. And, it was just as dangerous as it sounds, because if it wasn’t for Johnny, Dutch might still be wondering around reliving her old memories.

But before Dutch went under to go hop around Aneela’s memories, she instructed Zeph to lock Johnny out of Lucy’s system. Meaning that John and D’av had no idea where Dutch and Zeph were or what the two women were doing. Which, admittedly, was a very Dutch move, since she is all about protecting the Jaqobis yet also not letting them stop her from doing something dangerous. So once that was done and they had set up shop in an abandoned Company lab on Westerly it was time for some memories.

Killjoys season 3

Down memory lane

The first Aneela’s memory Dutch saw was of Khlyen removing the memories from Aneela’s brain, so they wouldn’t end up in the green. The next one was of Aneela and her father before they became Hullen. Which revealed us that Khlyen actually is from Qresh, one of the royal families no less. And only after he and his family left the dying planet, the Ten became the Nine. But since that wasn’t quite what Dutch was looking for, she made Zeph pull her forward and show her memories of the time when Aneela and Khlyen were already Hullen.

So that landed her in the memory which showed the aftermath of Aneela’s experiments with the Hullen in an Arkyn lab, which vastly resembled the one that Dutch, D’av, and Alvis raided in season 2 episode 8. And this memory showed us that Aneela did these experiments because she wanted to fix herself since despite being Hullen she still felt every little emotion. As well as that the Hullen (which is a she apparently) speaks to Aneela, and is the thing that ultimately made the riff between the father-daughter duo.

Next memory Dutch visited was one with Aneela already locked up in one of the mirrored safe-houses by Khlyen, because she had gone mad. And while alone, she was extracting the green from her spinal cord, so she could gather enough to immerse herself in it. But not only that, the same memory also showed us Aneela playing with little Yala Yardeen. However, Aneela and young Dutch knowing each other wasn’t even the biggest reveal of Killjoys season 3 episode 7. Because, after Dutch went under the second time, she found out just how she and Aneela know each other.

The big reveals

It turns out that Dutch and Aneela are the same person. Literally, because while in the green Aneela extracted her younger self from her memories and materialized her young self in the real world, calling her Yala. So you could say that Aneela is Dutch’s mother (kind of), while Khlyen is the father.

Additionally, we also got treated to a scene of little Dutch and Khlyen meeting in the Royal Harem, since Aneela was the one who left little Yala there as a gift to her father. And right after this little tidbit of a memory Dutch got pulled to her own memory of her wedding night. You know, the night she escaped the Harem after she killed the prince, and, oh, met a ship thief named Johnny.

This whole Dutch-Aneela reveal truly was something that I was not expecting. It was interesting, and in my opinion also very original and unique. Add that to the fact that we got to know so much information about Aneela, Khlyen, Hullen and even Dutch herself, and you get a real game-changer of an episode. Now that we know all this, everything can finally fall into place for the big battle between Aneela and Dutch.

Last thoughts on Killjoys season 3 episode 7

One of the greatest moments of this episode was the nerd face-off between Johnny and Zeph. These two characters have butted heads ever since Dutch brought on Zeph and John returned from his walkabout. But this episode, they were kind of (in a very weird, competitive and nerdy way) working together, to ensure that Dutch is safe.

Granted, it involved Zeph testing John’s patience and math skills. Yet, in the end, if it weren’t for Zeph and her pulling a John Jaqobis special, Dutch might be lost in her memories for ever and causing destruction along the way. And, although I doubt this little collaboration meant that the two will be playing nice from now on, it might still result in at least a bit of mutual nerd respect.

Episode highlights:

• Dutch and Zeph working together (go, girl power!)
• seeing Khlyen and Aneela’s relationship between they turned sour
• Turin saying that Dutch wears the pants in the relationship
• John and D’avin’s conversations on Killjoys season 3 episode 7
• finding out a little more about those who got cleansed from the Hullen
• the little Zeph-hologram
• the nerd-off between Johnny and Zeph
• learning how Dutch came to be and why she looks like Aneela
• Gared’s puppy comments
• D’av trying to hold down the forth while Dutch is on her own quest
• young ship-thief Johnny
• finally seeing the famous Dutch and John meeting scene
• Johnny saving Dutch from her memory trip
• D’av becoming the new leader of the Killjoys army
• seeing the army all assembled (impressive!)
• John supporting Dutch on her going under the third time
• how D’avin and Fancy’s relationship evolved this episode
• Zeph pulling a John Jaqobis special and saving Dutch
• Dutch saying D’av that he is the leader the army needs

Episode low points:

• them failing to fly the Hullen ships and losing two pilots
• Dutch not telling the Jaqobis about what she was doing with Zeph or what she found out while doing it
• Turin not trusting Fancy and the cleansed and apprehending them

Quote of the episode:
Jaal: “Downing your sorrows already, huh?”
D’av: “Well, it’s war-o’clock. We all have our coping mechanisms, I guess.”
Gared: “Puppies.”
D’av: “Hm?”
Gared: “I like puppies. I really get in there for some hardcore cuddles, you know? I like to knit them little sweaters.”

Promo for Killjoys season 3 episode 8:

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