Supergirl Season 2 Episode 4 Review

This review contains spoilers!

The first rule of fight club is, that we don’t talk about fight club. But this time around, we will be breaking all the rules and not only talking about fight club, but also discussing it and other rule breaking moments of this Supergirl episode.

So the episode started off with a little background on Mon-El or rather the flashback of how he ended up in Kryptonian pod en route to Earth. It was great to finally be able to learn more about him as well as his planet Daxam, since we now know that Mon-El worked in the Daxam Royal guard as one of the guardians for Daxams’s Prince. We also learned that Daxamites love to party, which led to Mon-El roping Winn into going out and having a drink. Just one, or so Winn thought until he found himself in the DEO the next morning with a royal hangover. I guess that’s what you get for breaking the rules and partying with an alien. It was a fun story line, which broke the otherwise serious Fight Club stuff, and I really love the budding friendship between Winn and Mon-El. Could we be seeing a new BFFs emerging from the depths of the DEO?

Speaking of Mon-El, I also cannot get over his and Kara’s chemistry. Although in this episode we still saw Kara resenting him a little bit, it was on much smaller scale that in episode 3, and by the end of the hour we saw Kara deciding to take Mon-El under her wing and teach him how to be a human and how to have fun with his alien powers. And all of the moments between him and Kara were just great. You could almost feel the sparks between them and I really hope that we will see Kara find love in Mon-El in one of the future episodes. It would mean that not only we will see our heroine finally be happy and in love, after the unexpected break-up with James in episode 1, but also it would show how two very different people form very different backgrounds and nations can put aside their cultural differences for a relationship, be it friendship or romance. And can I just say, that the way Mon-El looked at Kara when he said that he is in Kara’s hands at the end of the episode definitely looked a little more than just gratefulness and friendship.

Then of course there was the big Alien Fight Club plot line, which dominated this episode. We met an iconic DC character called Roulette and found out that she is holding events where National City’s rich and wealthy come to see aliens fight each other. It was interesting to see this type of concept and also introduced Roulette’s character that will probably be one of the big bad of Supergirl season two. I think that Dichen Lachman played the character flawlessly and I can’t wait to see where the show goes with this story line. On top of that, the fight club also enabled the show’s writers to introduce more story and background on the Miss Martian character, which was very needed since we saw Hank discover her only at the very end of last episode. Plus, it seems that she might not be who she says she is, because at the end of this episode we saw M’gann M’orzz transform into a White Martian.

At the end let’s talk a little about the humans of the show, too. In this episode we also delved deeper into the budding friendship of Alex and Maggie, and how well they work together. And by the end of the episode it seemed that the sparks were really flying between those two, which means that I cannot wait to see how their story line is continued. And last but not least, in this episode we also got a glimpse at Lena Luthor. Unfortunately, it was just a quick scene between her and Kara, where Kara is asking for Lena’s help in finding where the next Roulette’s Fight Club is held, but we still got to see Kara interact with her. And am I the only one who thinks that Lena knows, that Kara is Supergirl? I have a feeling that we will be finding this out pretty soon.

Highlights of the episode:

• Mon-El and Winn’s friendship
• The bar scene and its aftermath
• Sparks between Alex and Maggie
• Kara and Mon-El’s chemistry
• Kara deciding to take Mon-El under her wing
• The scene with Kara and Lena Luthor
• J’onn trying to connect with M’gann

Let-downs of the episode:

• No James in this episode
• Miss Martian’s character’s choices
• And I still don’t like Snapper Carr’s character, he isn’t charming, just plain grumpy and evil

Quote of the episode:
Alex: You look like crap.
Winn: Thank you, I saw the mirror this morning.

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