30 TV Shows That You Forgot Were Set in Colorado

Nestled amid the majestic Rocky Mountains, Colorado boasts a tapestry of stunning vistas, from the iconic peaks to the vibrant cityscapes of Denver.

It’s got outdoor adventures, skiing havens, and historic mining towns, alongside a very vibrant and unique local culture, encompassing everything from outdoor enthusiasts to artists and entrepreneurs.

So, it’s no wonder that a state renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and diverse culture serves as the picturesque backdrop for some amazing TV shows that resonate with viewers worldwide.

With this article, we’re taking a walk through the Centennial State via these amazing TV shows set in Colorado!

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, CBS (1993 – 1998)

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman follows Dr. Michaela Quinn, a determined female physician from Boston who moves to the Wild West town of Colorado Springs in the late 1800s.

Facing resistance due to her gender, she navigates the challenges of frontier life, providing medical care, challenging societal norms, and fostering relationships within the community. Unsurprisingly, given the day and age, the locals are skeptical about a female physician despite her education and experience.

Personal circumstances also lead to her taking a friend’s orphaned children into her care.

The series chronicles her tackling personal struggles and eventually earning the respect of the townsfolk, all while navigating the trials and triumphs of frontier existence in Colorado.

Mork & Mindy, ABC (1978 – 1982)

The science fiction sitcom series Mork & Mindy began as a spin-off from a popular episode of Happy Days.

The show revolves around an eccentric alien named Mork who hails from the planet Ork. He lands in Boulder, Colorado, and befriends a kind-hearted human named Mindy McConnell.

Concealing his extraterrestrial origins, Mork learns about human behavior and customs while living with Mindy and navigating the everyday life of a regular guy in Colorado.

Their misadventures and Mork’s humorous misunderstandings about Earth’s customs lead to comedic situations as he attempts to adapt to life on our planet, all while forming a close bond with Mindy and her friends in Boulder.

Community, NBC (2009 – 2014)

Community follows a diverse group of students at Greendale Community College in the fictional town of Greendale, Colorado.

Viewers meet Jeff Winger, a disbarred lawyer, who forms a study group to impress a classmate. This eclectic group of misfits, embarks on various misadventures while navigating the quirks and challenges of community college life.

Soon hey form deep friendships, face absurd situations, and learn valuable life lessons together amidst the offbeat environment of the fictional college campus in Colorado.

Last Man Standing, ABC (2011 – 2017)

Family man and sporting goods executive Mike Baxter is at the center of Last Man Standing; he lives in Denver, Colorado, with his wife Vanessa and their three daughters.

The sitcom follows Mike’s experiences and challenges as he navigates his role as the only male in a household of women while dealing with the dynamics at his workplace, a chain of sporting goods stores called Outdoor Man.

Mike’s traditional views clash with modern ideologies, leading to humorous and sometimes insightful situations as he tries to balance his work, family life, and personal beliefs in a constantly evolving world.

Everwood, The WB (2002 – 2006)

Everwood revolves around Dr. Andy Brown, a renowned neurosurgeon from New York City, who moves to the small fictional town of Everwood, Colorado, after the death of his wife.

Seeking a fresh start, Andy opens a general practice and navigates the challenges of rural medicine while raising his two children, Ephram and Delia, in the tight-knit community that was always near and dear to his late wife’s heart.

The show delves into the complexities of family relationships, love, loss, and personal growth as the Browns adapt to their new life in a picturesque Colorado town with the Rocky Mountains spread out in the backdrop.

Resident Alien, Syfy (2021 – present)

Resident Alien follows an alien named Harry, who crash-lands on Earth in a small Colorado town.

Assuming the identity of Dr. Harry Vanderspeigle, he integrates into the community while attempting to complete his mission: annihilate humanity. Posing as a local doctor, Harry navigates the challenges of human interaction and emotions, all the while trying to blend in and stay under the radar.

As he starts to understand human behavior and develops relationships with the townsfolk, his plans begin to shift, and the moral dilemma between fulfilling his mission and caring for humans constantly hangs over his head.

Ride, Hallmark Channel (2023)

Though canceled by the network after just one season, Hallmark’s family drama Ride is a great one to watch for fans of the modern Western genre.

The series follows the renowned McMurray family, who are graciously led by their matriarch, Isabel. She, along with her two sons, Cash and Tuff, will do anything to keep their beloved Colorado family ranch afloat despite both internal and external obstacles.

Despite competition from other ranching families, familial conflicts, and dark secrets trying to bring their business down, the McMurrays find a way to play their roles in saving their ranch.

South Park, Comedy Central (1997 – present)

The first animated show on the list is a classic among adults: South Park.

The show focuses on four boys – Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny—living in the fictional town of South Park, Colorado. Set in a satirical and often absurd world, the show features their daily lives and the eccentricities of the townspeople. The kids frequently find themselves in bizarre situations, navigating the peculiarities of their small mountain town.

With its distinctive animation style, constant profanity, and often controversial humor, South Park is known for its irreverent take on societal norms and its ability to cleverly parody real-life events and pop culture in the eccentric setting of Colorado.

Godless, Netflix (2017)

Godless is a limited series set in the 1880s in the fictional town of La Belle, Colorado.

The story unfolds after a mining accident claims the lives of most men in the town, leaving it inhabited almost entirely by women. It follows the aftermath of this tragedy as the women of La Belle cope with their new reality and must defend their town from threats posed by outlaws and a notorious criminal seeking refuge.

Alongside these events, the show also delves into the lives and pasts of various characters, shedding light on their motivations and connections in the rugged and unforgiving landscapes of the American West.

The Ranch, Netflix (2016 – 2020)

The Ranch revolves around Colt Bennett, a former semi-pro football player, who returns to his family’s ranch in fictional Garrison, Colorado, after a failed career attempt.

Reuniting with his estranged father Beau, a tough-minded rancher, and his brother Rooster, Colt navigates the challenges of working on the family ranch and adjusting from a busy life to a small-town life with just over 500 people in their town. A

longside his attempts to rebuild relationships and find his place in the family, Colt deals with the ups and downs of rural life, including ranching, romantic relationships, and the complexities of small-town dynamics.

Emily Owens, M.D., The CW (2012 – 2013)

Emily Owens, a young doctor who starts her medical internship at Denver Memorial Hospital in Colorado, is the titular character in The CW’s Emily Owens, M.D.

As she begins her career, Emily hopes to leave behind her awkward high school years and gain respect among her peers in the competitive medical field. However, she quickly discovers that the hospital environment is reminiscent of high school, complete with cliques and interpersonal dramas.

Emily navigates through the trials and tribulations of adulthood while trying to find her footing in both her personal and professional life within the vibrant city of Denver.

My Life with the Walter Boys, Netflix (2023 – present)

One of the newer shows on the list is Netflix’s My Life with the Walter Boys, which is adapted from Ali Novak’s 2014 novel of the same name.

The show is a coming-of-age drama that first introduces the protagonist, Jackie Howard, a 15-year-old girl from Manhattan who was recently orphaned after a car accident took away her entire family.

Following the accident, Jackie is made to relocate to rural Colorado, to a town named Silver Falls. There, she is taken in by the Walters, who have seven sons.

The series chronicles Jackie’s adjustment to small-town life and growing up with a new family while coming to grips with the devastating loss of her own one.

Space Force, Netflix (2020 – 2022)

Space Force is a comedy series centered around General Mark R. Naird, who is tasked with leading the newly formed Space Force, a branch of the U.S. military dedicated to space exploration and defense.

Stationed in Colorado at the Space Force’s base, Naird grapples with the challenges of running this unconventional military branch. Alongside his team, which includes scientists, astronauts, and other military personnel, he navigates bureaucratic hurdles, budget constraints, and the lofty goals of establishing a U.S. presence in space.

The show humorously portrays the absurdities and mishaps that occur in the pursuit of this ambitious endeavor!

Guilty Party, Paramount+ (2021)

Kate Beckinsale graces our screens with her role as Beth Burgess in the dark comedy series Guilty Party.

She is a disgraced journalist who seizes the opportunity to investigate a woman’s claim of innocence in her husband’s murder case that she once sensationalized. Returning to her hometown in Colorado, Beth delves into the case to uncover the truth while facing skepticism from the community and confronting her own troubled past.

As she pursues leads and uncovers new evidence, she navigates the complexities of small-town dynamics and personal relationships, including her interactions with former acquaintances and the family of the accused.

The Mountain, The WB (2004 – 2005)

The Mountain is a drama series focusing on the wealthy Carver family, owners of the prestigious Rocky Mountain ski resort called The Mountain in Colorado.

The show revolves around the family’s dynamics, conflicts, and business dealings within the glamorous yet challenging world of the ski resort and their struggle to keep its success and reputation afloat.

At the center of the story is David Carver, who finds himself The Mountain’s owner after their grandfather dies and leaves it in his care – much to the surprise and chagrin of the entire family, including David himself.

Good Luck Charlie, Disney Channel (2010 – 2014)

Disney Channel sitcom Good Luck Charlie centers around the Duncan family living in Denver, Colorado.

The series revolves around Teddy Duncan, the second oldest sibling, who creates video diaries for her baby sister, Charlie, offering advice on navigating life within their chaotic yet loving household. As the family deals with everyday situations and comedic mishaps, Teddy shares her experiences, lessons learned, and insights into the ups and downs of family life in Denver.

Each episode brings quirky adventures, sibling antics, and the humorous challenges faced by the Duncans.

Those Who Can’t, truTV (2016 – 2019)

Those Who Can’t follows the misadventures of three inept high school teachers at the fictional Smoot High School in Denver, Colorado.

The trio, consisting of teachers who are more immature than their students, often find themselves in ridiculous and absurd situations as they try to “beat the system”. Led by their unconventional methods, these teachers attempt to navigate the challenges of educating and disciplining their students while struggling with their own personal shortcomings.

Their interactions with the school’s staff and students and the bizarre scenarios they encounter in and out of the classroom form the crux of the show.

Make It or Break It, ABC (2009 – 2012)

Competitive gymnastics is no joke, and ABC’s teen drama Make It or Break It dives straight into this intense world as young athletes juggle rigorous training, personal struggles, friendships, and rivalries in pursuit of their Olympic dreams.

The show follows the lives of elite teenage gymnasts training at the Rocky Mountain Gymnastics Training Center in Boulder, Colorado.

Set against the backdrop of the high-pressure environment at the training center, the show delves into the sacrifices, challenges, and triumphs faced by the gymnasts as they strive to excel in the sport.

The Bill Engvall Show, TBS (2007 – 2009)

The Bill Engvall Show centers around Bill Pearson (played by the titular comedian Bill Engvall), a family counselor in Denver, Colorado, trying to navigate the ups and downs of family life.

Alongside his wife Susan, Bill faces the everyday challenges of raising their three kids: Lauren, Trent, and Bryan.

The show portrays the humorous and relatable situations that arise within the Pearson household, highlighting the dynamics between parents and teenagers as they tackle issues such as adolescence, relationships, and growing pains with the humor and love that binds them together.

Promised Land, CBS (1996 – 1999)

Promised Land follows the Green family, led by Russell Green, as they travel across the United States in their RV and homeschool their children while on the road. They run a mission to help those in need and spread goodwill.

Set in various locations, including Denver, Colorado, the show depicts the family’s adventures and challenges as they assist different communities, tackling social issues and personal problems faced by the people they encounter.

Along the way, the Greens navigate their own familial dynamics and values while striving to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Dynasty, ABC (1981 – 1989)

Classic soap opera ​​Dynasty follows the wealthy Denver-based Carrington family. The show revolves around the lives, relationships, and power struggles within the affluent family headed by oil tycoon Blake Carrington and delves into the intricacies of the Carrington dynasty as they navigate their business dealings, romantic entanglements, and conflicts with rival families.

The series showcases the opulent lifestyles of the Carringtons and their interactions – as well as the web of intrigue they’re constantly tangled in – with high society, portraying their lavish estates and the vibrant social scene in Denver.

Unbelievable, Netflix (2019)

Unbelievable is an incredible true crime miniseries based on the real-life serial rape cases across Washington and Colorado between 2008 and 2011.

It follows the story of a young woman named Marie Adler, who reports a sexual assault in Colorado but faces skepticism from law enforcement and people around her. As the investigation unfolds, two detectives uncover a series of similar crimes; Detectives Grace Rasmussen and Karen Duvall join forces to pursue the perpetrator.

The show portrays their efforts to unravel the truth and seek justice for the victims while highlighting the challenges faced by survivors of sexual assault.

Jeremiah, Showtime (2002 – 2004)

Jeremiah revolves around the aftermath of a deadly virus that wipes out the adult population, leaving only the children and teenagers alive.

The series follows the titular character, Jeremiah, and his friend Kurdy as they traverse the post-apocalyptic landscape of the United States, including parts set in Colorado.

They navigate through the remnants of society, encountering various factions and communities while searching for a place called Valhalla Sector, hoping to uncover the truth behind the catastrophe – and, hopefully, Jeremiah’s father as well.

Centennial, NBC (1978 – 1979)

Centennial is an epic miniseries chronicling the history of a fictional town in Colorado called Centennial.

Spanning generations from the late 18th century to the present day, the show explores the town’s evolution, from its early settlement by Native Americans through the establishment of the fur trade, conflicts with European settlers, and the development of a modern community.

It offers a sweeping portrayal of the history and people that shaped the fictional town intertwined with the town’s growth, depicting their triumphs, struggles, and the changing landscapes of Colorado over the years.

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show, syndication (1997 – 2000)

The classic 90s films of the same name led to the spin-off series Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show.

It follows the Szalinski family, led by scientist Wayne Szalinski, living in the fictional Colorado town of Fernfield. After accidentally shrinking his kids, Amy and Nick, and their friends on numerous occasions with his invention, the shrink ray, Wayne works on reversing the effects while dealing with the comedic consequences of his inventions.

The show revolves around the family’s attempts to navigate daily life while facing challenges stemming from Wayne’s scientific mishaps.

Gabby Duran & the Unsittables, Disney Channel (2019 – 2021)

Gabby Duran & the Unsittables centers around the titular Gabby Duran, a resourceful teenager living in the fictional town of Havensburg, Colorado.

In an attempt to get out from under her mother and sister’s shadows, she lands a job babysitting peculiar extraterrestrial children with unique abilities known as “Unsittables.”

Gabby works for a secret organization called the “Intergalactic Council” that tasks her with caring for these unusual kids while keeping their identities hidden from the public. Throughout the series, Gabby navigates the challenges of balancing her responsibilities as a babysitter for these quirky, otherworldly children while attempting to maintain a normal life in Colorado.

Granite Flats, BYUtv (2013 – 2015)

Granite Flats is a mystery drama set in the early 1960s in the small town of Granite Flats, Colorado, and it revolves around a group of kids who stumble upon a mysterious incident at a government facility.

As they delve deeper into the investigation, they uncover secrets and conspiracies that involve espionage and Cold War tensions.

The show follows the suspenseful and adventurous journey of these young characters as they navigate the complexities of their discoveries while trying to unravel the truth behind the strange occurrences in their town and become entangled in a web of intrigue and mystery.

The Stand, Paramount+/Starz (2020 – 2021)

The Stand is a post-apocalyptic series depicting the aftermath of a global pandemic that wipes out most of humanity.

Set in various locations, including Colorado, the story follows survivors who have immunity to the virus and are drawn to either Mother Abagail, a wise and kind-hearted woman leading a group in Boulder, or Randall Flagg, a malevolent figure gathering followers in Las Vegas.

The series portrays the struggle between good and evil as these two factions clash, showcasing the survivors’ efforts to rebuild society amidst the remnants of the old world.

The Man in the High Castle, Amazon Prime Video (2015 – 2019)

Alternate history is such an interesting and thought-provoking genre, and Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle does it so well.

It is set in a world where the Axis powers won World War II, resulting in the division of the United States into the Greater Nazi Reich and the Japanese Pacific States.

The show follows various characters across different locations, including Colorado, as they navigate this dystopian reality. Their stories intertwine as they uncover a mysterious film that portrays an alternate reality where the Allies won the war.

Against the backdrop of a divided America, the series depicts the characters’ struggles, espionage, and resistance movements aiming to undermine the oppressive regimes in power.

Stargate SG-1, Showtime/Sci Fi (1997 – 2007)

Last but not least, Stargate SG-1 follows a team of military personnel and scientists exploring the universe through a device called the Stargate.

Stationed at Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado, the team, led by Colonel Jack O’Neill, discovers new planets, encounters different civilizations, and faces threats from powerful enemies, including the Goa’uld.

They embark on missions using the Stargate to establish diplomatic relations, seek advanced technology, and defend Earth against extraterrestrial threats.

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