Supergirl Season 2 Episode 6 Review

This review contains spoilers!

There is a new alien in town and a new superhero as well, but this time they are not the same person, because the latest Supergirl episode brought us an exciting (and a little yucky) new foe for the Girl of Steel to fight and a new superhero being born from a man who was right in front of us. So let’s get into the review, so we can discuss all the new and old in the newest Supergirl episode.

First off, the villain of the episode. It was an iconic DC character by the name of Parasite, which absorbs other people’s energy to become more powerful and to use this absorbed energy to fight his opponents. And, since some of these other people were Supergirl as well as J’onn J’onzz, he become especially powerful, and Supergirl had to use Plutonium 239 to finally stop the Parasite. I think that this time the Supergirl writers did a great job with their villain, because he was so powerful not only because he was able to absorb other’s energy, but also, because the man behind the villain, Dr. Rudy Jones, who got infected with the parasite, was so passionate about his cause – climate change. And this passion ultimately led him to become the highest form of the Parasite and to his end. I absolutely loved the last fight sequence! Firstly, because it was the first time we saw James in costume as the hero Guardian (which was awesome by the way). Secondly, because it was the first time we saw Winn actually working with James as his superhero sidekick. Thirdly, because it was also the first time Mon-El realized, that maybe he really could become the hero that Kara sees in him. And lastly, because the whole fight in itself was epic, because it not only showed how powerful Supergirl is, but also how compassionate she is. A true hero. I think this fight will definitely will go down in history as one of my favorite Supergirl-fights-evil moments.

Speaking of Supergirl, I also have to mention her and Mon-El this episode. Not only Mon-El took Kara out to happy hour, that led to some hilarious drunk Kara moments, but he also was slowly coming into his own this episode, of course with a little nudge from Kara and Alex. After some bad choices, a fight with Kara and some words from Alex, he finally stepped up and helped National City when it needed it the most, another superhero to protect it. I love what Mon-El is becoming, and I really hope that they will keep him around, because he makes the episodes so much fun. And can I just say that the look he gave Kara after she swooped in and beat the Parasite was one of pure admiration. Maybe finally Mon-El will start looking at Kara as his true mentor, not just in being human, but also in being a superhero.

Another hugely important part of this episode was Alex and her journey of realizing her true sexuality. I love how the writers are treating this story, because it showed the nervousness, the confusion and the uncertainty that comes with coming out to your family and friends. But, at the same time, it also showed the beauty of the moment and how liberating it can be, especially if those close to you accept you. Luckily for Alex, her sister truly accepts her and even can relate to her, because Kara, too, had to carry her own secret of being an alien for a long time, just as many do by hiding their sexuality. But of course, since this is a drama television show, after Alex finally kissed Maggie, she basically told Alex, that they should just stay friends. And the ramifications of that were heartbreaking. The scene of Alex doubting herself and crying and Kara holding her made me cry, and unfortunately, it also reflected the other side of coming out, that many have to deal with, when you start doubting if you made the right choice and if it truly is you. I hope, that Alex won’t be heartbroken for long, because as much as I love Danvers sister bonding, she being her tough, witty self is so much better.

Finally, I also have to quickly recap the couple of cliffhangers of this episode. First, the whole M’gann giving J’onn her blood story line which ended with J’onn’s shaking hand, because M’gann might be white not green Martian. And of course also the whole story line of Cadmus kidnapping Mon-El. From next episode’s description and promos we know, that this will be the plot line that the episode will revolve around, but it still was a shocking clifhanger and makes me hope that it won’t undo all the progress Mon-El has made so far throughout this season of Supergirl.

Highlights of the episode:

• Drunk Kara
• J’onn being annoyed by drunk Kara
• Supergirl and Mon-El fight training
• Alex coming out to Kara
• Seeing Guardian in costume and in action
• Mon-El realizing that he could really do some good on Earth
• Supergirl swooping in and beating the Parasite in an epic battle
• Alex kissing Maggie

Let-downs of the episode:

• The scene of the Parasite taking over Dr. Rudy Jones
• Alex thinking that Kara wouldn’t accept her
• The scene of the Parasite draining both Supergirl and J’onn J’onzz looked super SGI
• Maggie turning Alex down

Quote of the episode:
Alex: Thirsty?
Mon-El: Not particularly. I’ve just found, that drinking is the fastest way to get drunk. So..

Promo for Supergirl episode 7 season 2:

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