Supergirl Season 2 Episode 12 Review

Old foes were back on Supergirl season 2 episode 12 and tested the bonds between our characters to no end. Add bad-ass fight scenes and some good old relationship twists and you have yourself an awesome Supergirl episode. So let’s recap what happened on Supergirl episode 12.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

Baddie of the week

On the newest Supergirl episode, Kara faced not one, but three old villains that we haven’t seen for a few episodes. Lilian Luthor was back, along with her Cadmus creations Metallo and Cyborg Superman aka the real Hank Henshaw. And they all teamed up to try to put another alien-exterminating plan in motion.

But this time around, Lilian even tried to rope her daughter and Kara’s good friend Lena into their evil plan, by framing her and making all of National City believe that she is just as evil as her mother and brother. And for a second there, it even seemed to work, as we saw Lena’s resolve to be good diminish.

Luckily, Supergirl swept in at the right moment, saved Lena and the world from synthetic kryptonite catastrophe. Unfortunately, Lena’s mother got away along with Cyborg Superman, which means that this probably isn’t the last time we see these characters. And who knows, maybe Lilian Luthor even turns out to be the big bad of this season of Supergirl.

Kara and Lena’s friendship

One of my favorite parts about Supergirl season 2 episode 12 was the strong friendship between Kara and Lena. Over the previous Supergirl episodes, we saw this comradely slowly developing, but this episode brought the ultimate test for this blooming friendship.

Kara had to go against everyone and stand up for Lena and her belief that Lena was good. It wasn’t an easy thing to do because not even her closest friends and her own sister believed Kara. But nonetheless, Kara’s belief didn’t falter. And when Winn discovered that Lena was framed, everyone but Kara was surprised that Lena didn’t give Metallo the Kryptonite heart.

And by the looks of the last scene between Kara and Lena, this friendship isn’t going anywhere. I think it is about time Kara gets another girlfriend because for the longest time she has had only her sister and her guy friends to rely on. However, I am a bit concerned about the look Lena had on her face after Kara left her office. I hope that in the end Lena doesn’t give in to the call of her family’s legacy and doesn’t turn out to be Supergirl’s next villain.

Alex’s brave step

On top of all the intense Kara and Lena’s friendship stuff on this Supergirl episode, we also saw Alex take another step on her coming out journey. In previous Supergirl episodes, we saw Alex come to terms with her sexuality, admit it to her sister and mother and even embrace her new relationship with Maggie. But on Supergirl season 2 episode 12, we finally saw Alex telling her friends about her and Maggie.

But it wasn’t quite the awkward scene you might expect. Of course, James and Winn were a bit shocked about Alex’s revelation, but J’onn made the awkwardness disappear after declaring that he knew all along, because he is psychic after all. On top of that, Mon-El also surprised us and Kara with asking Alex if homosexuality is a problem on Earth, further dissipating the tension in the room and Alex’s worries.

I love how this show decided to take this step and make Alex fall in love with Maggie. It is a brave move for a network show, but a much appreciated one as well. And the fact that they are keeping with this storyline and showing all the major milestones of coming out is only commendable.

#Karamel is on

Speaking of relationships, on Supergirl season 2 episode 12 we also finally saw Kara and Mon-El getting together. Well sort of.

After denying her feelings for so long, Kara finally admitted that she likes Mon-El at the end of this episode. But it wasn’t an easy thing to do for Kara, because, as she explained, she wasn’t sure if she could have it all – be a superhero, have a career as a reporter and be in a relationship with the man she likes. However, since Mon-El isn’t your typical man and kept proving Kara wrong when she thought that he is just an arrogant frat boy, Kara decided to take a leap of faith and try her hand at dating Mon-El.

But Kara’s admission didn’t quite end with the kiss like we were expecting because next episode’s villain Mr. Mxyzptlk crashed the couple’s first kiss with a bold declaration. And by the looks of this new character, the next Supergirl episode will be a fun one.

Last thoughts on Supergirl season 2 episode 12

Lastly, I can’t forget to mention how Kara finally decided to stop trying to protect James and trust him to be the Guardian. In the last episodes, the fact that Kara didn’t support James and Winn and their Guardian endeavor frustrated me to no end. So I am really glad, that Kara finally came around. And it also means that her friendship with James is on the mend, too. So hopefully, future Supergirl episodes feature more scenes between the two and maybe even some with them fishing bad guys together? One can only hope.

Episode highlights:

• seeing the Luthor family’s past
• Alex coming out to her friends and everyone being supportive
• Kara and Lena’s friendship and scenes this episode
• Eve telling Kara that Mon-El talked only about Kara on their date
• Kara finally deciding to support James as Guardian
• Supergirl’s willingness to sacrifice herself to save Lena
• Kara finally admitting to Mon-El that she, too, has feelings for him

Episode let-downs:

• Lilian Luthor framing Lena for giving Metallo the kryptonite
• no one believing Kara about Lena being good

Quote of the episode:
Alex: “Well, I just wanted to let you know that Maggie and I are dating.”
Mon-El: “Oh that was the thing? Okay! Okay? Is that like a problem here on Earth? Or..”
Alex: “Well, on Earth, you know, not everybody supports ladies loving ladies.”
Mon-El: “Oh.. On Daxam it’s the more the merrier, so..”

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