Supergirl Season 2 Episode 15 Review

Although the last episode of Supergirl was one of the most emotional ones of the series, its follow-up didn’t disappoint either, because on this episode we saw the continuation of the events that played out in episode 14. So without further hesitation, let’s get into what happened on Supergirl season 2 episode 15.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

Baddie of the week

As it was started in the previous episode, in this one, too, Jeremiah still could be counted as one of the baddies of this episode. However, he was the least of our team’s problems, since the real threat was Cadmus and their alien abductions.

At the very end of episode 14, we found out that Jeremiah took the National alien registry from the DEO, which meant, that Cadmus now knows the names of all aliens in the US. And it didn’t take long for them to start acting because by the beginning of Supergirl season 2 episode 15 Cadmus had already kidnapped (aliennapped?) 20 aliens. So the team scrambled at bits to stop Cadmus and save the aliens.

Alex went rogue after J’onn pretended to be Jeremiah and tested her loyalties, while Kara was perusing another way to help the aliens. And it all culminated into an epic showdown between Alex and Cadmus at their facility and an unpleasant space ship ride for Alex and the abducted aliens.

The battle at Cadmus

Alex went to Cadmus alone because J’onn suspended her DEO agent status. And while there she found out why her father was willing to work with Cadmus. He made a deal with them to stay a part of the evil group to be able to save Alex and Kara because Cadmus threatened to kill them if he didn’t.

But that wasn’t all. Jeremiah also convinced Lilian to send all the aliens Cadmus abducted back to space instead of just killing them like she had initially planned. However, Alex couldn’t just stand by and watch Cadmus forcefully deport that many aliens. So she sprung to action and went to the spaceship to stop its launch from the inside after Lilian announced that there is no override code to stop the aircraft.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t successful at stopping the ship, so it was up to Supergirl to slow down the spacecraft enough for Winn to gain control of it and bring it back to Earth. But is wasn’t easy and it took Supergirl all her strength to make the massive ship stop. In the end, she did it and saved not only Alex but also all the aliens Cadmus kidnapped.

But there was still one person the sisters weren’t able to save. Their dad Jeremiah was captured by Cadmus after he lost a fight with Cyborg Superman. So I have a feeling that we will be seeing Cadmus again and hopefully we will also see another Danvers family reunion by the end of Supergirl season 2. This time a real one.

Alex off the rails

Speaking of Danvers family, in Supergirl season 2 episode 15 we saw another side of the usually calm and collected Alex. You could say that in this episode she went off the rails a little bit, after finding out that her father worked for Cadmus and after J’onn announced that Jeremiah was now enemy combatant in the eyes of DEO.

First, she beat up one of Cadmus guys to find out information about where Cadmus is. And then she went to a Cadmus facility on her own to try and save her father and stop Cadmus. Although all her actions did have a strong basis, it was still interesting to see the character this way. Mainly because it looked like Alex weren’t really thinking through her actions like she always does and was led by her anger rather than a sense of duty.

Nevertheless, it was still a great character arc for Alex. And the fact that Maggie chose to help Alex when everyone else including Kara thought that Alex should sit out this fight was the perfect cherry on top.

Kara the reporter

While Alex was dealing with her emotions, Kara was also trying out a different way of helping others. Being Supergirl, Kara always relies on her powers to help other, but this time around she chose to help using her power as a reporter.

On Supergirl season 2 episode 15, Kara went to her boss to try to publish an article, which would warn all aliens of what Cadmus is doing. But while her intentions were good, Snapper just wasn’t feeling it, even after an interview with Kara’s main source Supergirl herself. So after being shot down by Snapper, Kara decided to take matters into her own hands and to blog about what Cadmus was doing on her website after Lena gave her the idea. But while she got the effect that she wanted, this decision also got her fired.

By the end of the episode, Kara was jobless. Of course, she still had her job as Supergirl, and as she mentioned to Mon-El, maybe being Supergirl and having her relationship was enough. But I have a feeling that that isn’t quite the case. So we will see if she begs Snapper to take her back as a reporter or maybe she will pursue blogging further.

Last thoughts on Supergirl season 2 episode 15

I still can’t get over the cuteness of the couples that have formed on Supergirl . From Alex and Maggie to Winn and Lyra to of course Kara and Mon-El. They each have their unique quirks and that is why I love all three of the couples so much. So I hope that the upcoming storyline about Mon-El won’t cause him and Kara to break up. Not when they just got together and are finally happy.

Episode highlights:

• Kara trying to convince Snapper to publish her article about alien abductions
• Sanvers scenes this episode
• Winn and Lyra together
• James being back on Supergirl
• the fight in the alien dive bar
• Alex beating up the Cadmus guy at the DEO
• Maggie supporting Alex in going after Cadmus
• Kara and Lena’s friendship
• Alex showing off her bad-ass fighting skills while infiltrating Cadmus
• Jeremiah and Alex working together
• Supergirl stopping the space ship
• J’onn giving Alex her job back
• the last scene between Kara and Mon-El

Episode let-downs:

• J’onn pretending to be Jeremiah to test Alex
• Jeremiah still being held at Cadmus
• Snapper firing Kara

Quote of the episode:
J’onn: “We’re any closer to finding out where Cadmus is taking them?”
Mon-El: “Or what they want? Because that is the trillion dollar question.”
Winn: “It’s million dollar question, buddy.”
Mon-El: “Really, that low?”

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