Supergirl Season 2 Episode 20 Review

As we are nearing the end of Supergirl season 2, the episodes are getting more and more intense. And this one was no exception because it had so much going. From telekinetic aliens to a Daxamite invasion. Continue reading this recap to find out what happened on Supergirl season 2 episode 20.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

Baddie of the week

This Supergirl episode again played tricks on us, since it made us think that the villain of the episode is one person when it turned out to be somebody else. However, I am not at all mad about it, since the baddie of the week turned out to be none other than Mon-El’s mother Rhea.

Supergirl season 2 episode 20 started with an alien attacking National City. And a manhunt was launched for this alien, which put everybody on high alert. Including The Guardian, who was out protecting National City when he found the alien’s son Marcus and brought him to the DEO in hopes that the boy will help them find his mother. But, after Alex’s failed interrogation J’onn decided to let James try to get some information out of Marcus since the photographer had formed a bond with the little alien.

So James brought Marcus to CatCo and bonded with his up until Marcus, too, had an episode just like his mother and almost broke CatCo building if it wasn’t for Supergirl. Kara swooped in and removed Marcus from the situation. But by doing so she also discovered that Marcus actually wasn’t doing anything. Somebody was controlling him. And it was none other than Rhea, who with Lena’s help built a device that not only controlled the telekinetic aliens but also brought hundreds of Daxamite ships to Earth.

So now we definitely know that Rhea will be one of the evils Kara will face in the last two Supergirl season 2 episodes. And I got to say that, judging from the way the show’s writers have constructed Rhea, she is an amazing villain. She has a personal vendetta against Supergirl and she is capable of doing what needs to be done to get what she wants.

Rhea and Lena & Rhea and Mon-El

Speaking of Rhea, this episode, similarly like the last, showed the close bond that has formed between Rhea and Lena. It was really like a mother-daughter dynamic between the two women because Rhea knew all the right things to say to Lena for her to help her and not question anything. However, ultimately Rhea betrayed Lena who clearly didn’t know what Mon-El’s mother was actually doing, so I have to imagine that going forward Lena won’t be so trusting anymore. Let’s just hope that her friendship with Kara will survive this whole ordeal.

Additionally, Supergirl season 2 episode 20 also provided us a deeper look into Rhea’s relationship with her son. Once the DEO team, Mon-El included, learned that Rhea was behind the attacks, Mon-El was ready to do anything he can to stop Rhea. Including seriously wound her or even kill her, since led bullets are deadly to Daxamites. But, again, Rhea knew just the right things to say to stop Mon-El from doing anything drastic. Which gave Rhea enough time to portal herself, Mon-El and an unconscious Lena to her ship.

Although I doubt that Mon-El will trust his mother again, I think that there might be a significant shift in their relationship during the last two Supergirl episodes. One that might even damage Mon-El and Kara’s relationship. Or it might make this relationship stronger. Who knows? But it will definitely test it, which I am excited to see.


If episode 19 was all about Alex, then episode 20 focused more on James as well as his alter ego The Guardian. And in Supergirl season 2 episode 20 we also finally also got a bigger dose of James, since all season long he hasn’t really been that permanent of a figure.

Even though some of the subject matters that James was dealing with in this episode were pretty heavy, the episode still nicely highlighted James as a human and as a hero. During this episode, James was seriously struggling to see the point in continuing being The Guardian since half of the people he saved were more afraid of him than their attackers. But luckily, he, with the help of J’onn, found a reason to continue.

He found a purpose. And it also seemed that he finally realized that even though he is not as strong or as fast as Kara, he still can do a lot of good, only in a bit different manner. Which was great to see. And which also kind of gives me hope that come Supergirl season 3 we will again see much more of James.

Last thoughts on Supergirl season 2 episode 20

Finally, I wanted to mention the two standout things that jumped out at me while I was watching Supergirl season 2 episode 20. Firstly, the support Winn was giving James. He not only tried to cheer up his friend but also risked his life for James. So it seems that the friendship between these two guys is here to stay. And thank God for it!

Secondly, can we just give a big “awwww!” to the sweet moment between Kara and Mon-El at CatCo? Their banter and then Kara telling him that he is allowed to miss his mother was sweet and heartfelt, and very, very real. And this moment just made me love their relationship that much more. Shipping Karamel all the way!

Episode highlights:

• James kicking ass as The Guardian
• Kara and Lena’s lunch
• Winn confronting James about previous night
• Rhea inspiring Lena to be better
• James bonding with Marcus and telling him about his dad and Clark
• the moment between Kara and Mon-El in CatCo
• J’onn and James’s talk
• James choosing to help Marcus and his mother no matter what
• the start of the Daxamite invasion

Episode low points:

• Rhea blaming everything she is doing on Kara
• Lena getting hurt because of Rhea

Quote of the episode:
Lena: “Let me ask you this, right, would you rather have an NSYNC reunion? Or JT and Britney back together?”
Kara: “Oh, my OTP. That’s an impossible question to answer. And you’re cruel for asking!”
Lena: “Yeah, well, you know sometimes my Luthor genes just shine through.”

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