Supergirl Season 2 Episode 19 Review

This Supergirl episode was titled “Alex”, so we kind off expected it to be all about the elder Danvers sister. However, it was so much more and tested our heroes like never before. So here is Supergirl season 2 episode 19 recap.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

Baddie of the week

Do you remember all the flashbacks of Kara and Alex’s childhood we have been treated over the two seasons of the show? Well, this episode was a big reason to revisit them since someone from the girls’ childhood was the villain of Supergirl season 2 episode 19.

A fee minutes into the episode Alex got kidnapped. And Kara received a phone call from the kidnapper, who claimed not only to have Alex but also to know that Kara Danvers and Supergirl is one in the same. Which kicked everyone into high gear of trying to locate Alex. As it turned out, the kidnapper was none other than Rick Malverne, who Kara and Alex went to school with. And he demanded the release of his imprisoned father Peter Thompson for Alex’s freedom.

However, all wasn’t as simple as freeing a prisoner, since DEO doesn’t negotiate with terrorists. So the episode turned into a kind of psychological thriller with Kara and Maggie trying to find out where Alex is. And it took some doing because Rick had accounted for Kara’s fast temper and Maggie’s willingness to do whatever it takes to get her girlfriend back. In the end, Kara managed to talk Maggie down from releasing Rick’s father and talk him into telling them where Alex is. And they managed to get to Alex just in time to save her.

In the end, Alex was okay, Peter was still in prison and Rick was slated to receive a memory wipe procedure, which would erase any trace of him knowing that Kara is Supergirl. Apart from Alex punching him, of course. But although one threat was neutralized, another just became bigger. Meaning Mon-El’s mother Rhea.

Relationship stuff

Even though the episode was titled after Alex, it really was more about the relationship between two of Alex’s closest people, her sister, and her girlfriend. From the very beginning of the episode, we saw how different Kara and Maggie are. Which included their views on apprehending bad guys. And even trying to save Alex didn’t automatically make them agree on everything. In fact, it did just the opposite.

Since Maggie is a cop, her views on crime-fighting are to do everything by the book. To talk a hostage situation down rather than to just swoop in and save everyone like Kara is used to doing. And Alex’s kidnapping was no different because Maggie wanted to try to talk Rick into telling them where Alex is. Whereas Kara preferred to use force and to act before thinking. And it even put Alex in bigger danger, since Kara went to the wrong location and triggered a mechanism, which started to fill the room where Alex was being held with water.

Luckily, by the end of the episode if seemed like Maggie and Kara’s relationship was on the mend. They both admitted that they were wrong at some point during their rescue mission. Kara recognized that she shouldn’t have gone to the first location since Maggie had a feeling that it wouldn’t do them any good. And Maggie also admitted having not been thinking when she broke Peter out of prison. Will we see them agree on everything now? Probably not.

But I can imagine that it will be much easier for Alex to have her sister and girlfriend on at least mutual respect terms. And maybe this respect will even help Maggie and Supergirl work together in apprehending criminals from now on. That I would like to see!

Lena + Rhea

Besides the whole Alex being kidnapped thing, the second story line of Supergirl season 2 episode 19 was all about Lena and Rhea. In the last minutes of episode 18, we saw Rhea approaching Lena with a business proposal. And this episode explored this new dynamic.

Since Lena didn’t know who Rhea is, at first she was very interested in Rhea’s offer. Especially, since this proposal offered Lena to have another scientific breakthrough. But, when Lena figured that Rhea is indeed an alien, thanks to Rhea’s slip, she wasn’t so sure anymore. Lena felt betrayed by Rhea lying to her, so she backed out of their partnership. However, when Rhea came to talk to Lena and explained to her why she lied, Lena changed her mind and decided to work with Rhea once again.

I don’t know what Rhea is planning, but I do have a feeling that she is using Lena to do so. And I also have a feeling that it will somehow hurt Kara. So it looks more and more like Rhea indeed will be the big bad that Kara will battle in the Supergirl season finale. On a brighter note, at least it looks like Lena will remain a good character since she doesn’t know Rhea’s whole plan. Which makes me immensely happy. Luthor or not, Lena is good.

Last thoughts on Supergirl season 2 episode 19

The scene that is the most memorable to me from Supergirl season 2 episode 19 is where Alex is saying goodbye to Maggie. It was so heartbreaking, what with Alex thinking that she is going to die and Maggie not being able to do anything about it. But at the same time, it was also kind of beautiful. Mainly because it showed the deep connection and love that exists between the two women.

And the fact that they followed it up with the scene at the end of the episode, where Alex and Maggie say “I love you” for the first time to each other made it just that much better. Sanvers for the win!

Episode highlights:

• the awkward dinner scene between Kara, Mon-El, Alex and Maggie
• Mon-El supporting his girlfriend
• Rhea being caught up on Earth culture
• the dynamic between Lena and Rhea
• Winn trying to locate Alex
• Maggie being a boss in the DEO
• the bad guy being someone from Kara and Alex’s childhood
• Rick recognizing J’onn in Peter’s skin
• Alex figuring out how to get her tracker to work
• the relationship development between Maggie and Kara this episode
• J’onn comforting Kara
• Kara getting Peter to tell them where Alex is
• Maggie and Alex saying that they love each other
• Alex punching Rick
• Maggie and Kara hugging

Episode low points:

• Kara not understanding why Maggie is upset about her freeing the hostages
• Alex getting kidnapped

Quote of the episode:
Alex: “What’re you going to do to him?”
J’onn: “My job. Protect the identity of Supergirl and the DEO.”
Alex: “You’re going to mind-wipe him?”
J’onn: “You object?”
Alex: “No, just before you do that.. (punches Rick) Just make sure he remembers that.”
J’onn: “Will do!”

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