Wynonna Earp Season 2 Episode 2 Review

On the latest Wynonna Earp episode, Wynonna was trying to figure out how to be without Dolls while solving the mystery of new monsters in Purgatory and a possible Willa’s ghost sighting. There were gigantic spiders, rituals and a bunch of decontamination showers. So without further ado, here is Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 2 recap.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

Mission of the week

The mission of the week or the monster of the week if you will, was spiders. And I am talking about gigantic, scary, nightmares-inducing spiders. But not only that, Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 2 also gave us a glimpse at other scary monsters that now reside in Purgatory.

The hunt for the newest monster started with Officer Haught, who mind you was back being a cop, not a Black Badge agent, handing Waverly a file containing complaints of mysterious noises and disappearances that had occurred in Purgatory as of late. And even though Lucado instructed Wynonna not to pursue it, since Black Badge apparently doesn’t do random, Wynonna still went to check it out. While doing so she met and old high school friend named Mercedes, an old demon friend named Earl and discovered a place where all evil is being drawn to.

After dissecting one of the spiders Wynonna found, Jeremy realized that the spider Wynonna killed at the Black Badge HQ was only one of many spider siblings. And once Mercedes called Wynonna for help because the spiders were attacking her, Wynonna had no choice but to figure out what’s the deal with them and how to get rid of them. But what she found was definitely not what she expected.

First, Wynonna found dozens of the spider’s eggs in the old chapel of Mercedes’s building, which she and Waverly destroyed. But apparently, that wasn’t the end of it. The Earps and Jeremy realized that something different was at play here because apparently something or someone was drawing in all kinds of supernatural beasts to Mercedes’s building. And I have a feeling that this mystery will play out over multiple Wynonna Earp season 2 episodes.

Missing Dolls

Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 2 started with a steamy-hot decontamination shower for Wynonna and Doc, only to be interrupted by Lucado. It turned out that after the episode 1 events, Lucado was assigned to oversee Wynonna and everyone else working for Black Badge in Purgatory. She kind of became the new Dolls, if you think about it. Which was not taken well by Wynonna.

During the episode, we could clearly see that Wynonna was missing Dolls. Not only as a friend and a lover but also as a mentor and boss. You could see how much she struggled with Dolls not being there. And for good reason. In season 1, she and Dolls became quite the demon slaying team. And now Wynonna has to do it all by herself. Well, she still has Waverly, Doc, and Jeremy helping her. But this team will never replicate the dynamic Wynonna had with Dolls.

Wynonna Earp

Doc’s new side job

Although Doc is part of the Purgatory’s Black Badge team, on Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 2 we saw him take up another gig.

After Wynonna killed Bobo in season 1, the revenants left Shorty’s bar, so Sheriff Nedley offered the bar to Doc so that Doc could restore it to its former glory. And, of course, Doc accepted the Sheriff’s offer. However, it seems that having the bar be a bar again was not Doc’s only motivation to do so.

During the episode we saw Doc seeking our Rosita, a friend from the old days, meaning that she probably is a revenant, to help him with some chemistry-related tasks. At first, I thought that Doc was trying to cook up some old-time drink recipe. However, once Rosita mentioned how hard it is to reverse engineer something, I have a feeling that Doc is trying to help Dolls and make the drugs slash medicine Dolls was taking to control himself.

Whether Doc is successful at that and whether he tells Wynonna about his little plan remains to be seen. But it is awfully noble what he is doing if, in fact, he is trying to help Dolls. Especially since Dolls is Doc’s competition when it comes to Wynonna.

Relationship tensions

Speaking of Doc and Wynonna, on Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 2 we saw growing relationship tensions between Doc and Wynonna. Doc was being secretive and didn’t help Wynonna when she needed it. On top of that, he rejected Wynonna when she wanted to kiss him, so there for sure was some resentment from Wynonna towards Doc. At least for the time being and until the moment, Wynonna realizes that Doc did it all for her own good.

Additionally, we also saw the tension between Nicole and Waverly, since Nicole did not get the promotion of being a part of the Black Badge Scooby team. But luckily the two women managed to resolve their issues, at least temporarily. Nicole got over the fact that she is not on the BB team and decided to help Waverly find out if she is an Earp. And they sealed this resolution with some good old make-up sex. Which no doubt was a huge moment for WayHaught as well as the fans of the couple.

And we can’t forget the tension between Wynonna and Lucado and Doc and Lucado, too, of course. Since Lucado now is in charge of our Black Badge team, and she also still wants Dolls dead, there naturally is anger and dislike between Lucado and the Earp heir. But what surprised me was Doc and Lucado’s relationship.

On this episode, we saw Doc essentially blackmail Lucado into investing in Shorty’s, by threating to tell Lucado’s boss Mr. Moody about the fact that Lucado had hired mercenaries to find and kill Dolls. So it seems that from now on Doc and Lucado are not only co-workers but also co-owners of Shorty’s. Which is quite the interesting predicament they find themselves in.

Last thoughts on Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 2

Finally, I really liked how this episode further dealt with Wynonna killing Willa and the aftermath of that. Even though it might not be Willa’s ghost that Wynonna saw, Wynonna still is carrying the pain of killing her sister. And the fact that the Earp sisters decided to let Willa go and burn her stuff might help Wynonna to finally let go of her guilt as well. Because she clearly has many other problems and feelings to deal with besides this one.

Episode highlights:

• the beginning scene between Wynonna and Doc in a decontamination shower
• Mercedes showing up in Purgatory and giving us a glimpse of Wynonna’s past
• Wynonna dissecting Jesus’s cocoon
• Doc buying Shorty’s
• all of the conversations between Jeremy and Wynonna
• Jeremy’s admiration for Doc
• the Earp sisters making the burning of Willa’s things into a drunken bonfire
• Wynonna saving Mercedes
• Doc outsmarting Lucado and blackmailing her to invest in Shorty’s
• the epic walking away scene after smashing the spider eggs
• Nicole helping Waverly determine if she is, in fact, an Earp
• Waverly and Nicole taking the next step in their relationship
• Doc enlisting Rosita to help him

Episode low points:

• Nicole giving Waverly the cold shoulder because she is not part of the Black Badge team
• Doc and Wynonna fighting
• Lucado trying to kill Dolls

Quote of the episode:
Jeremy: “Did smashing all those demon eggs make you wet?”
Wynonna: “Well, ah, I like my job, but it hasn’t bought me dinner in a really long time!”

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