CBC’s Heartland season 11 is a go

Heartland fans rejoice, it’s official Heartland season 11 is happening. Amber Marshall, star of the hit series, announced that Heartland has been picked up for season 11 this morning via a video on the show’s social media accounts. In the video, Amber thanked the fans for watching season 10 and informed us that Heartland season 11 will be starting on CBC this coming fall. See the short yet oh so important video below.

Amber’s announcement video

Fans of the show have been waiting for this announcement for a while now, fearing that season 11 might not come. But, if you look at the show’s ratings for season 10 as well as fan reactions to all that happened on this season, could there really not be season 11? On top of that, this announcement of Heartland season 11 couldn’t have come at a better time because this Sunday, March 26, is the air date for the last episode of the show’s current season. So now we can all tune in this Sunday without fear and just enjoy Heartland season 10 episode 18.

Now that we know that we will be able to follow the Bartlett-Fleming-Morris-Borden family and their adventures for another season, what do you want to see happen on Heartland season 11? And what are you most excited about to see come next fall? Let me know in the comments or on social media!

My Heartland season 11 expectations

I know I can’t wait to see Amy and Ty raising their newborn child and all the antics that sure will come with that. Additionally, I would love to see Georgie having an even bigger part in helping Amy with horses and maybe see her working with her own client horses. When it comes to Lou, I would really like to see her relationship with Mitch bloom, as well as her continuing to peruse Maggie’s 2.0. It sure will be interesting to watch the business side of things for Lou now that Peter is on the verge of becoming an investor in Maggie’s franchise. As for the two oldest Heartland generation, it would be great to see Tim’s rodeo school growing. And I would also love to see Jack take up a new hobby or responsibility, that could provide some interesting and potentially hilarious story lines for the character.

Moreover, in the last couple of Heartland seasons, we have seen some previously unexplored horse disciplines and breeds. For example, we had an episode on Medieval jousting in season 9. And just recently Heartland season 10 episode 16 introduced Canadian Horse breed. So it would be amazing if Heartland season 11 would continue that tradition and give us more interesting horse breeds and equestrian sports.

P.S. In case you want to freshen your memory on what happened on previous Heartland season before season 11 starts, check out the DVD for Heartland season 10!


    1. The specific date is still unknown. But on CBC it will be sometime late September or early October.

  1. OMG!!! I found this show on Netflix… can you say awesome I LOVE it!!!!!!! Great family show!! am finishing up season 9 and I hate Season 10 is Not on Netflix yet!!!!
    Anyhow I love ALL the characters seriously everyone has a storyline awesome job Love Lou with Mitch together great job. This show makes me want to visit Canada. LOL!!!! Hoping it has many more seasons!!! Man am so happy I found this show!!!

    1. I hope Netflix picks it up.I also live in the states and it’ doesn’t look like they are. I called them, but we’ll see.

  2. i love Heartland!! I am 68 and have watched all episodes. It is a great family show except for a couple of times the G.D. Word was used. I love all the characters and looking forward to Season 11. Excited to see Ty and Amy as a mom and dad. Hope the show continues for a long time.

  3. I have been watching this show since it came out. My sister loved horses and I would watch it with her. At the time I was about six now, I am almost fifteen . It’s been fantastic seeing the show grow the way it has. I just finished season ten. I love Mitch and hope he works out. Mostly I love the horses, they’re what started this amazing show. I hope Heartland will be around for years to come.

    1. Lovely to hear that you have literally grown up with Heartland. And I hope that Heartland is around for many more seasons as well!

  4. I recently discovered Heartland myself. I love that it is a family show with family principles and values. I’m 42 and my daughter is 6 and we watch it together. Weve watched all the seasons up to 10! I can’t wait to see what season 10 and 11 bring! To CBS please continue on with storyline. It isn’t often you are able to share a family tv show with your child now days! Thank You

    1. I can’t wait for season 11 either, Tanya. And you are totally right about family values and being able to share Heartland with your whole family, including young kids.

    1. Than would be nice, however, I also understand why the writers of Heartland decided to do the divorce story line. They want to represent all kinds of life events and relationship models on the show, and, unfortunately, nowadays, divorced parents is one of the more common ones.

  5. What a fantastic show. Found it while scrolling Netflix titles. It is so refreshing to see a wholesome, family oriented show on television!! No sex, no foul language, much family love, real life situations, beautiful setting, and fantastic acting….this show has it all. Please do not let the series end…..even with 11. With such a great cast of actors and actresses, I think the story line can continue for many, many years. To the cast of Heartland, thank you!! Please remain together and continue this series. It has been so heart warming watching the family grow up together. Love you all! To CBC, please continue to pick up the episodes!!

    1. Welcome to the Heartland family, Joe. I wholeheartedly agree with everything you are saying. And I also hope that there will be more seasons beyond the upcoming season 11.

    1. In Canada Heartland season 11 will start airing at the end of September or early October.

  6. I love Heartland! I found it a month ago and I am season 8! The one story line I would like to see happen is Lou and Scott! Any chance? Mallory and Jake? Caleb finding true and lasting love? He is a doll! Georgie…gotta love her. Actually, I have enjoyed ALL the characters and story lines.
    Keep up the good work! And thanks!

    1. Glad you found Heartland, because it truly is a great show!
      I doubt Scott and Lou will ever happen. But Mallory and Jake and Caleb finding true love? Well, just wait until you get to season 10. Your wishes just might come true.

  7. I would like to see Lou and Peter back together. I had just started watching this show on Netflix and just finished watching season 10 in 3 weeks time. I just love it and I am only bummed that I have to wait until Fall to see it again! Great, relaxing show – please keep the seasons coming!!

    1. Well, welcome to the Heartland family. I totally hear you about Lou and Peter and the waiting. But luckily, we have to wait only until the end of September.

  8. I agree with you I want to see more of Amy/Ty
    I have only just found it and started watching and am so hooked on it and I am 69 years it is such a relaxing show to watch and if Ty ever goes off the show it won’t be the same again he is my favourite watching him grow from that boy in the loft to this beautiful young gorgeous man and just love his facial expressions,such a good actor.
    Don’t let him go,the first two titles of season 11 is scary sounds like someone is leaving???
    Keep up the good work love Lou ,Mallory miss her and Jake
    Actually all the cast are lovely,

    1. Oh, you are going to love Heartland and all ten seasons that are out now! Glad you found the show and my blog! Here is to hoping that no one leaves the show in season 11.

  9. On season 11, I hope to see more Amy and Ty for sure. I hope they can become very comfortable with each other and be very open and to the point on things instead of being afraid to ask the difficult questions about something or afraid to say how they really feel. Reality tv is a drag because we don’t want to see married people who have lost the spark for each other and a bunch of arguing. Heartland has been so refreshing because it has been so heartwarming to watch the sweetness between Amy and Ty, Lou and Peter, jack and Lisa, Jack and Ty, and Jack and his granddaughters. I would love to give him a big hug myself. I want to see Amy and Ty fulfill their dream of working together and being loving and devoted to each other. Forget reality. I think we’ve all had enough of that in this world today. Heartland is our place of escape from the ugliness of this world. I feel so happy watching them. Please don’t faze out our favs. Without them there IS no Heartland. By the way, I am not a teen I am in my 50’s and I adore this show.

    1. I hear you, and I totally agree. Heartland is the one show that allows us to escape the ugliness of the world and feel good after watching each and every episode.

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