Heartland Season 12 US Premiere Date Announced

It’s been a long wait for US fans for the twelfth season of Heartland. After all, the season finished airing in Canada on April 7th. But we can finally announce that Heartland season 12 is officially coming to the US this July. That’s right, Heartland fans all across America will be able to enjoy the twelfth season of Heartland starting this month!

Heartland Season 12 US premiere date

So without further ado, Heartland season 12 will premiere on UP Faith & Family on July 25th. The announcement was made by UP Faith & Family on their Facebook page. Accompanied by a video looking back at Amy and Ty’s relationship through the years.

The video shows Ty and Amy’s relationship evolution from the moment they met all the way back in season 1 to their wedding in the season 8 finale. And is followed by shots from season 12 with the promise that the new season of Heartland will arrive to Up Faith & Family on July 25. So, starting July 25 you will be able to stream Heartland season 12 on UP Faith & Family as quickly and as much as your heart desires.

How to watch the twelfth season of Heartland on UP Faith & Family?

But how can you watch the latest Heartland season on the streaming service? Well, it’s quite simple. You first need to sign up for the streaming service on their website. And then you can either watch all the shows, including Heartland season 1 through 11, and movies that the streamer offers online on upfaithandfamily.com. Get the UP Faith & Family app on Google Play, App Store, Android TV, Roku or various other platforms and devices that UP Faith & Family is available on. Or watch it via Amazon Channels or Comcast Xfinity.

Want to know the best part about UP Faith & Family? It offers a 14-day free trial during which you will be able to enjoy all the family and faith-friendly entertainment that the streamer has to offer. And after the trial ends you cay pay either $5.99 monthly or $53.99 annually which drops the price for the streaming service down to only $4.49 a month. So, why not get UP Faith & Family, the streaming service that allows you to watch the newest Heartland season before any other streaming service has it on offer?

What can fans look forward to seeing on Heartland season 12?

What to expect from Heartland season 12? It’s a rollercoaster that’s for sure. Every character throughout the season was dealing with their own hardships. From Amy and Ty learning to run a business together. To Jack mourning the loss of a close friend. Georgie struggling to balance her personal life with her blooming jumping carrier. Tim upending his life in the most Tim way possible. And Lou figuring out what’s next for her. They all had things to work through during Heartland season 12. But that doesn’t mean that there weren’t happy times as well.

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During the twelfth season of Heartland, you will also see a Borden family camping trip, lots of family bonding, a friendly yet competitive family penning event which will mark the show’s 200th episode and even some horse yoga. Yes, you read that right! Horse yoga. Heartland season 12 is a truly fun one with many thrilling and unexpected twists and turns. Which is why it’s so great that the wait for the twelfth season of Heartland for US viewers is finally almost over. Will you be tuning in once the season drops on UP Faith & Family?

Make sure to comment your thoughts on the Heartland Season 12 US premiere date announcement below! And don’t forget to check out our reviews of all of the 11 episodes of Heartland season 12 either after you finish binging the season on UP Faith & Family or before if you want to know what happens in advance and then go experience it on screen.


  1. We love Heartland series and feel like we’re part of the family! Started watching with an UP Faith and Family weekend on Xfinity then jumped into Prime Video for the rest of seasons 1-10, then to Netflix for season 11, now subscribing to UP for season 12 on demand. Love this feel good, real life series.

  2. Heartland is our favorite show. We’ve watched 11 seasons on Up channell.
    You have a large audience that watches without internet. Foolish business decision.

  3. My wife and I can’t wait for Heartland season 12 to start.
    Truly one of the best family shows on TV.
    The sad part is we have to pay extra to watch a TV show.

    1. Heartland is already on Netflix. It just differs how many seasons each location’s Netflix offers.

  4. Love Heartland,I am glad we will see season 12 as I have dropped cable but have internet so I can stream now.Love you all.

  5. When will heartland season 12 be aired on up tv in the United States. NOT the streaming service.

    1. According to UP, Heartland season 12 is set to air on UPTV this fall, however, I can’t give you a specific date yet.

  6. Can’t wait and I definitely will be watching. Season 12 sounds wonderful.

  7. Can’t wait to see Heartland season 12. I absolutely adore this show. I just recently started watching the entire seasons from the beginning.

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