Although we still have a ways to go before we will be able to watch Heartland season 13, the production of the new season has begun. Which means that the filming process of the thirteenth season of Heartland has started. And that over the next few months we can expect to see a ton of behind the scenes (BHS) footage from both Heartland’s social media accounts and those belonging to the show’s actors. So, in honor of the beginning of production for Heartland season 13, let’s look at some of the things that have already been shared. And what we can deduct from them.

Amber and Shaun back at work

It all started with Amber Marshall, who plays Amy on the show, and Shaun Johnston aka Grandpa Jack himself sharing some BHS snaps of the Heartland set. First, Amber gave us a glimpse of the Heartland Ranch House.

Which was quickly followed by Shaun sharing a picture of saddle sitting in the Heartland barn, cleverly captioning the photo “Back in the saddle again..”.

And the official Heartland Twitter account posting this video of Alisha Newton, who’s playing Georgie on the show, welcoming us to season 13 of Heartland!

What does this mean? Well, it reassures us that all of our favorite characters will be present for the 10-episode 13th season of the show. Including Amber Marshall, Shaun Johnston, and Alisha Newton. As well as Chris Potter, who plays Tim on the series, Jessica Steen who portrays Jack’s wife Lisa, Lucian-River Mirage, who has taken up the role of the Bartlett-Fleming-Borden-Morris clan’s newest member Luke, and Emmanuella and Ruby Spencer who plays Amy and Ty’s daughter Lyndy. But that’s not all! Because Gabriel Hogan, who plays Peter on the series, shared this fun picture of the Heartland cast during the filming of one of the show’s previous seasons. And in the image’s caption, the Peter Morris portrayer let us know that he’s also heading back to Alberta for Heartland season 13.


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Heading back to Alberta to make some movie magic with these ding-dongs! #heartland #iloveheartland #hlinprod @official_heartlandoncbc

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And we have no doubt that other series regulars will also soon make an appearance in the behind the scenes pics from the Heartland season 13 set. Because the thirteenth season of Heartland wouldn’t be complete without characters like Lou, played by Michelle Morgan, Mitch, portrayed by Kevin McGarry and Wyatt played by Dempsey Bryk. Especially, after where season 12 left us when it comes to fan-favorite couples Lou and Mitch and Georgie and Wyatt.

Will Ty be in Heartland season 13?

But, what about Ty, you ask? Will Graham Wardle be back for Heartland season 13? And therefore will Ty be a part of the upcoming season? And the answer is a resounding yes. Ty will definitely be back at Heartland raising Lyndy and fostering Luke with Amy. Because, as you can see from the video below of Amber and Graham welcoming the fans to Heartland season 13, on Tuesday Graham was back at work filming the new season of Heartland in their Calgary studio.


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Take two! We had some audio issues with this video the first time around but we fixed it for you! Welcome to Heartland Season 13 production! #HLinProd #iloveheartland

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And even horses such as Amy’s horse Spartan, Georgie’s jumping buddy Phoenix and Luke’s favorite Buddy will be back for season 13 of Heartland. Because what would Heartland be without the show’s four-legged stars?

What do we know about the Heartland season 13 filming process?

Finally, thanks to some sneaky behind the scenes pictures from the Heartland season 13 set, we also know who’s directing the first two episodes of Heartland season 13. As well as who penned the second episode of the upcoming season. And what’s the title of that episode. Because the official Heartland Twitter account shared this picture of a slate used for the first of ten episodes of Heartland season 13. Which revealed that the longtime Heartland editor Ken Filewych is stepping into director’s role for the first episode.

While Gabriel Hogan revealed tidbits on episode 2 by sharing a snap of the script for this episode. And the picture let us know that the episode will be called “Wild One” and was written by the seasoned Heartland writer Mark Haroun. Who in the past has written such episodes as Heartland season 11 episode 11 titled “Somewhere in Between” as well as Heartland season 10 episode 17 titled “Dreamer”, and episode 14 titled “Written in the Stars” among others.

And I will end this article with a video, shared by Heartland’s official Facebook account, of Jessica, Shaun and Chris having fun on the set of Heartland season 13, welcoming fans to the new season, and thanking them for watching the show.

So, are you excited that Heartland season 13 filming has begun? I know I am. And, despite us having to wait a long time until we will be able to see season 13 play out on CBC, the fact that the cast and crew of Heartland are back at work and working hard to create this new season gives me comfort that the season is in the works. And gets me excited for what’s to come. Who’s with me?

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