Heartland Season 11 Premiere Date Announced

Well, Heartland fans, it’s official! We finally know the Heartland season 11 premiere date. For the last 4 years, Heartland’s new season has always premiered on the last Sunday of September or on the first Sunday in October, like it was last year, for example. And this year is no different.

So, without further ado, let me announce that the Heartland season 11 premiere date is Sunday, September 24. That’s right, Heartland season 11 will premiere on CBC on the last Sunday of September in its usual time slot of 7 pm.

What do we know about the Heartland season 11 premiere?

We can tell you that the Heartland season 11 episode 1 is titled “Baby on Board”. It’s written by Heather Conkie, who also has been Heartland’s showrunner since day one. And the Heartland season 11 premiere will be directed by a long-time Heartland director Grant Harvey.

Unfortunately, besides this information, we don’t know much about Heartland episode 1101 or about Heartland season 11 as a whole for that matter. So I can’t give you any Heartland season 11 spoilers. Or even a Heartland season 11 preview, since the Heartland season 11 trailer also isn’t out yet.

However, what I can tease is that all the main cast is back for season 11 of Heartland. Everybody from Amy and Ty, to Jack, Tim, Georgie, Lou, Katie, Lisa, and Casey will appear on Heartland season 11.  And even characters like Mitch, Caleb, Cass, Jade, and Wyatt will be back for more. On top of that, Heartland season 11 will also introduce new characters to the mix, because we know that actors like Dana Jeffrey, Kate Drummond, and Lisa Durupt have signed up for guest roles on the newest Heartland season.

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And last but not least, we do know that on Heartland season 11 episode 1 we will learn Amy and Ty’s daughter’s name. As well as meet the little nugget properly. Ain’t this awesome to hear? So let me know what you are looking forward to seeing on Heartland season 11 the most! And as soon as the Heartland season 11 trailer drops, you can be sure that I will tell you about it.


    1. I believe that there are bundles of DVDs of several seasons, however, unfortunately, I don’t think you can purchase all the seasons together.

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