Heartland Sets U.S. Premiere Date for Season 17

The wait is almost over! UP Faith & Family, the premier destination for Heartland fans in the United States, just announced the date for the arrival of the new season.

The beloved Canadian drama that has captured our hearts for years will be back with its 17th season soon, and it will bring more of the family drama, heartwarming moments, and breathtaking landscapes we’ve all come to adore.

When does Heartland season 17 premiere in the US?

Mark your calendars, Heartland fans, because season 17 is premiering on UP Faith & Family on Thursday, April 25th!

This time around, new episodes will be released every week, ready to warm your hearts and satiate your Heartland cravings.

Then, after the fifth episode, there will be a short three-week intermission without any new episodes. Followed by the rest of the season dropping weekly!

But don’t worry; during this break, UP Faith & Family has prepared a special treat for Heartland fans – new and exclusive content that will surely keep the Heartland spirit alive and kicking.

Exclusive content & Heartand FanFest

So, what’s this about all-new exclusive Heartland content?

You read that right! After the fifth episode of Heartland season 17 is released on UP Faith & Family on Thursday, May 23rd, we will get the exclusive recording of the Heartland FanFest.

What’s Heartland FanFest, you ask?

Well, on April 15th, from 2-3 pm ET, UP Faith & Family is hosting a virtual Heartland FanFest expected to be attended by Amber Marshall (Amy), Michelle Morgan (Lou), and Chris Potter (Tim)!

UP Faith & Family is also inviting fans to submit questions on social media so the cast can answer them live. Imagine getting the chance to ask your favorite cast members those burning questions you’ve had. Amazing!

On top of a chat with Amber, Michelle, and Chris, there will also be a sneak peek of Heartland season 17, episode 1, before it premieres on UP Faith & Family on April 25th!

If you want to attend the FanFest, register now at HeartlandFanFest.com!

So, to reiterate, Heartand FanFest is happening live on April 15th, and then, a recording of it will be exclusively available for UP Faith & Family subscribers sometime in early June.

How can you watch Heartland on UP Faith & Family?

Wondering how to catch up on Heartland before season 17 premieres?

UP Faith & Family makes it easy.

Whether you’re new to the Heartland saga or revisiting the series, you can watch all 16 preceding seasons of Heartland and gear up for the 17th on the UP Faith & Family streaming service.

Start with a no-obligation two-week free trial, and then decide on a monthly subscription for $5.99 or an annual one for $49.99 — a steal at about $4.49 a month.

What awaits us in Heartland season 17?

As we gallop into season 17, expect the Bartlett-Fleming family to face new challenges, embark on thrilling new adventures, and nurture fresh relationships, all while staying true to their roots in the picturesque Rockies of Hudson, Alberta.

Life at Heartland is as eventful as ever, with dreams being chased and unexpected turns at every corner. But one thing remains constant – the family’s unwavering bond and their commitment to the land and each other.

Heartland season 17 promises to be a rollercoaster of emotions, showcasing the strength of family and the beauty of perseverance. With executive producers Michael Weinberg, Tom Cox, Jordy Randall, and Mark Haroun at the helm, alongside a talented team of writers and directors, this season is set to be one of the most memorable yet.

Eager to dive into the new adventures of the Bartlett-Fleming family?

Don’t miss out on Heartland season 17, premiering April 25th on UP Faith & Family.

And remember, whether it’s your first time visiting the ranch or you’re a returning viewer, there’s always a place for you in the Heartland family.

So saddle up because season 17 is about to take us on another unforgettable journey through love, loss, and the unwavering strength of family.

And if you can’t wait to see season 17 and want to know what happened during it right this second, then catch up on my recaps of Heartland season 17 and other previous seasons by tapping on the Recaps tab in our menu!

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