Conviction Season 1 Episode 11 Review

As we near the ending of Conviction season 1 the writers seemingly are determined to give us more and more information on our main characters as well as to make us happy by moving forward with the Hayes and Conner romance. Add a chilling story of a serial killer to it and you have yourself a great episode. If you want to find more of my thoughts on Conviction season 1 episode 11, then keep on reading this review.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

Case of the week

This episode the CIU tackled a pretty frightening case. They were reviewing the conviction of a man, Clark Sims, who was thought to be a serial killer nicknamed the Black Orchid Killer (BOK).

After another murder, whose MO matched that of the BOK, Wallace forced Hayes and her team to work together with NYPD and Detective Nick Cestero to find out if this is a copy-cat crime or if they put the wrong person away. The CIU reviewed the conviction of the previously thought killer, while Detective Cestero investigated the current murder.

In the end it turned out that Clark, although an odd man, wasn’t the killer. The BOK actually was one of the witnesses that placed the newest suspect Joe in the crime scene. So Maxine and Detective Cestero went to the killer’s apartment and found out that he was going back to find the victim, who managed to escape. But the woman shot the killer herself and now BOK case was really over.

The Tess twist

In previous episodes usually Hayes was the one, who bonded with the convicts, whose cases CIU was reviewing. But this time around it was Tess, who formed a special bond with Clark.

Early on in the episode Tess revealed her co-workers, that she have researched serial killer’s extensively. After she witnessed her aunt’s murder, Tess wanted to find out more about the psychology behind killing someone. And it apparently lead her to become quite the expert in serial killers. So when she went to Clark, she was able to deduct, that he wasn’t the killer and that the only reason he confessed to being the BOK is that he didn’t want his routine to change.

It was interesting to finally see Tess so proactive and invested in a case. And that also lead us to find out more about her as a person and as a lawyer. We saw her profiling skills and even Hayes admitted, that Tess’s skill set is really useful to the CIU.


Probably my favorite thing about this Conviction season 1 episode 11 was Hayes’s and Conner’s relationship and how they finally decided to commit to one and another.

In early Conviction episodes we saw the sparring that they both did on daily basis. And we also saw a possible romance, which was cut short. But I am glad it was, as it seems like now it is really the right time for them to be together.

Now they both seems committed to make their relationship work and to really make sure that they don’t break up because of some work related argument. And as awkward of their attempts were, to try and talk about anything but work, it was great to watch. It showed that two people can be in a relationship and successfully work together and that there is no such thing as normal relationship. I really hope they last until the end of the season, because it would be nice to know that this couple remains together even when the show ends.

Last thoughts on Conviction season 1 episode 11

But am I the only one who feels like the story lines of Maxine using pain killers again, Tess telling Matty who she is, Sam’s relationship with the reporter and Frankie visiting his cell mate have just dissipated? I though these were pretty important character arcs, that hopefully will be solved at least somewhat in the last two episodes of this TV series. Because there is nothing worse than a TV show ending with many unanswered questions.

Episode highlights:

• Tess admitting her obsession with serial killers to the team
• Tess bonding with Clark Sims
• hints about Maxine’s and the Detective’s past
• Hayes’s and Conner’s romance and blooming relationship this episode
• their awkward attempts to talk about anything other than work
• Hayes praising Tess
• Clark Sims getting back his freedom

Episode let-downs:

• the team not respecting Tess’s opinion on the BOK case at first
• Clark Sims saying that he is the BOK just to retain his routine
• the Detective harassing the suspect Joe

Quote of the episode:
Tess: “I’m kind of into serial killers.”
Sam: “Wow!”
Tess: “I’ve read a lot about them.”
Maxine: “Note to self, do not stay late in the office with blondie.”

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