Well, that’s it, folks. At least for now, because the latest Heartland episode was the final episode of Heartland season 10. However, now that we know that Heartland has been renewed for season 11, we can be happy about the episode and how it ended rather than sad. I don’t really think that this season ender needs much more of an introduction, so without further ado, let’s recap what happened on Heartland season 10 episode 18.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

Ty’s condition

While episode 17 did end with the doctor telling Ty and Amy, that he will make a full recovery, at the beginning of Heartland season 10 episode 18 Ty was still in the hospital. But it wasn’t because he was still sick. Rather the doctors were extra cautious and were doing additional tests to make sure that Ty really is one hundred percent healthy again. But it didn’t stop Ty from going stir-crazy in the hospital and Amy from worrying about her husband and if he will make it to the birth of their child.

Luckily, Ty has great friends, who won’t allow Ty miss their wedding or the birth of his child. So Caleb, dressed in scrubs, waltzed into the hospital and broke Ty out of there. Only to deliver him to Heartland, where he could finally spend some alone time with his wife. And the next morning it was finally Cass and Caleb’s big day, now that Caleb’s best man was able to attend the wedding. But everything didn’t go as smooth as they wanted, because just as Amy, Ty, and Caleb were arriving at the church, Amy went into labor.

It’s a girl

So Ty and Amy, who was determined to give birth in the loft, rushed back to Heartland, followed by Lou and Peter. And it was a frenzy, to say the least. Lou was panicking over Amy delivering her child at home and trying to get a hold of their midwife. Tim was trying to be Amy’s coach since he went to the prenatal classes with Amy. Meanwhile, Ty was beside his wife, supporting her and trying to help any way he could. And a while later, Amy and Ty’s daughter was born.

The joy on everybody’s faces, who were gathered in the barn to wait for the arrival of the newest Heartland family member, once they heard the baby’s first cries was such a heartfelt, joyful moment. Everybody was there from Jack and Lisa to Lou and Tim and even the newlyweds Cass and Caleb. And it wasn’t even the end of the episode. That’s how you do season endings, people.

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The groom

Speaking of Cass and Caleb, they now are officially married, but even on the day of their wedding, it took some doing. Not only Amy went into labor as they were arriving at the church, but Caleb also almost drove away from his own wedding and with Amy and Ty to their home in his excitement. Caleb truly was the comic relief of this episode, more so than he usually is.

I really loved how Heartland writers let Caleb and Kerry James, who plays the character, shine on Heartland season 10 episode 18. The episode in a lot of ways was Caleb’s episode. Not only because of the wedding but also because we saw Caleb really grow up, get married and ask Tim for a full-time job. And to squeeze this amazing Caleb storyline between everything else that was going on was truly appreciated.

Ghost is back

Among all the craziness that was Heartland season 10 episode 18, they still also managed to portray a horse-centric story line, since horses and people’s relationships with horses are such essential parts of the Heartland DNA. And this time around it was all about a horse that we know and love – Ghost.

If in the past Ghost usually was the bearer of bad news then this episode finally changed that. Although at first, Amy worried that something will happen to Ty again, since he still had to wait for test results all through this Heartland episode, by the end of the episode it was clear that Ghost actually brought good news. Moreover, he almost was a patron saint of Amy and Ty’s newborn baby. And I think that is a beautiful way to look at it because I really showcase the bond that can exist between a human and a horse.

On top of that, the whole plot of Georgie wanting to gentle Ghost and actually trying to do so even further solidified my suspicion that in season 11 Georgie will most likely have an even bigger involvement with client horses. And that is something I really would like to see.

[Love?] Triangle

Finally, in between all other things that were happening on Heartland season 10 episode 18 we also saw a few unexpected developments in story lines related to Lou. Firstly, we saw how her Maggie’s 2.0 endeavor ending, as well as saw some less than pleasant evolution in the relationship between Lou and Mitch.

In the previous episode, we already saw that Lou was struggling to keep her Maggie’s in New York dream alive. And Peter came to the rescue, offering to get in touch with an investor buddy of his. But, of course, that investor refused to finance the project without Peter also being a partner in this deal. So in this episode, after the new investor backed out, too, Peter offered Lou to put money into Lou’s business himself. Which left Lou with a difficult decision.

And by the end of this Heartland season 10 ending episode we saw Lou tell Peter that she won’t take money from him because it didn’t feel right. It was probably partly because f what Lisa told her, and partly because of Mitch since he wasn’t found of Lou and Peter being business partners. But unfortunately, even that didn’t save Lou and Mitch’s relationship. After Mitch saw Lou and Peter leave Cass and Caleb’s wedding together in a hurry and thinking that they left to hook up not to go help Amy, he packed up his trailer and left.

It was truly one of the most unexpected twists of this episode. Especially if you count the way Lou found out Mitch had left. And it also became the biggest cliffhanger of the episode, making waiting for Heartland season 11 that much harder.

Last thoughts on Heartland season 10 episode 18

This episode in a lot of ways felt almost like the show’s ending, which it probably was for a while before the announcement of season 11 came. Amy and Ty became parents starting a whole new life together. Cass and Caleb got married. And the rest of the characters with the exception of Lou were happy by the end of the episode.

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But even if it would make for a great series finale, nevertheless, I am still so happy that Heartland got another season. Now we will be able to experience this new chapter of Heartland character’s lives together with them. And all that is left to be said is, thank you for an amazing season Heartland! And fall can’t come fast enough.

Episode highlights:

• Ghost’s return to Heartland
• scenes between Amy and Caleb
• Caleb asking Tim for a job and Tim eventually agreeing
• the nurse thinking that Amy and Caleb were married
• Caleb breaking Ty out of the hospital
• Georgie and Jack going after Ghost
• Georgie trying to gentle Ghost
• Cass and Caleb getting married
• the excitement around Amy having the baby
• finally meeting Amy and Ty’s daughter
• Ty being 100% healthy
• Lou deciding not to let Peter invest in her business
• Georgie letting Ghost go

Episode low points:

• the relationship between Lou and Mitch crumbling
• Mitch leaving

Quote of the episode:
Amy: Ty! They let you out! This is amazing! They did release you, right?
Ty: Well, not exactly.
Amy: You went AWOL? Are you crazy?
Caleb: Yes I am!

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