Heartland Season 11 Episode 3 Review

Another Sunday, another Heartland episode. And this one was about decisions because a lot of the characters made bigger or smaller decisions during it. So without further ado, here is my Heartland season 11 episode 3 recap.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

One or the other

If Heartland episode 1102 delved deep into Georgie’s past, then Heartland season 11 episode 3 was all about looking to the future, since during it Georgie had to make a huge decision about her future.

The episode started with Georgie trying to balance both being on the Extreme Team and prepping to jump Flame in the Okotoks show. And it wasn’t easy. Especially since she was pressured from both sides. Val was going on about crazy training schedules and competitions. While Olivia asked Georgie to be Extreme Team co-captains together. So what did Georgie do? She, not wanting to quit either of her passions, tried to do both. But, unfortunately, it quickly became clear that that won’t be possible, especially since Georgie got hurt while practicing a trick with Olivia.

And when Val found out about Georgie’s accident, she issued an ultimatum to Georgie – either quit the Extreme Team and train with Flame full-time. Or stay on the Extreme Team and forget about jumping Flame and Olympic dreams. So, naturally, Georgie had an extremely hard yet important decision to make. And given how much of Heartland season 10 was about Georgie and the Extreme Team, for a moment there I kind of thought that she is going to choose that.

However, that wasn’t the case! Because after weighing all the pros and cons Georgie came to a decision to leave the Extreme Team so she could fully concentrate on show jumping. Which means that we will not only see more of Georgie on Flame but also see more of Amy acting as Georgie’s coach. And I think it is an exciting new role that Amy is taking up this season, besides being a mom, of course.

Tim’s frustrations

The other big storyline on Heartland season 11 episode 3 was focused on Tim’s rodeo school. Because in the episode we not only saw Tim struggling with working together with Caleb. But we also saw Jade go through her own struggles that included new competition and bulldogging.

It seems that ever since Tim took on Caleb as a partner for his rodeo school in the Heartland season 10 finale, business was booming. But, despite that, Tim still found something to be annoyed about. Two things, actually. First that the new rodeo hopefuls were there mostly because of Caleb and his rodeo fame. Secondly, Tim wasn’t very impressed with Caleb’s milder teaching methods. And it got to a point where Tim actually almost fired Caleb.

Luckily, after Tim showed off for his new students and Caleb gave a speech to them about how Tim was Caleb’s hero growing up, Tim just couldn’t fire him. So, I guess Tim will just have to get over Caleb’s newer, more modern attitude towards business and ways of teaching. Because, I think they really do make an amazing team, and that could open a lot of doors for Tim’s rodeo school.

Jealous Jade

While Tim was agonizing over how Caleb runs his rodeo school, Jade was trying to learn bulldogging.

Earlier in the episode, another girl, Avery, showed off her bulldogging skills, which were much better than Jade’s. And Jade being Jade got jealous of the attention Avery was getting so she asked Tim to teach her bulldogging one on one. But, since Tim was going through his own hurdles, he made Jade learn the hard way – by wrestling a real steer from the get-go until she got the hang of it. Not by slowly getting the right method down, like Caleb was teaching the rest of the rodeo school students.

In the end Jade successfully wrestled down a steer in front of everybody, proving that she still has it. But I think the best part about this storyline was how afterward Jade apologized to Avery about being rude and even suggested them trying out team roping together. So hopefully, we will be seeing more women kicking ass and taking names in the male-dominated sports that is rodeo, besides Jade on this season of Heartland.

Mitch is back, Mitch is back

And the third big storyline of the episode had a lot to do with Mitch, because by the end of Heartland season 11 episode 3, Mr. Cutty was back working in Heartland, but in a different way than before.

At the start of the episode, we saw Mitch meeting Jack in town and Jack inviting him to dinner. And, after Mitch realized that Lou is still in New York, he gladly accepted. Which led to Mitch overhyping his new job and Jack realizing that Mitch isn’t actually happy with it. So, after the two men went to check the fences together, and Mitch finally admitted that he kind of hated his new job, Jack proposed an idea to Mitch. To come back to Heartland and work for Jack again.

Well, not for Jack but rather with Jack. Meaning that the Heartland patriarch asked Mitch to become his cattle business partner. And Mitch eagerly accepted. So it appears that my previous predictions were right, and we will indeed be seeing Mitch back in Heartland on more permanent basis. I wonder what Lou thinks about this. Hopefully, we will get our answer in one of the next episodes.

Last thoughts on Heartland season 11 episode 3

I love that Heartland season 11 continues to explore all the ups and downs of being new parents. And this episode, in particular, showed us a glimpse of some of the not so glamorous parts of parenthood. Because it does involve a lot of worrying, some sleepless nights and messiness.

Yet, they also followed it up with some truly beautiful moments that, although might not convince Cass and Caleb to have kids anytime soon, did convince me that Amy and Ty are the cutest parents on television! Am I right, guys?

Episode highlights:

• Georgie jumping Flame
• Amy stepping into the role of Georgie’s coach easily
• Caleb being excited about being partners with Tim
• Tim being annoyed about Caleb’s teaching methods
• Avery showing off her bulldogging skills
• Caleb and Cass paying more attention to Lyndy than to Amy and Ty
• Amy and Ty being adorable parents
• Cass and Caleb being adorable godparents
• Adam still caring about Georgie
• Amy showing Olivia how it’s done
• Jade asking Tim to teach her bulldogging one on one
• Mitch being just a tad bit too keen on helping Jack at the ranch
• Amy and Ty worrying about Lyndy’s fever
• Tim teaching Jade bulldogging
• Val saying how adorable Jack is with little Lyndy
• Tim showing off his bulldogging skills
• Caleb’s speech about Tim
• Jade nailing that run
• the possibly budding friendship between Jade and Avery
• Cass explaining to Amy and Ty why she and Caleb are waiting to have children
• Mitch officially being back in Heartland as Jack’s new business partner
• Olivia being a bit too excited about Georgie quitting Extreme Team
• the end dinner scene

Episode low points:

• Jade being jealous of Avery
• Tim almost firing Caleb
• Georgie getting hurt and having to quit the Extreme Team

Quote of the episode:
Caleb: “Hey, it’s not funny. Tim Fleming is a living legend. He just did a perfect run. I get that you weren’t born when Tim was in his prime, but I grew up with his poster on my wall. Because he’s the best. That’s who you have as a coach. Don’t take it for granted.”
Tim: “Well, I’m touched, Caleb. You know I had a Farrah Fawcett poster on my wall, but, whatever polishes your buckle.”

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