Heartland Season 11 Episode 7 Review

The latest Heartland episode delivered us four distinctive storylines that had everything from road trips and art to parenting issues and, of course, horses. So, without further ado, here is my Heartland season 11 episode 7 recap.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

Old friends return

One of the four main storylines of Heartland season 11 episode 7 was the return of old family friends. If you have been watching Heartland from the start, then you probably will remember Ian and Mackenzie’s wedding in season 2 episode 12 that took place on the Dude Ranch pier. After all, it was pretty unforgettable, what with Ian showing up in full on knight’s armor. And on this Heartland episode, the pair was back in Hudson, vacationing in the Dude Ranch with their son Grayson.

As it turned out Grayson is autistic, which has put quite a strain on both Mackenzie and Ian’s relationship and lives. So after seeing the couple struggle and talking to Ian about horses and equine therapy, Amy offered Mackenzie to give Grayson riding lessons. But Mackenzie refused, worrying about Grayson’s safety. Even after Amy reassured her that it is completely safe and that horses can do wonders for kids with special needs.

Yet, Amy didn’t give up. She decided to change her tactics and invite Mackenzie for a trail ride, during which Amy took another stab at trying to convince Mackenzie of allowing Grayson take riding lessons, now that Makenzie herself knows the horse Chance (remember him from season 10’s episodes 9 and 10?) that Amy would use for the lessons. But, unfortunately, their talk was interrupted by Brick showing up and telling Amy that he lost Katie. More on that later.

In the end, Makenzie came around and let Amy give Grayson a riding lesson because she saw Grayson go up to Chance and seemingly connect to the horse. And afterward, Grayson even connected to Katie and Brick, which previously was hard for him. That only solidified the fact that horses and people’s connection to them can do wonders.

Parenting struggles

The second storyline of Heartland season 11 episode 7 heavily focused on Peter and his parenting struggles. As we saw on last week’s episode, Lou made the decision to leave Katie in Heartland with Jack while she’s away in New York. And on this episode, we saw Peter back in Heartland and trying to fill Lou’s shoes when it comes to raising his daughters.

With Georgie it was easy. All it took was letting her go on a road trip with Wyatt and she was happy. But Katie was a whole different story. Since Katie is used to spending so much time with Lou and used to Lou doing everything a certain way, Peter had a hard time connecting with Katie. And it was not like he didn’t try. He really did. But since Lou was around, Katei just wasn’t satisfied.

Luckily, by the end of the episode, Peter had a breakthrough in his relationship with Katie. Of course, it was after Katie got lost in the woods, because her horse got spooked and ran away during her and Brick’s trail ride, and Peter found her scared, sitting under a tree. But nevertheless, the father-daughter duo managed to connect again. Now we will just have to wait and see if this connection lasts. Or if Katie will continue her tantrums caused by missing her mom.

I have to say I loved this storyline with Peter and Katie. Because, it not only allowed us to see Peter in a very fatherly role, which is something that we haven’t really seen that much of in previous few Heartland seasons. But it also beautifully depicted a problem that many divorced parents struggle with. And showed that it does get better.

Three is a crowd

For Georgie, this Heartland episode was all about road trips and confusion when it comes to her relationship with Wyatt.

On last week’s episode, we saw Wyatt dedicate a song to Georgie, followed by them holding hands. So you would think that the road trip in Heartland season 11 episode 7 was kind of like their first date. And at first, it really seemed like that will be the case, since Adam declined to go with Wyatt to the Gopher Hole Museum in Torrington, while Georgie accepted. But once the day of the road trip actually rolled around, it quickly became clear that it wasn’t really a date. More like an awkward friend’s trip.

It really threw Georgie for a loop, since she also thought that the road trip was Wyatt’s way of asking her on a date. And as the road trip progressed, Georgie became more and more confused about Wyatt’s behavior. Especially after Adam told her that Wyatt had shown up at his house and refused to leave until Adam agreed to come with them on the trip.

Of course, they did have fun at the museum once they managed to get in thanks to Georgie and her knowledge of how small towns work. But it didn’t really make the drive any less awkward. Fortunately, Adam gave the nudge Wyatt needed to finally go talk to Georgie when they stopped on their way home. But even that was interrupted by Jen telling Wyatt that Katie is missing.

But don’t fret, the episode did not end with Georgie and Wyatt staying in their awkward phase. After Georgie talked to Lisa about Wyatt, she went to the barbeque, they talked and Wyatt even kissed Georgie. So it looks like their relationship might finally be on the right track.

The unexpected gift

Last but not least, the eldest generation also got their own storyline on Heartland season 11 episode 7. And luckily, this time around it was much lighter and funnier than Jack and Lisa’s storylines from the past few episodes.

Now that the two have resolved their issues with living together and have really settled into living under one roof, hilarity ensued after the couple received a housewarming gift from Aunt Evelyn (remember her from Heartland season 10 episode 5?).

Aunt Evelyn decided to gift Jack and Lisa a painting from a painter that she claimed was Lisa’s favorite artist. Yet, since Lisa was on a trip and wasn’t there when Jack received the piece of art, therefore she couldn’t tell Jack that that actually wasn’t the case, Jack felt like he had no other choice but to hang the painting up. Even though it looked like a five-year-old had painted it.

So when Lisa returned home and saw Evelyn’s gift, she was surprised, to say the least. Because not only the creator of the painting wasn’t her favorite artist. Lisa also found the painting hideous. And after a few days, she couldn’t take it anymore. She took down the painting, explaining, that although it was sweet that Jack hung the painting up to try and make Lisa feel at home, the painting just did not belong in their living room. And in storage it went, so they can bust it out when Evelyn comes for a visit.

It’s great how the Heartland writers can give Jack and Lisa both funny and serious storylines and all of them just work. It truly shows not only how good of actors Shaun Johnston and Jessica Steen are. But also highlights Jack and Lisa’s characters and how well they have been developed.

Last thoughts on Heartland season 11 episode 7

One of my absolute favorite parts of the episode was Jen barging in the kitchen and taking Peter by surprise with her fast talking. The scene was so funny and entertaining. Yet, it somehow also felt more than that.

It felt almost like the beginning of something between Jen and Peter. Will it be just a friendship and comradery over them trying to reconnect with their children? Or will it grow into something more? Time will only tell. But I have to say, I wouldn’t be mad about Jen and Peter getting together. Maybe not right away, since Jen just lost her husband. But by the end of the season or in season 12 if Heartland is renewed? Sure, why not? What do you think about this pairing?

Finally, from the looks of things, Ty will finally be back in Heartland starting next episode. Because during his and Amy’s video chat, Amy mentioned that there is only one sleep until they are reunited. Which makes me so happy, because it means we get more Amy and Ty family cuteness starting next episode. As well as, hopefully, some Ty-specific storylines.

Episode highlights:

• Wyatt’s excitement about the Gopher Museum
• Jack and Peter’s reaction to the painting Aunt Evelyn gifted them
• Peter trying to do Katie’s hair
• Amy and Georgie’s reaction to the painting
• Jen and Peter’s meeting and Peter’s reaction to Jen
• Peter meeting Wyatt
• Jen giving Peter advice on kids
• Lisa’s reaction to the painting
• Amy and Makenzie going on a ride together
• Georgie figuring out how to get into the museum
• the montage at the gopher museum
• Adam telling Wyatt to go talk to Georgie
• Makenzie and Ian talking about their situation
• Peter finding Katie
• Grayson’s riding lesson
• Lisa taking down the painting
• Amy and Ty’s video chat
• Georgie and Lisa’s conversation
• Grayson bonding with Katie and Brick
• Wyatt kissing Georgie

Episode low points:

• Kate getting lost
• Wyatt asking Adam to come on the road trip

Quotes of the episode:
Georgie: (about the painting) “Katie could have done a better job at painting.”
Amy: “You know, maybe it would look better in the hallway or your bedroom. Somewhere less visible.”
Georgie: “It hurts my eyeballs.”


Jen: (about the painting) “Wow! It’s a real conversation piece, isn’t it?”
Lisa: “Yes, it’s certainly is.”
Jen: “There used to be this elephant at the Calgary Zoo who painted with her trunk. And that kind of reminds me of it. Only she was much more talented.”

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  1. This is my favorite show I could watch constantly please keep making this show I can’t wait to see the next one thank you

    1. Unfortunately, I am not involved in the making of Heartland. But from what I have read on the official Heartland blog, there is a pretty solid chance that Heartland will be coming back for season 12.

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