Heartland Season 13 Episode 3 Review

This episode featured the long-awaited flashbacks to Jack’s youth. As well as some sneaking around from Lou and Mitch. Scheming from Caleb and Ty. And pro roping from Amy and Jade. Want to know just what I’m talking about? Then keep on reading this recap of Heartland season 13 episode 3 titled “Rearview Mirror”.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

Ongoing treatment

At the start of the episode, we saw Jade show off her new roping horse Ringo to Georgie. However, as soon as Ringo got into the box he became out of control, which was weird because the horse was a pro at roping and had seemed calm when Jade bought him. So, the two decided to ask Amy for help. After all Jade and one of her rodeo school buddies had entered the Hudson team-roping jackpot that was happening that weekend and she was hoping to use Ringo to win the competition.

Amy took a look and realized that something was indeed wrong with Ringo. A few vertebrae in Ringo’s back was out of place. Which not only meant that Ringo was in constant pain. But also that Jamie Wilcox, the broker from whom Jade bought Ringo, had definitely sedated Ringo for the sale.

Luckily, Amy and Ty were able to help Ringo. And Amy even showed Jade how to massage Ringo’s back. However, Ringo’s condition meant that Jade will have to put a lot of money into Ringo’s care if she wants to use him for roping. Because the horse is going to need continues treatment. And since Jamie refused to give Jade her money back it meant that Jade definitely got the short end of the stick by buying Ringo. At least money-wise.

Justice served

That did not sit well with Caleb. So, he decided to do something about it.

When Caleb saw that Jamie has put yet another horse up for auction, he called Jamie faking interest in the animal. And once Caleb looked at the horse and lured Jamie inside to talk business Ty jumped out of Caleb’s truck bed to take a blood sample and prove once and for all that Jamie Wilcox was drugging problem horses to sell them for profit.

The whole ordeal didn’t go as smoothly as they had hoped for. Ty dropped the blood sample and didn’t have time to pick it up as Caleb and Jamie were coming back out. Which meant that Caleb had to improvise to retrieve the blood sample from the ground. And Ty had to hide in Jamie’s barn. But in the end, the two managed to get the sample to Scott and prove that Jamie was, indeed, sedating his horses.

They confronted Jamie about it and made it clear to him that either he stops drugging his horses or Ty and Caleb will bring their findings to the authorities. Which would mean a ban from auction houses and therefore a loss of business for Jamie.

On top of that, the treatments Amy and Cassandra did to Ringo helped with the pain and Jade was able to compete in the jackpot on Ringo after all. With Amy by her side no less. And the women brought home both the shiny new belt buckles and the big fat check Jade was itching to win. Meaning that in the end, Jamie really was the only one who lost when it came to Ringo. Justice was served, horses were saved, and money was deserved.

The Mitch debacle

This Heartland episode also saw Lou and Katie finally returning home after being away for a while on their trip to Europe. And with Lou came Mitch as well. However, instead of enjoying being in the same place again all episode Lou and Mitch were sneaking around just to keep their relationship from Katie.

It got so far that Mitch was sneaking in and out through Lou’s window. And despite Amy telling Lou that what they’re doing is ridiculous, Lou was determined to keep her relationship a secret until she found the courage to talk to Katie about it. Yet, when Jack almost shot Mitch one evening as he was climbing into Lou’s room through the window it became clear to Lou and Mitch that it was time for them to stop sneaking around. Which meant that Lou had to tell Katie about her new relationship.

So, two awkward conversations later. One with Mitch about their future together during which Mitch expressed his wish to move in with Lou into their own place. And one with Katie and Georgie during which Katie revealed that she already knew that Mitch is Lou’s boyfriend. Lou and Mitch could officially stop sneaking around like two teenagers and actually start thinking about what’s next for them.

June’s story

Finally, this recap of Heartland season 13 episode 3 wouldn’t be complete without me mentioning the flashbacks of Jack’s youth that the show has been teasing since episode 1 of this season.

It all started with Luke going into the root cellar underneath the ranch house without permission and finding an old box belonging to none other than June Bartlett. But, once Luke brought it to the house and showed it to Jack, Jack blew up on Luke and walked out. Because, as it turned out, June was Jack’s sister who died when she was young. So, during the episode via smartly-placed flashbacks, we finally saw June’s story.

The flashbacks revealed that Jack and June grew up with a drunk for a dad. One who hit Jack just because he announced that he’s leaving Heartland to try his hand at American rodeos. However, despite their dad’s resentment, June wanted Jack to go. She even worked on Jack’s horse Scout, much like Amy does on the show, to get him ready for the rodeos in return for Jack promising to take her to see the Grand Ole Opry once he earns some money down in Nashville.

Yet, Jack leaving meant that June had to pick up slack at the ranch. And their dad even let her help with ranch work by driving the stone-boat. However, while collecting fallen branches June had an accident. She fell off the stone-boat and was violently dragged behind it. And by the time their dad was able to catch up to the stone-boat June had already passed.

This meant that Jack, as he revealed to Amy during their ride, blames himself for his sister’s death. And I have a feeling that we will be seeing Jack wrestling with this guilt next episode as well.

Last thoughts on Heartland season 13 episode 3

I loved how in this episode Katie finally had her own storyline and quite a lot of dialogue as well. Granted, it was about being jealous of Luke getting his own room while she has to share a nursery with Lyndy. And then ignoring Luke’s attempts at befriending her by asking for riding pointers. But nonetheless, it was great seeing one of the youngest Heartland family members taking center stage during the episode. Even if it was just for a little bit.

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Finally, make sure you tune in next Sunday for episode 4 of season 13. Because by the looks of the preview that you can see below it’s going to be a big one. After all, it will feature a tornado heading towards Heartland, Jack continuing to cope with the memories of June and Ty trying to fix something.

Quote of the episode

Lou: “Okay, so here it goes. The thing is… The thing is Mitch and I…”
Katie: “He’s your boyfriend.”
Lou: “You knew?”
Katie: “Uh, hello, you kept on sending him all these kissy face emojis when we were away. Kind of obvious.”
Georgie: “Busted.”

Promo for Heartland season 13 episode 4

And here is the preview of the next episode, Heartland season 13 episode 4 titled “The Eye of the Storm”:


  1. I wish we could get the Canadian station. (I live in the states) Season 12 just got finished here. I’m going crazy waiting for the next seasons! I’m bummed they are only doing 10-11 episodes! They used to do like 18 I wonder why they cut it down so much? This is my absolute favorite show ever!! It’s the kind of life I could only dream about.!

    1. It could be because of a lot of reasons from budgetary restrictions to cast availability and so on. And although it’s sad that we only get 10 episodes this season, it’s better than no more seasons at all. 🙂

  2. Looks very interesting. Can’t wait for next Sunday. Hope Ty not in trouble with what needs fixing.

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