Top 16 Scripted and Documentary TV Shows About Stalkers

Stalking, no matter the context, is never justifiable, and nor should it ever be romanticized, and the shows on this list are a stark reminder always to be vigilant.

Through intense storytelling and powerful character portrayals, these TV shows reveal the shocking reality of stalking and highlight the psychological pain experienced by victims and perpetrators alike.

So, here’s a list of both scripted and documentary TV shows about stalkers that offers a raw, unfiltered insight into the disturbing motivations and tactics of the obsessive.


Stalker, CBS (2014 – 2015)

Stalker is CBS’ gripping drama that revolves around the inner workings of the LAPD’s Threat Assessment Unit, which is tasked with investigating and apprehending stalkers.

Led by seasoned detectives Jack Larsen and Lt. Beth Davis, the team solves several shocking cases involving victims of obsessive and violent stalking.

The team struggles with personal issues while protecting and supporting those threatened by a ruthless and dangerous obsession.

And Davis’ own history with stalking and the tragedies that it brought to her past and her family make her perfect for the job, although not without difficulties along the way.

You, Lifetime/Netflix (2018 – present)

You follows the unsettling journey of charming bookstore manager Joe Goldberg as he falls in love with author Guinevere Beck.

Joe is so obsessed with her that he stalks her and uses devious tactics to interfere in her life, completely unbeknownst to her – although viewers are privy to it every step of the way. He even manages to meticulously coordinate events to remove any obstacles that might hinder the relationship.

As he becomes more unhinged, Joe’s erratic behavior and willingness to take extreme measures become more and more apparent, and the lines between love and lust become blurred.

Eye Candy, MTV (2015)

Lindy Sampson is a young tech genius who dropped out of MIT despite her massive potential. MTV’s crime drama Eye Candy sets Lindy in the spotlight, and viewers meet her right as she decides to do a totally normal, young adult thing: online dating.

However, her life changes dramatically when she discovers that one of the people she met online could be a deadly cyberstalker who might be connected to a string of unsolved murders.

With the help of her friends and colleagues, all of whom are equally skilled hackers, Lindy embarks on a dangerous hunt to identify her stalker and bring him to justice.

She ends up working alongside the NYPD and may even solve the mystery of her sister’s kidnapping.

Obsession: Dark Desires, Investigation Discovery (2014 – 2020)

Somewhere between biographies and scripted documentaries in terms of the show’s format, Obsession: Dark Desires presents a dramatized collection of true stories that describe the terrifying experiences of people suffering from intense and often dangerous obsessions.

Each episode explores the tragic stories of innocent victims trapped by evil stalkers and cunning predators. From their first meeting to the growing threat, the series offers a visceral exploration of the psychological pain experienced by those with obsessions.

Through first-hand accounts and expert opinions, Obsession: Dark Desires illuminates the horrific reality of stalking behavior and the profound emotional and psychological impact it has on victims’ lives.

These stories may be dramatic reenactments, but they don’t remove the harrowing experiences of the victims behind each story.

Stalk, Apple TV+ (2019)

Our first foreign series is France’s Stalk, which borders on themes of revenge, cyberstalking, and cyberbullying.

The series places yet another tech genius as the anti-hero main character: Lucas (online alias Lux), a very gifted 18-year-old freshman at one of the top engineering schools in the country.

After he is humiliated by the school’s most popular students at his first college party, he vows to use his strengths in hacking and cyberstalking to exact his revenge.

He hacks into all of their devices, including his crush Alma’s, and uses their best-kept secrets to make his way into their inner circle and manipulate them from within. Lucas gets his revenge, but at what cost?

Stalkers, Vivamax (2023)

Rarely are we able to feature a series from the Philippines, but a very recent one titled Stalkers makes the list this time!

The four-episode miniseries premiered just earlier in 2023 and features a cast of veterans and fairly fresh faces in the industry.

The stalker in question is Harry, who forms an intense obsession with the beautiful Apple, familiarizing himself with every part of her routine.

He begins to follow her everywhere under the guise of “making sure she’s always safe”. What he doesn’t know, however, is that it’s his own life he’s putting in danger as he gets closer and closer to his target.

Lisey’s Story, Apple TV+ (2021)

Lisey’s Story is adapted from Stephen King’s novel of the same name. It follows Lisey Landon, the widow of a famous and troubled novelist, as she navigates the aftermath of her husband’s death.

As she sorts through her late husband’s belongings, Lisey discovers disturbing secrets about his past and becomes the target of a dangerous stalker.

Faced with the haunting memories of her marriage and the persistent threats from the stalker, Lisey must confront her own inner demons while unraveling the mysteries surrounding her husband’s life and work.

Lisey’s Story may be a little slow to start, but it sets up the ominous atmosphere needed to set up the themes of trauma and grief with that creepy feeling of being constantly watched.

Apple Tree Yard, BBC One (2017)

Apple Tree Yard is a British television show based on the novel by Louise Duty. The series revolves around Dr. Yvonne Carmichael, a respected geneticist who begins a passionate relationship with a mysterious stranger.

As their relationship develops, Yvonne becomes entangled in a complex web of deceit and betrayal, with devastating consequences that threaten to destroy her personal and professional life.

During the turmoil of their increasingly complex relationship, Yvonne becomes the target of a cruel stalker, even further complicating her precarious situation.

Secret Bridesmaids’ Business, Seven Network (2019)

Secret Bridesmaid Business is an Australian TV show that follows three best friends as they deal with love, friendship, and betrayal.

Amidst the joy and excitement of one of the girl’s weddings, the friends face dark secrets and past traumas that threaten to destroy their lives when one of the bridesmaids unknowingly brings a man with ill intentions as her plus-one.

As tensions rise and hidden secrets are rediscovered, the three are caught in a web of deceit and manipulation, with dire consequences that shake the foundations of their relationship.

Bon Voyage, Apple TV+ (2006)

Though a British production, Bon Voyage takes viewers through the French countryside on a family trip with the Aldreds. Unfortunately, it’s a trip that they would all probably want to forget!

While driving through rural France, Neil and Elizabeth Aldred and their two kids, Rachel and David, meet another couple named Simon and Linda Holder. However, they’re suspicious of the Holders’ friendliness and later discover that they’re following them as they continue their family trip.

This triggers a series of events that lead to Rachel and David’s kidnapping and the revelation behind the Holders’ obsession with the Aldred family.

The Escape Artist, BBC One (2013)

The Escape Artist is a British television show that shines a spotlight on the life of Will Burton, a criminal defense lawyer known for his incredible ability to obtain acquittals for his clients.

However, his success comes with risks, and Burton’s professional triumph in successfully defending a murder suspect soon has unexpected and dangerous consequences.

When his life becomes intertwined with a former client’s, a dangerous and ruthless stalker appears, driven by revenge and destroying Burton’s seemingly perfect life. This begins a cat-and-mouse chase that shows Burton the complexities of the legal system and the consequences of moral choices as he pursues his own form of retribution.

Pretty Little Liars, Freeform (2010 – 2017)

Pretty Little Liars follows the lives of four teenagers, Aria Montgomery, Hanna Marin, Spencer Hastings, and Emily Fields, whose lives take a drastic turn when their friend, Alison Dee Laurentis, mysteriously disappears.

In the wake of Alison’s disappearance, the girls are tormented by a mysterious entity known as “A” who threatens to reveal their darkest secrets and expose their lives.

With the constant presence of “A” looming over them, the girls must navigate a complex web of lies, deceit, and manipulation while dealing with the consequences of their past actions.



Stalked: Someone’s Watching, Investigation Discovery (2011 – 2014)

Hearing about true stories of stalking can be terrifying and enough to keep any listener always hyper-aware of their surroundings.

Stalking: Someone’s Watching is a documentary series that tells these stories; through in-depth interviews and first-hand accounts, the show documents the tragic stories of the victims, revealing the horrific horrors and emotional trauma of their ruthless persecutors.

It also explores the psychology behind criminals’ obsessions and the devastating impact their actions have on the lives of victims and their loved ones.

Focusing on an emotional and sometimes terrifying story of survival in each episode, the docuseries highlights the complexity of this behavior and the deep psychological trauma experienced by those who are under constant surveillance and threat.

Stalkers Who Kill, Apple TV+ (2015)

The next documentary series, Stalkers Who Kill, explores the disturbing world of people whose obsessions reach deathly proportions.

Through a collection of real events, the show examines the psychological breakdown of stalkers and the terrifying consequences of their actions.

Through detailed reporting and expert analysis, each episode provides an in-depth look into the lives of criminals and their unfortunate victims.

The series exposes the complex dynamics of obsession and its transformative effects, revealing the darkest corners of the human psyche and the devastating trail of destruction left in the wake of these dangerous obsessions.

I Am a Stalker, Netflix (2022)

Netflix’s I Am a Stalker takes a slightly more harrowing perspective on the reality of stalkers than the other documentary series on the list.

Where the previous have mostly focused on the cases told by the victims, I Am a Stalker also features interviews from the perpetrators themselves; thankfully, viewers can take comfort in knowing that these stalkers, though given the platform to tell their versions of the story, are doing so from behind bars.

The show also speaks to the victims, of course, and they are given the chance to share their first-hand experiences and how it has affected their lives in the aftermath.

Stalker Files, Apple TV+ (2017)

This list of TV shows about stalkers tells the stories of regular people, and we don’t often think about how common this type of behavior is displayed towards the rich and famous. Maybe because we think they may have a lot of “extreme” fans, but they’re also well-protected by personal security.

That may be true, but that doesn’t make it any less terrifying of an experience.

The docuseries Stalker Files places one celebrity at the center of each episode, from Jodie Foster to Madonna and even David Letterman.

Viewers learn about the extent of the stalking, and the show also features input from experts in the field to dive deep into the stalkers’ psychology.

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