Heartland Season 13 Episode 4 Review

The long-awaited storm episode is here and it brought all kinds of revelations about our favorite Heartland characters. As well as explained the history behind the iconic Heartland symbol. Want to know more? Then continue reading this Heartland season 13 episode 4 recap!

Warning, spoilers ahead!

The storm’s coming

As promised this episode was all about a big storm heading for Heartland.

At the beginning of the episode, we saw a severe storm warning with a potential tornado activity being issued for the Foothills area. Which sent our characters into preparation mode. Amy and Jack were prepping the barn and releasing horses into the wild. Tim and Ty were boarding up the windows of the ranch house. Luke was watching Lyndy. While Lou, Peter Georgie, and Katie were securing the dude ranch. And everything was going smoothly until it wasn’t.

Luke didn’t understand why Jack and Amy were letting the horses go so he tried to stop them from doing that. Ty went off to confront Kirk once again. Lou and Peter were staging a mini intervention about Georgie not applying to colleges. And on top of that June’s memory was still haunting Jack. All the while the storm was heading right for Heartland.

So how did our characters weather it? Let’s find out, shall we?

Jack and June

On the home front Amy, Tim, Jack, Lyndy, and Luke managed to get to the cellar just in time before the storm hit. However, it seemed that the real storm was actually going inside of Jack. And being locked in the same basement that he was avoiding for an extended period of time was what pushed Jack to finally open up about June to his family.

As he admitted to Amy at the end of the previous episode, Jack blamed himself for June’s death. After all, it was Jack and June against the world. And their dad. But when Jack left, June had to step up and be the one to help their dad run the ranch. Yet, when Jack finally got the courage to read June’s journal thank’s to Amy’s encouragement, he realized that June didn’t resent Jack for going away and leaving her to deal with their father on her own. It was actually the opposite.

Although June was sad to see Jack go, it finally gave her a chance at one day running Heartland. Which meant that she died doing what she loved. And despite the fact that June’s death meant that Jack had to leave his rodeo dreams behind and take care of the ranch, something he didn’t want to do at the time, it meant that he stayed in Heartland. Which made him realize right there in the cellar with the storm raging above his head that June gave him the ultimate gift – the Heartland ranch. And by extension his family.

The Kirk of it

Meanwhile, Ty was out on his own quest – trying to convince Kirk to stop posting hateful comments online and saying what terrible people he and Amy are to anyone who will listen.

It all started at the beginning of Heartland season 13 episode 4 when Ty confronted Kirk at Maggie’s. And since it resulted in Kirk essentially telling the whole diner that Amy is a horse killer Ty was hell-bent on going to Kirk’s and trying to get Kirk to finally stop ruining their reputation. Storm be damned. And although the beginning of Ty trying to smooth things over with Kirk didn’t go so well. In the end, Ty managed to achieve what he set out to do.

Of course, it took Ty and Kirk almost dying when Kirk’s barn’s roof collapsed on them while they were trying to free all of Kirk’s horses. But thanks to Ty they didn’t. They got out just in time before the barn fully collapsed. And managed to save all of the horses, including Sarge. Who actually was Kirk’s late wife’s horse. So, Kirk promised to tell everyone about Ty’s heroics. Which meant that Ty managed to not only survive the real storm. But he also managed to put an end to the disagreement between him and Kirk once and for all.

Hopefully, this means that from here on out we will see Amy and Ty getting back to working with client horses. As well as continuing to build their dream home.

College talk

While the final quartet of family members that were around Heartland during this storm took shelter at the dude ranch. But what began as an intervention for Georgie turned into a heartfelt family moment.

As soon as Peter, Lou, Georgie, and Katie got to the dude ranch and started prepping it for the storm, Lou began trying to bring up college with Georgie. Even if she and Peter agreed to talk about it only if it came up naturally. And Georgie caught up fast. So, by the time they were inside, and the storm was in full swing, Georgie had had enough and asked Lou to cool it with the college talk.

In return, Lou expressed her concern for Georgie’s future and actually ended up admitting that Peter was visiting just so the two of them could talk to Georgie about this. However, Georgie was having none of it. She even flat out asked her parents why she should listen to them about making future decisions when they changed their minds about being together and got a divorce.

Luckily, that broke the tension that had build up between the family. And Georgie could finally tell her parents that she hadn’t submitted her college applications because she didn’t want to choose between college and showjumping. Lou and Peter assured Georgie that she didn’t have to choose one or the other, that she can do both. And they ended up playing board games all through the storm.

So, in the end, Peter and Lou achieved their goal because Georgie finally filled out her college applications. And did it as a strong parenting unit.

Last thoughts on Heartland season 13 episode 4

I loved how at the end of the episode Lou and Peter had a tender moment and said that they still loved each other despite their divorce and them being with other people now. It truly shows that even if you’re not in love with someone anymore, you can still love and care for them.

Now I just have to wonder, did that long look from Peter after Lou said that she loves him and then went to answer Mitch’s call meant that he’s still in love with Lou? Or was he just surprised about Lou’s honesty?

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Finally, it was so great to also learn where the iconic Heartland symbol came from in this episode. Because, as it turned out, it was something that June drew before she passed. So, Jack decided to make that the symbol for Heartland in honor of his sister. And as a way to keep June close to him whenever he went. Pretty fitting for a ranch that’s all about family, isn’t it?

Quotes of the episode

Georgie: “I don’t have all the answers. But is that really so bad? Can you guys really tell me that you always stayed on the right path?”
Lou: “This is not about us!”
Georgie: “No! You can’t sit there and tell me that you haven’t questioned what you wanted in life. Because last time I checked you two are divorced. So you’ve been known to change your minds.”
Lou: *laughing* “It’s a good point.”
Peter: *laughing* “Yeah, it’s true. Well played.”

Tim: “Jack, those things you said about your dad, I had no idea. That his drinking could have cost you the ranch. That you were dealing with all that. Marion never said anything.
Jack: “Well, she didn’t say because she didn’t know. What’s it to you anyway?”
Tim: “I don’t know. I guess maybe it just sheds a little light on why you took such a hard line on me and my addictions all those years ago. Why you wanted Marion to cut me out of her life so completely. I guess maybe I just understand you a bit more.”
Jack: “Yeah? You think so?”
Tim: “Yeah! And I don’t know. One day I might understand you completely.”
Jack: “Well, be careful what you wish for.”

Promo for Heartland season 13 episode 5

And here is the preview for the next episode, Heartland season 13 episode 5 titled “Fairytale”, which airs this Sunday, October 20th:


  1. I love Tim’s brown cowboy hat in this episode. Who makes it? I’d love to get hubby one.

  2. Luke Actually Belongs With Ty And Amy. Because… Luke and lyndy Sometimes Play Together. There Like Brother And Sister. Even Ty And Amy Smile When They See Them Playing Together. So They Need To Start Thinking About Becoming Luke’s REAL Parents. So They Can Become One Whole Family Together.

    1. It’s not that simple, Daniel, because Luke’s mom is still around and is working hard to get better and be able to take care of Luke again. In fact, it seems that episode 5 of season 13 will be much about Luke’s mom wanting to take back custody of Luke from Amy and Ty.

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