Killjoys Season 3 Episode 9 Review

It was Reckoning night for our Killjoys. Which means that the war is almost here. As it should be with only one episode left in season 3 of Killjoys. But before that, there still were things that each of our characters needed to do and accomplish. To know what were those things, keep on reading this Killjoys season 3 episode 9 recap.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

Killjoys mission of the week

The last episode dropped a huge truth-bomb on us when it was announced that if Dutch kills Aneela, she dies as well. But, since Dutch also revealed this to D’avin and Zeph in episode 8, you know that they came up with a way to prevent Dutch from dying while still winning the war. And that way was to imprison Aneela in one of the Khlyen’s mirrored cubes that they have on Lucy. However, the only way to do that would be to lure Aneela to it.

Luckily, there is one thing that Aneela wants most in this world. To kill Dutch. So a plan was born. Implant a memory into the green of Dutch and D’av deciding that Dutch will hide from Aneela in the cube. Which should tempt Aneela just enough for her to willingly step foot in it again, even if it was her prison before. And they reached out to some old friends and foes to do that. Pippin, to find them the right tech to implant the memory into the green. And Kitaan to be their Hullen connection.

But, since the tech that Pippin helped them acquire and they used for the memory transplantation was a prototype at best, everything didn’t quite go as planned. Add that to Dutch and D’av’s mediocre acting skills and you have yourself a challenge. Fortunately, Dutch had some leverage over Kitaan, and she submitted herself to Dutch, D’av and Pippin’s tries. So D’av went on a little memory walkabout, and they succeeded at implanting the memory into the Hullen.

Crash, fight, win, lose

However, while Dutch and D’av were celebrating, Kitaan managed to break free, take Pippin hostage, crash Lucy on an asteroid and attempt to access some Hullen to warn Aneela of their ruse. It turns out Pippin isn’t the best choice to watch over supposedly sleeping prisoners. Although, there were some things he did right, while they were under attack from Kitaan.

So, after distressed Pippin crashed Lucy, the ship went offline and Kitaan announced that she needs some more of the green plasma. And, seeing that Dutch had some, she baited Kitaan to come and get it. The two fought, and Kitaan got to the plasma and managed to warn the rest of the Hullen of what Dutch and D’avin did with the fake memory. Which meant, that ultimately their plan failed.

Fortunately, there was one bright side to all this. After D’av subdued Kitaan, he spaced her. Meaning, that Kitaan will spend the rest of her days in space, regenerating over and over again.

I loved this whole plot line of D’av trying to save Dutch. It not only brought back some of my favorite characters of the season. But it also once more showed us how much the Jaqobis brothers care about their bad-ass leader. D’av tried to save her using some creative Hullen manipulation methods. And it looks like Johnny isn’t giving up either. What with him promising to try and save Dutch when the time comes, even if he vowed he wouldn’t to her. Can’t wait to see the Killjoys season 3 finale and how this all plays out!

Surprise, surprise

While D’av and Dutch were dealing with that, Johnny was dealing with a pregnant Delle Seyah. Yes, that’s right. The younger Jaqobis got to face his mortal enemy on Killjoys season 3 episode 9.

Not full 5 minutes into the episode, Lucy announced that an unknown Hullen ship was approaching the RAC. And lo and behold, Delle Seyah stepped off of it, shocking everyone with being pregnant with D’avins child and looking to parlay with the Killjoys side of the war. Yet, as we later found out, she actually did this all as an excuse get away from Aneela and find out what exactly is growing inside of her. And Johnny being Johnny, agreed to do some scans.

Commerce John and Zeph scanning Delle Seyah’s pregnant belly and using that as a cover to do some tests and find out what exactly Aneela is planning with all of this. And what they found was shocking! They uncovered that the baby Delle Seyah is carrying is basically Hullen heir, first Hullen who is born not made. Which also means that the child is the face of human extinction, seeing as, if the Hullen don’t need human host anymore, there is no reason for them not to wipe out all of the human race.

Thankfully, since Delle Seyah is carrying this Hullen miracle child, it is also an excellent leverage in the Killjoys vs Hullen war. One that, no doubt, Johnny, and D’avin will somehow use come season 3 finale since they captured Delle Seyah and locked her up at the end of this Killjoys episode.

Last thoughts on Killjoys season 3 episode 9

Killjoys season 3 episode 9 was very strong not only in the sense of setting everything up for the final battle. But also in showcasing basically all the supporting characters, and giving them a chance to really shine. From Pippin and their quips, Alvin and his intensity and Fancy and Turin’s temporary peace. To Pree, his evolving relationship with Gared and amazing singing voice. The little moments with the supporting cast were glorious and a cherry on top of an amazing Killjoys episode.

Episode highlights:

• Delle Seyah showing up on RAC
• finding out that Delle Seyah’s baby is actually D’av and Aneela’s
• Zeph and D’av coming up with a plan to save Dutch
• Pippin being back and the perfect comic relief
• Delle Seyah telling Johnny to let her killing Pawter go
• Dutch and D’avin trying to act and Pippin directing them
• Johnny and Zeph teaming up again to scan Delle Seyah’s belly
• learning that Kendy is carrying the Hullen heir
• Fancy freeing Turin as his reckoning
• D’av showing off his Hullen controlling skills
• Dutch and D’av celebrating their temporary success
• Kitaan and Dutch’s face-off
• John offering Delle Seyah asylum
• D’av sending Kitaan off into space
• Pree and Gared’s relationship evolution
• Johnny showing Delle Seyah that she doesn’t know him at all
• D’avin’s frantic want to save Dutch and his rant
• the D’av and Duch’s talk before the kiss
• Dutch and D’av kiss
• Pree singing (Thom Allison’s voice is amazing!)
• Dutch saying goodbye to Lucy
• John promising D’av to try and save Dutch even if she doesn’t want him to

Episode low points:

• Kitaan ruining D’avin’s plan of saving Dutch
• Aneela killing Alvis (why?)

Quote of the episode:
Pippin: “Sorry, what was that, Lucy? Are you saying that all this was part of my brilliant ruse to stall for time?”
Lucy: “It was! And Pippin even continued his ruse by telling the Hullen intruder that if she did kill you and Dutch, he was open to negotiations.”
Pippin: “Thank you, Lucy! That’s fine!”
Lucy: “But it was difficult to follow this part as he was weeping uncontrollably at the time.”

Promo for Killjoys season 3 episode 10:

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