Madam Secretary Season 3 Episode 21 Review

Words can’t describe how much I loved the latest Madam Secretary episode. It truly showcased each Elizabeth’s core team member individually, while still keeping MSec in the spotlight and keeping the squad goals strong. Keep on reading this Madam Secretary season 3 episode 21 recap to know, why I think so.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

Case of the week

This week Elizabeth and her team were faced with another hostage situation. Only this time its epicenter was in Sudan, where an American journalist Colin Mitchell was held captive for 7 years. But the situation was even worse since said journalist was sick, and nobody notified the Secretary of State about this development. So once Elizabeth learned about the situation thanks to Blake, she tried to do everything in her power to get the journalist home.

As always, it wasn’t an easy thing to achieve. Especially, since it turned out that China was involved in this whole situation. And we all know how good of a relationship Elizabeth has with Chinese Foreign Minister Chen. So Elizabeth decided to give a speech, which would hopefully persuade the Chinese and the Sudanese governments to release Colin. And it worked because Matt managed to write such an amazing speech. Colin was free, Elizabeth and her dream team managed to avert another crisis and everything working out great.

I love how lately Madam Secretary has focused on various different types of crisis situations. The show has covered everything from humanitarian efforts to global warming and kidnappings. Which really highlights how many different issues the US is involved in. And also sheds light on those issues that maybe otherwise you wouldn’t know about.

The hunt for VFF

Additionally, in Madam Secretary season 3 episode 21 the hunt for the doomsday cult intensified. All the biggest US intelligence agencies were instructed to put all the resources they have towards this situation after Henry briefed them about the seriousness of it. And since there are only two episodes left in this Madam Secretary season, it is about time the VFF threat escalated.

I loved the part where Elizabeth, Henry, and Jay were discussing if Henry really sold the seriousness of the situation in the meeting. Because it really showed us, that we also should be terrified of what’s to come. And what I took away from this scene is that the Madam Secretary season 3 finale promises to be crazy intense. I just hope that all of our main characters survive it!

Team members highlighted

Just recently I was thinking, that the show should also show more of Elizabeth’s core team. Meaning that they should not only focus on Elizabeth and her family but show a bit more of Daisy, Nadine, Blake, Matt, and Jay. And on Madam Secretary season 3 episode 21, my wish came true. Big time! Because on this episode, we got a glimpse into the lives and routines of Blake, Nadine, Jay, Matt and Daisy as they navigate their way through life and their jobs.

We got to see Blake’s routine and how he does what he does aka is the best assistant to Elizabeth. Then we also saw Nadine and a bit of her life outside her job. Jay also got a moment in the spotlight, because we saw him do his job flawlessly while still managing to take care of his daughter simultaneously. Since Matt is Elizabeth’s speechwriter, we also saw his process of how he comes up with Elizabeth’s awesome addresses. And, we also saw Daisy deal with some personal issues, meaning that she is pregnant and the child is agent Garcia’s.

Some might think that it is important to focus only on Elizabeth since the show is called Madam Secretary. But I think that the fact that the series does also highlight Elizabeth’s team, who are an integral part of the show and without whom Elizabeth wouldn’t be able to do the things that she does, is amazing. A politician is nothing without their team, and it is important that people realize that and give credit where credit is due.

Last thoughts on Madam Secretary season 3 episode 21

Can we take a moment and appreciate Blake Moran and Erich Bergen, who plays Blake? The opening sequence of him waking up and being genuinely excited to go to work was just gold. And we also finally saw a more commanding side of Blake, when he marched through the State Department handling tasks like a boss. Here’s to hoping of more sequences like that in Madam Secretary season 4.

Episode highlights:

• the opening sequence with Blake
• Jay helping Blake with Special Envoy Peter Harriman
• Henry addressing everyone at the meeting about VFF
• Jay having to take his daughter with him while he works
• Daisy being pregnant
• how everyone figured out that Daisy is pregnant
• Jay hooking up with Sofia Perez
• Nadine calming down Peter
• Jay letting Nadine know about him and Sofia
• Mike B flirting with Nadine
• Elizabeth and Nadine’s conversation after meeting Collin’s family
• Matt struggling with writing the speech
• the speech Matt wrote being amazing
• Daisy and Elizabeth’s talk on the roof
• the team watching Collin get home

Episode low points:

• Chinese Foreign Minister Chen yelling at Elizabeth about nothing

Quote of the episode:
Blake: “Megan. Megan! Don’t walk away from me. MSec wants that report from the working group today!”
Megan: “It’s like herding cats!”
Blake: “Then hire a cat herd. Get it done!”

Promo for Madam Secretary season 3 episode 22:

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