Supergirl Season 2 Episode 5 Review

This review contains spoilers!

Supergirl always produces some exciting episodes, but this one might be one of my favorites thus far, because not only it had a ton of great action, but also a ton of great non-action scenes, in which we saw our favorite characters grow as people and as friends. This really was a Super episode (see what I did there?), but now enough with the bad puns and let’s get into the review.

This week’s episode saw four main story lines playing out on our screens, and all of them had humor, drama and a lot of heart. Since I mentioned heart, I think it’s only fair that we talk about Alex’s story line first. This episode we saw Alex slowly realizing her feelings for Maggie, which can only mean one thing, our wishes of Alex-Maggie relationship will most likely come true at some point in Supergirl season 2. However, it seems like it won’t be an easy road for Alex, because this episode we witnessed her struggling with admitting herself who she truly is and what a relationship to Maggie would mean for her. We saw it when she was talking to Winn and when she was talking to Maggie both by the police car and in the bar at the end of the episode. Hopefully, Alex will be able to come to terms with her new revelations about herself and her feelings soon, because it seems like that will be the only way Maggie will even consider a relationship with Alex, and the only way Alex will be able to truly embrace who she is and tell those revelations to her family and friends.

Speaking of family, Kara had two main plot likes this episode, as it usually is, because she basically is two people on this show, Kara and Supergirl. This episode we saw Kara fulfill her promise of taking Mon-El or Mike now, under her wing. And she did it is a real Kara fashion, by dressing up Mon-El in nerdy clothes, giving him glasses and sending him off to CatCo to be an intern there. This plot line not only gave us some of the funniest Supergirl moments ever, by seeing Kara dressing Mon-El as well as by seeing Mon-El figuring out Earth, but also gave us some friendship building between Kara and Mon-El. On top of that Kara, with a little help from Alex, finally figured out, that she can’t just take Mon-El and turn him into the male version of her. No, she needs to let him do his own thing, and help him when he needs it, which also might help Kara, because she might just loosen up a little bit now that Mon-El is around. And can’t I just say how much I loved the dancing scene between the both of them? It was cute and sweet, with a little awkward start, and showed us a glimpse of what Kara and Mon-El’s relationship could be.

The other Kara story line or should I say Supergirl story line was her fighting a criminal group equipped with alien weapons, courtesy of Cadmus. And although most of the time Supergirl was losing against these weapons, in the end the good guys won, thanks to Lena Luthor and her new anti-alien-weapon tech. But this story line really wasn’t as much about Supergirl winning or losing, but rather about us getting acquainted with Cadmus and seeing a glimpse of what this organization really is. Additionally, this story line also gave us the big cliffhanger at the end of the episode, aka revealed us that the leader of Cadmus is Lena Luthor’s mother, and that her motivation behind Cadmus is to keep her children, meaning Lena and Lex, safe. I loved this reveal and it only went to show the extent of good story telling Supergirl as a television show has. P.S. Did we see a Winn and Lena ship being born under the table of the gala, when Lena was trying to turn on the device to stop the alien weapons?

Finally, I also cannot forget to mention James’s story line this episode. We were teased since episode one of this season, that James will be taking a more proactive role in crime fighting this season, and we saw the beginnings of that this episode. I really loved the scene between him and Winn, where Winn was asking him if he has a death wish and then James explaining to Winn, how his whole life he has been a sidekick to heroes and now it is time to become one himself. I agree with Winn, that James didn’t have the best start in being a superhero, because who goes against bad buys with alien weapons, that can knock down even Supergirl, with a baseball bat? But maybe we will see him rise up and become National City’s second superhero, a human hero that could really do some good for the city. And I just can’t wait to see all the scenes between James and Winn while out fighting crime in next episodes, since Winn did decide to help James with his hero quest. Who else is excited for a Winn and James team-up?

Highlights of the episode:

• Kara dressing Mon-El for his Mike persona
• Mon-El learning to be an earthling
• Alex figuring out her feelings for Maggie
• James in this episode
• Lena asking Kara to come to her party as a friend
• Kara and Mon-El dancing
• Winn and Lena under the table
• Winn deciding to help James
• Kara figuring out how to be a good mentor to Mon-El
• The cliffhanger at the end of the episode

Let-downs of the episode:

• James going about this whole hero thing all wrong
• Alex not telling Kara about her feelings for Maggie

Quote of the episode:
Winn: I mean; she wasn’t into either of us. It’s not like she’s into this guy, right?
James: Nah.. couldn’t be.

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