Supergirl Season 2 Episode 7 Review

This review contains spoilers!

Next week is a big week for the CW as well as for Supergirl, since next weak Supergirl kicks off the long-awaited four-night superhero crossover event and Kara is meeting up with fellow superheroes the Flash, Arrow and many more to fight the bad guys. But before we get excited for next week’s big event, we first need to look at this weeks Supergirl episode, because, although it wasn’t as exciting as next week episode will be, it still was a great episode with some bomb-ass fight scenes, teary-eyed moments and the reveal of a couple of very important pieces of information. So let’s get into the review.

The episode started with a little flash forward scene in which Supergirl appeared to be battling J’onn J’onzz, who wants her dead. It was an intense scene, but luckily later in the episode we realized, that it wasn’t J’onn, who Supergirl was fighting. Rather it was the real Hank Henshaw aka the human whose form J’onn J’onzz assumed to protect all aliens form people who hate aliens. But not only that, the real Hank Henshaw had been in Cadmus for a long time, getting enhanced, and now he has become Cyborg Superman, a worthy opponent to Supergirl, that in strength rivals if not surpasses her. And he easily pummeled Supergirl, which led to Cadmus capturing her, forcing her to lose her powers and give them her blood, by threatening to kill Mon-El. In these Cadmus scenes all actors gave an amazing performance, and from these scenes we not only got our confirmation, that the leader of Cadmus is actually Lena Luthor’s mother Lilian, but also that Alex’s dad Jeremiah is really still alive, since he helped Kara and Mon-El to escape from Cadmus, and that Cadmus are planning something big, because at the very end of the episode we saw Cybor Superman use Kara’s blood to break into the Fortress of Solitude and access information about something called Project Medusa. And I think these scenes in Cadmus were so amazing and intense, that I wonder what the writers have in store for us in the season finale of Supergirl.

While Kara and Mon-El were off fighting for their lives at Cadmus, James had to fight his own battle against everyone thinking that he is killing people, not just fighting crime and getting bad guy off the streets. It was an interesting story line, because it highlighted one important thing about having superheroes as well as vigilantes, that are off fighting crime on their own, without law or rules putting them in check. And that is that not everyone is as good as the Guardian and Supergirl and fight bad guys without killing them, and something needs to be done about that. Of course, at the end James got to clear his name with the help of Winn and Alex, but does it mean, that in future episodes the Guardian will be stepping up his game to build up his good name? I sure hope so, because the way he looks and fights is pretty epic.

J’onn J’onzz, too, had to face some of his own problems in this episode, the biggest of them being, that he is slowly turning into a White Martian. Yes, you read that right, J’onn soon might no longer be a Green Martian, because, as we saw last episode, M’gann M’orzz, the White Martian who was only pretending to be a Green Martian, gave him her blood, and, since apparently White Martian genes are stronger that Green Martian ones, J’onn is slowly changing. I think, that it is a very smart story line that the Supergirl writers have set up for J’onn, as he just was getting comfortable with being an alien and living openly as one, but now this change will mean, that he will have to go through this process all over again. However, I have a feeling, that Alex or somebody else on J’onn’s team will figure out, how to stop the transformation, because it is hard to imagine J’onn fighting alongside Kara in his White Martian form. And maybe they will even be able to turn M’gann into a Green Martian, too, which would be very cool.

On a lighter note, this episode we also saw Alex be the first to learn about James’s and Winn’s side jobs as the Guardian and his sidekick. I really wondered how long it will take for Alex, Kara, J’onn and others to learn that James is the Guardian, and I didn’t have to wait long, because, after the way James and Winn were both defending the Guardian and after Winn was telling Alex to get Maggie to hold off on trying to arrest the Guardian, Alex knew that something is up. And lo and behold, Winn spilled that James is the Guardian, but somehow Alex wasn’t even that surprised, more like angry, that they are putting themselves in danger. On top of that, the last scene with Kara, Alex, Winn, James and Mon-El hanging out in Kara’s apartment and Mon-El asking James and Winn, the two people who we know were previously in love with Kara, if she is single, only in a much weirder way, by phrasing it as “is she mated”, also gave the episode a good dose of laughter and a feel-good ending, because that is what we ultimately want from the TV shows we watch, escape from reality for a little while and feel better afterwards.

Highlights of the episode:

• Alex telling Maggie how she feels about her rejection
• Winn and James crime fighting scenes
• Winn freaking out about getting arrested
• J’onn’s new story line about turning into White Martian
• Supergirl’s entrance into Cadmus
• Alex threatening Winn
• Kara’s and Mon-El’s heart to hearts in the Cadmus cells
• Jeremiah really still being alive (and previous Superman playing Jeremiah)
• Mon-El asking if Kara is single

Let-downs of the episode:

• J’onn lashing out on M’gann
• The real Hank Henshaw not being a nice person
• Lilian Luthor’s point of view on aliens

Quote of the episode:
Alex: I know six different, very painful ways to get you to tell me who Guardian is using my index finger, and before I go..
Winn: J.. j.. James.. sss.. its James.. The Gurardian is James… sss..
Alex: Are you kidding me?

Promo for next week’s superhero crossover event:

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