Wynonna Earp Season 2 Episode 7 Review

Tracking down Wynonna’s possible baby daddy was the theme of this weeks Wynonna Earp episode. And while Wynonna and Nicole were doing that, Dolls, Doc and Jeremy were tracking down the Widows and fighting ghost Marshalls that were after Doc. Here is my recap of Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 7.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

Mission of the week

On Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 7 Wynonna went on a mission to track down the other man that possibly could be her baby daddy. And she recruited Nicole to help her since Waverly sent her girlfriend to babysit Wynonna.

They ended up in a strip joint, where Wynonna used to work as a dancer named Aphrodite to earn money for a bus ticket out of Purgatory. Wynonna went there after the events of season 1 episode 8, where she almost got killed by the Revenant serial killer, because, after Doc offered to drive home and she refused, which we saw in episode 9, even Shorty’s refused to serve Wynonna drinks, so she decided to try her luck at her old stomping grounds. And it turns out while there she also slept with a man named Jonas.

Only he wasn’t a man at all. Rather, he was a Revenant, who very well knew that Wynonna is the Earp heir. Nevertheless, Wynonna and Nicole needed to get Jonas’s shot glass, so Wynonna could test his saliva and find out if he is the father. However, that didn’t go too well, because Jonas was an ass and wanted nothing more than to gloat to his Revenant friends that he slept with the Earp heir. So, when Wynonna revealed to Jonas that she is pregnant, our women took matters into their own hands and got the hell out of there.

But Jonas, of course, couldn’t let it go and came after Wynonna and Nicole. Luckily, Waverly came to their rescue by knocking Jonas out with her Jeep’s door. So they stuffed Jonas into the trunk Nicole’s police car and drove to a remote location to deal with him.

Single motherhood

At first, they couldn’t understand what to do with Jonas seeing that he knows that Wynonna is pregnant and could tell that to all his Revenant friends. Which, needless to say, would not be good. So Wynonna decided to ask him.

However, since Jonas couldn’t keep his mouth shut and just had to badmouth Wynonna, she decided to send him back to hell. Which essentially meant that she would be a single mother if the baby turned out to be Jonas’s. Luckily, Wynonna seemed to come to terms with it and realize that better she does it on her own and raise the baby to be good, not keep Jonas in her kid’s life and risk the little one growing up to be an asshole like Jonas.

I loved how this episode not only revealed a little more about Wynonna’s past since we only know a couple of things about the time prior to Wynonna returning to Purgatory. But that on Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 7 we also finally saw Wynonna finally accepting her pregnancy and committing to raising her child. It was empowering to see, and will definitely serve her good moving forward.

Wynonna Earp

A blast from the past

While Wynonna, Nicole, and Waverly were dealing with that, Doc had some problems on his own on Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 7. Just as Doc was coming to terms with being a dad, Waverly, thinking that Wynonna already broke the news to Doc, told him that he might not be the father of Wynonna’s child. Which made him angry. However, he had to put his feelings aside really quickly, because a group of U.S. Marshals from the past came after him.

At the end of episode 6, we learned that Tucker had killed the Stone Witch, who was the one who gave Doc his eternal life. And that bound to have some consequences. And those consequences were that Doc became visible to a group of ghost Marshals, who were lying in wait to serve justice by killing Doc Holliday for him sleeping with the judge’s wife. However, that wasn’t the only complication.

On top of being hunted by the ghost Marshalls, Doc was also bound together with Jeremy and Dolls, which made getting away from the ghosts extra hard. This came about when Jeremy wanted to cast a binding spell using the piece of the Widow’s veil that he found to lure the Widows to them. However, since Jeremy didn’t quite know what he was doing, he ended up bound to Doc and Dolls.

And just as it looked like the ghosts will get to fulfill their warrant and kill Doc, along with Dolls and Jeremy, who became Doc’s accomplices, Dolls saved the day by pulling rank on the Marshalls, since he is supervisory deputy Marshall, and ordering them to spare Doc. It was a leap of faith, but it worked and the ghost Marshals went back where they came from, leaving Doc, Dolls, and Jeremy alive.

Last thoughts on Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 7

It was great to see some bonding time between the show’s men. Especially between Doc and Dolls. Because with Wynonna’s pregnancy they have to put aside their differences and work together to ensure Wynonna’s safety and well-being. And knowing that Dolls thinks so highly about Doc is comforting because now we know that Wynonna truly is in good hands.

Also, I loved that Waverly finally told Wynonna about her concerns that she is not an Earp. The scenes between the Earp sisters always are one of my favorites. And on last week’s episode, we saw Waverly comfort Wynonna. However, on Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 7, it was Wynonna’s time to comfort her little sister. And now that Wynona too knows that Waverly might not be her real sister, they can get to the bottom of this together.

Furthermore, if it turns out that Waverly isn’t, in fact, an Earp, they will deal with it together as well. Because if you have the support of those closest to you, you can get through anything.

Episode highlights:

• Wynonna barging into the Gardner house
• Wynonna noticing that there is something wrong with Mercedes
• Dolls and Doc bringing a doctor to Wynonna, and Wynonna’s conversation with the lady doctor
• Waverly freaking out about that Doc might not be the father of Wynonna’s baby
• Doc saying Wynonna that he’s there for her and the baby
• Jeremy and Dolls surveilling the Gardeners
• Waverly sending Nicole to babysit Wynonna
• Wynonna and Nicole going to find the other possible Wynonna’s baby daddy
• learning more about Wynonna’s past and how she saved up to get out of Purgatory
• finding out that Wynonna’s child’s father might be a Revenant
• Nicole trying to lie to Waverly
• Dolls congratulating Doc about being Wynonna’s baby’s father
• Jeremy trying to cast a spell and binding himself, Doc and Dolls together
• drunk Nicole
• the binding spell that Jeremy cast and all that came with it
• Waverly taking Jonas out with the door of her Jeep
• angry Waverly
• Dolls coming around on Wynonna’s pregnancy and telling Doc he needs to do the same
• Doc apologizing to Dolls and Jeremy for dragging them into his shit
• all the good things Dolls said about Doc
• Dolls saving their lives by pulling rank on the ghost Marshalls
• Wynonna killing Jonas and deciding to raise her child to be good
• Waverly telling Wynonna that she might not be an Earp

Episode low points:

• Waverly accidentally telling Doc that he might not be the father of Wynonna’s child
• Jonas and him talking shit about Wynonna

Quote of the episode:
Wynonna: “Here’s to single motherhood.”
Waverly: “You’re a superhero!”
Wynonna: “Same damn thing.”

Promo for Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 8:

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