Wynonna Earp Season 2 Episode 12 Review

The Wynonna Earp season 2 finale was an epic culmination of everything that happened on the show over these last two seasons. And with the ending that the episode had, I am so thankful that there will be a Wynonna Earp season 3. So, without further ado, let’s jump into the Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 12 recap.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

Fight, regroup and fight some more

At the end of episode 11’s recap, I mentioned how everything seemed to be happening all at once. And, let me tell you, that was the understatement of the year, because Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 12 was jam packed with things happening all over the Ghost River Triangle. People were reuniting and getting separated, there was shooting, fighting, knife throwing, and, of course, Wynonna gave birth. It was an amazing season finale and made me extra excited for what’s to come in Wynonna Earp season 3.

The episode started right where the previous one left off, with Wynonna watching Bobo and the Widows head to resurrect Clootie. But they were stopped by Waverly, who wanted revenge on Bobo for making a deal with dark ladies. However, Bobo quickly got the upper hand and Waverly almost became Widow-food. Luckily, Wynonna marched in to save the day or at least tried to, but now that the third seal is broken, the Widows were more powerful than ever and even Peacemaker was proven to be useless against them.

So after the Earp sisters were sent flying by Bobo, they decided to regroup at the homestead. Where they met up with Nicole, Jeremy and Dolls, who, fortunately, wasn’t dead, told everyone that the third seal is broken and tried to come up with a plan to stop Clootie and his wives. And Wynonna got a good one. Get the Iron Witch to melt the plate from episode 4, which apparently has an eerie connection with Peacemaker, into a bullet, that she’s going to use to kill Clootie. And hope that the Widows will drop dead along with their husband.

Good plan, that, but it was quickly derailed by Wynonna’s baby deciding to finally come into this world, and the Widows attacking Wynonna.

What happens in the mine, stays there?

While Wynonna and her Scobie gang were figuring out how to kill Sheriff Clootie and the Widows, they along with Bobo were off to resurrect the big bad. And found themselves in an old mine where Bobo hid Clootie’s body. But, after finding the casket, opening it and seeing the state in which Clootie was after spending a century in a coffin, Beth Widow decided that she’s going to feed Wynonna’s newborn baby to her husband, because, evidently, newborns are the best cure of oldness.

However, in an unexpected turn of events, the Mercedes widow turned on her sister and husband, by chopping off his arm and retrieving his ring. After which she regained her good looks and power and set off to find Wynonna, leaving Beth Widow and Bobo trapped under the collapsed mine.

First, she crashed Jeremy and Nicole’s heart to heart. And then used them as bait to get Wynonna to surrender herself to the Widow because it turns out that Wynonna is the missing puzzle piece Mercedes needs to finally resurrect her husband. But, since Wynonna wasn’t about to give herself up and Beth-Widow showed up as well, the situation quickly turned critical.

Split a bullet, birth a baby

There was some wifely competition between the Widows. Each trying to trick Wynonna into giving them the thing they need from her. But in the end, Wynona and Doc showed off some bad-ass gun slinger skills, split the bullet meant for Clootie (or Balshasar, which is his real name) into two, killed the Widows and Wynonna was free to give birth on the pool table in Shorty’s. Where else?

But, as with everything Wynonna-related, even her baby’s birth could not be simple. Once Waverly and Rosita helped Wynonna get settled on the pool table, Rosita knocked Waverly out and declared that she will help Wynonna with childbirth. But afterward, she will steal the baby Earp and give the little one to the highest bidder since the new Earp heir is top currency in the supernatural ranks and will guarantee her safe passage out of the Ghost River Triangle.

Luckily, Waverly woke up and, after Wynonna willed Peacemaker to work in Waverly’s hands, shot a bullet towards Rosita, who ran away. Leaving Wynonna to bring her daughter into the world with only her sister by her side. But the happy moment was brief because minutes later Waverly rushed off with the baby and Nicole to flee Purgatory and guarantee that little Earp is safe from Revenants and any other being who might want to harm her.

And, after Waverly made sure that she and the baby can cross the Ghost River Triangle border, meaning that neither of them has Revenant blood in them, she and Nicole drove off to meet Perry. He, forever in debt to Wynonna, hired the best security money could buy, to bring the baby Earp to Aunt Gus, who will keep Wynonna’s daughter (Alice Michelle, after her and Doc’s mother’s) out of harm’s way.

Lizard Dolls comes out to play

Yet, Wynona wasn’t the only one in a tight spot during Wynonna’s labor, since Dolls found himself face to face with Ewan and the Brotherhood, who were looking to steal Wynonna’s child and raise the baby themselves.

He was on his way to retrieve a doctor for Wynonna when he was stopped by the creepy firemen gang of supernatural fighters right at the Purgatory’s border. And they were not about to let Dolls past. But, as luck would have it, Dolls isn’t just a regular human. So he used his lizard powers to toast them into oblivion. The Order no more.

Additionally, once Dolls got to Shorty’s, he and Wynonna killed the Revenants who were after baby Earp. Sending them all right back to hell. And once that was done, she and Dolls saw Perry flying over them in a helicopter, carrying Wynonna’s daughter, who Doc managed to say goodbye to, as far away from the Ghost River Triangle and can get. Here’s to little victories!

Doc’s existential crisis

During Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 12 we also saw Doc go through a bit of an existential crisis. Because, after his death in the spell-reality, he learned some things about himself and his faith, that didn’t quite sit well with him.

It turns out, that when Doc died in the previous episode, he spent a short period in hell. You know, the place where all Revenants go after the Earp heir kills them before they resurrect. And when Doc came back, he felt his mortality and sad faith more vividly than ever before. Especially, since he also didn’t have his immortality ring anymore. So much so that Dolls had to talk him down from the proverbial ledge and talk him into joining their fight against Clootie and the Widows again.

But once Doc was back to fighting the good fight and saw Wynonna about to give birth to his child, he seemed to get a second breath. So, when Wynonna went into labor, he volunteered to go find out if Clootie aka Balshasar has risen. Though, once he and Jeremy arrived at the mine where Clootie’s coffin lies, he came face to face with Bobo. A fight between Doc and Bobo broke out because Bobo promised Balshasar Waverly as his new bride. And for a moment there it seemed that Bobo is going to win.

Fortunately, Jeremy was there. And he in tandem with Doc managed to impale Bobo on some metal spikes. Disabling him just long enough so Doc could throw him down the well and put a wood lid on it, so Bobo can’t get out. Bobo no more, too. At least until he figures a way to get out of the well.

Last thoughts on Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 12

That scene where Wynonna was saying goodbye to her newborn daughter was absolutely heartbreaking. Melanie Scrofano did such an amazing job with it that I was in tears, feeling Wynonna’s pain well after the episode was over.

Though, I understand why it was necessary. Having to send her baby off to keep her safe proved us how brave, selfless and amazing Wynonna is. A true hero! On top of that, it also gave her and her team a newfound reason to finally break the Earp curse once for all.

Will they manage to do it in season 3? Don’t know! But I sure as hell will be tuning in to find out. So, unstill next summer Earpers, when I will be back with recaps for Wynonna Earp season 3!

Episode highlights:

• Waverly apologizing to Wynona over and over again
• Dolls waking up in the body bag (scary yet hilarious!)
• Wynonna coming up with a plan on how to kill Clootie
• Dolls talking Doc down off the proverbial ledge
• Jeremy telling Nicole why he stayed in Purgatory
• Doc and Dolls’s reaction to the news that Wynonna is about to give birth
• Wynonna and Doc’s gun ruse to kill the Widows
• Waverly slapping Doc
• Wynonna’s rage during contractions
• all WayHaught moments during Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 12
• Waverly saving Wynona from Rosita by using Peacemaker
• Dolls going all lizard-dragon on Ewan and his men
• Jeremy trying to trash talk Bobo
• Wynonna holding her baby for the first time
• Wynonna saying goodbye to her daughter (heartbreaking!)
• Waverly telling Wynonna that she is the best of them
• Waverly and the baby not being half-revenants
• Doc managing to say goodbye to his daughter
• Wynonna and Dolls seeing that Perry made it away safely with the baby
• Doc and Wynonna’s conversation at the end
• Wynonna telling Doc their daughter’s name and kissing him
• seeing Nicole leafing through files on the Balshasar cult and nod to Dolls
• the episode ending with Wynonna visiting her mom

Episode low points:

• Rosita double-crossing Wynonna, during labor no less
• the Brotherhood wanting to steal Wynonna’s baby
• Wynonna having to say goodbye to her daughter right after giving birth

Quote of the episode:
Dolls: “I woke up in a body bag.”
Wynonna: “And they say you don’t know how to party!”

Jeremy: “Hey, he’s not. I feel it in my groin.”
Wynonna: “I feel like just for that I get to say vagina again.”
Jeremy: “Mhm.”

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