Wynonna Earp Season 2 Episode 11 Review

Having a what-if episode is an often-used trope in TV series, especially ones with fantasy elements in them. However, this time around Wynonna Earp made this trope their own and delivered an interesting episode while doing so. Here is my Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 11 recap.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

Mission of the week

The mission for this week most definitely was to get things back as they were. And, this time around, Doc was the man for the job, as he was the only one who remembered Wynonna even existing and tried to get her back.

Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 11 started (flash-forward not included) right where episode 10 left off, with Doc ending up back in the well and yelling Wynonna. Luckily, he didn’t have to spend long in there. However, that’s where the easy ended. Because, after Doc climbed out of the well via a ladder that was just sitting there, he discovered that the world had changed. And then some.

It turns out in this new Wynonna-less world he is the root of all illegal activity going on in Purgatory. And his base camp, dubbed Holiday Haus, is located at the homestead, where he and his henchmen are cooking up all kinds of things. Including drugs, by shackling up Rosita and forcing her to do her chemistry magic. So, after digesting this new world he found himself in, he released Rosita and went to find Dolls in hopes that he will be able to help Doc get Wynonna back.

Yet, since in this alternate universe world Doc isn’t a very good man, as soon as he stepped into Dolls’s office, who still is a Black Badge agent, by the way, Nicole knocked him out and Dolls locked Doc up in the same glass cell, where one of the captured Widows was residing. Fortunately, the Mercedes-faced Widow’s magic was gone, thanks to one of Dolls’s interrogation tactics, and she can’t harm Doc. But nevertheless, his time in the glass box definitely put a damper on Doc’s mission to find Wynonna.

The search and the end

Meanwhile, the other Widow was trying to break the third seal and resurrect Sheriff Clootie. But, when she didn’t succeed, she figured it was time to break her sister out of her glass prison. Which was good for Doc, because that meant that he finally got out of the cell, too, and could continue his mission to get back Wynonna. And first, step to do that was to convince Jeremy to help him. Lucky for Doc, he accomplished this task, and they were off to figure out how to reverse the spell.

They ended up in Shorty’s where Doc came face to face with Waverly. A gun-toting Waverly, mind you, but nevertheless, he is a man on a mission and tried to talk to Waverly about Wynonna. However, Dolls interrupted them, a shooting broke out, and Doc shot Dolls. Yet, while Doc was telling an injured Dolls that he will find how to make their world right again, Dolls shoots Doc. And in a very unexpected turn of events, Doc dies in Waverly’s arms, asking her to find the Iron Witch and get Wynonna back.

A while later we see Dolls dying, too, with Jeremy next to him. And, when Jeremy and Rosita met up since they both are Black Badge agents, they tried to figure out what the hell is happening. Jeremy convinced Rosita, that something isn’t quite right with the world they are living in, but the conclusion he came to was that Black Badge is poisoning the whole Ghost River Triangle. So they decide to blow up the origins of the poison, Holliday Haus aka the homestead.

This whole Doc and Dolls dying thing was so shocking to me, especially, since the episode ended not showing us if they are alive in their actual reality. I hope that they are though because without them Wynonna Earp wouldn’t be Wynonna Earp.

Waverly’s side of things

While Doc was trying to get Dolls and everyone else on board with the fact that the world isn’t right, Waverly was slowly figuring that out on her own.

In this alternate universe, Waverly found herself as Waverly Gibson, still working at Shorty’s as a bartender, living in the upstairs apartment, and engaged to Perry (remember him from episode 3?). Yes, in this alternate world there was no WayHaught. Although Nicole, who was Purgatory’s sheriff, was still in love with Waverly. However, have no fear, there were plenty WayHaught scenes in this episode, as Nicole was the one who helped Waverly figure out this whole non-Wynonna world thing.

After Waverly left the station and met up with Perry, she admitted to him that something always seems to be missing from her life. And he suggested that it might be closure, so he had taken it upon himself to find Waverly that closure. Que Waverly visiting the man who killed her family. None other than Bobo del Rey, who was in a mental hospital. And the visit, although uncomfortable, made Waverly even surer that something wasn’t quite right since Bobo muttered Wynonna’s name and told her to find her.

So she went to revisit her past by looking at the things her family left behind. Among which was her mother’s wedding dress. And after Doc died in Waverly’s arms, she confided in Nicole that something about Doc’s death and everything else didn’t feel right. And they figured out that they might need to visit the Iron Witch, whose name Doc dropped before perishing.

The big bang

When Waverly and Nicole arrived at the Iron Witch’s house, the Witch told them about the spell. To prove her point she lifted the spell just long enough for Waverly and Nicole to remember their real, non-spell world and for Waverly to remember Wynonna. And once the spell was back in place, they devised a plan – get to the homestead, blow up the trophy and the spell will be gone.

One problem, though, the homestead now is Revenant ground zero. So they decided to go to Bobo for help. They broke him out of the mental hospital, and he, with some hesitation, told them where the talisman is so they can get all of the Revenants of off the Earp property and get to the trophy. But the Widows were coming for Bobo, after realizing that he had moved their husband’s body elsewhere, so Bobo fled for the homestead, which left WayHaught no choice but to abandon the talisman and go for the trophy, even if it was protected by dozens of Revenants.

An epic battle ensues between the Doc-loyalists and Bobo’s Revenants and Waves and Nicole make a run for the shed where the trophy is. There they met Rosita and Jeremy, who were trying to blow up the drug making factory. Waverly convinces them that they are living a lie, they find the trophy and risk blowing it up. Which works and we see the world becoming as it should be, with Wynonna in it. While we also see the Widows finishing their spell and resurrecting the demon Clootie. As well as Wynonna having contractions.

Way to have everything happen all at once, right? Here’s to hoping that they will manage to send Clootie back to the grave. And that Wynonna gets to give birth to her little one in a safer Clootie-free world.

Last thoughts on Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 11

I loved how they decided to tease the end of Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 11 at the very beginning with a flash-forward. The fact that the scene didn’t make any sense and that immediately afterward we found ourselves in a completely changed world, which we didn’t know anymore, was just so interesting. Admittedly, it was confusing as heck. But that’s why it was interesting.

It allowed us to explore a new world, while still watching the same beloved characters. Which, in my opinion, gave the show a new life and added that special feature to it leading into the season finale, to really keep us on our toes and not blinking in front of the TV screens.

Episode highlights:

• the flash-forward at the beginning of the episode
• Doc slowly figuring out the new reality he found himself in
• Doc freeing Rosita
• Dolls feeling that something isn’t quite right from the very beginning
• Dani Kind’s performance this episode (you were awesome, girl!)
• Doc trying to help Dolls remember Wynonna
• Nicole scolding Lonnie
• Waverly’s slow-mo entrance
• Nicole still being in love with Waverly
• Waverly’s visit to Bobo
• Michael Eklund as Bobo this episode (just pure amazingness of a performance!)
• Doc convincing Jeremy that they are under a spell
• Waverly holding Doc while he is dying
• WayHaught’s conversation in the police car
• Dolls muttering Wynonna’s name before dying
• Waverly and Nicole remembering their real lives
• Waves breaking Bobo out of the mental hospital
• Rosie and Jeremy’s alliance
• Jeremy under duress (hilarious!)
• Waverly telling Perry that she thinks she’s gay
• Rosie saving them out to defend the shed from the Revenants
• that WayHaught kiss
• their plan working and Wynonna being back
• Wynonna on the verge of giving birth

Episode low points:

• Doc dying
• Dolls dying
• Bobo making a deal with the Widows
• the Widows managing to resurrect their husband

Quote of the episode:
Waverly: “You’d do that for me?”
Nicole: “I’d do a lot of things to you.”
Waverly: “For.. for me.”
Nicole: “Jap, That, too. Mhm.”

Promo for Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 12:

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