The 15 Best Fixers in TV Shows

When a crisis arises on some of our favourite TV shows, it is time to call in one of the most enigmatic and driven characters – the fixer. Armed with charisma, razor-sharp intellect, and a knack for bending the rules, these enigmatic problem solvers turn mayhem into order.

From political minefields to personal disasters, fixers untangle the toughest snarls with finesse, blurring the lines between right and wrong.

Amidst these adrenaline-pumping narratives, viewers are not just voyeurs but accomplices in morally complex decisions.

These shows showcase unconventional brilliance, setting viewers up for a roller-coaster ride as TV’s fixers show us how problems vanish with a touch of ingenuity.

Ray Donovan in Ray Donovan

First up, let’s get into the glitzy world of Ray Donovan, a Hollywood fixer who dabbles in a world of secrets and scandals for the rich and famous.

Set in Los Angeles, the Showtime series takes us on a tumultuous ride through Ray’s life.

Juggling family drama and high-stakes cases, he navigates treacherous terrain to keep his clients’ reputations intact while grappling with his own demons.

The show’s gritty portrayal of Ray’s world provides a raw and unfiltered look at the challenges he faces.

Ray Donovan stands as a prime example of fixer-focused TV, offering a thrilling glimpse into a world where problems are mere stepping stones for a man who thrives in the shadows.

Olivia Pope in Scandal

In the high-stakes world of ABC’s Scandal, Olivia Pope reigns supreme as a fixer extraordinaire.

As the formidable force behind a crisis management firm in Washington, D.C., she has a keen intellect and reputation for handling even the most explosive scandals, making her the go-to person for the political elite.

Olivia’s tenacity, unyielding principles, and ability to spin any situation make her an iconic character in the fixer genre.

The show interweaves suspenseful plotlines with glimpses into Olivia’s complex relationships, resulting in a blend of tension and emotion.

As she navigates a landscape of grey morality, Olivia remains a symbol of strength and ingenuity in the world of TV fixers.

Doug Stamper in House of Cards

In Netflix’s House of Cards, Doug Stamper is the epitome of a fixer in the cutthroat realm of politics.

He is the fiercely loyal right-hand man to Frank Underwood, a ruthless politician climbing the Washington ladder.

With a cool demeanor and unwavering devotion, Doug orchestrates the behind-the-scenes maneuvers that keep Frank’s ambitions on track.

His attention to detail, from crisis management to information manipulation, showcases his skill set.

Doug is a study in contrasts: his calculated professionalism stands in stark contrast to his internal turmoil.

As Frank Underwood’s fixer, Doug Stamper becomes an enigmatic figure that viewers can’t help but be both fascinated and disturbed by.

Mike Ehrmantraut in Better Call Saul & Breaking Bad

In the interconnected worlds of AMC’s Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, Mike Ehrmantraut emerges as the epitome of a fixer whose quiet competence and steely demeanor leave an indelible mark.

From his inception in Breaking Bad to his rich backstory in Better Call Saul, Mike’s story unfolds, revealing a complex character layered with morals and motivations.

He’s the man who tidies up messes, orchestrates discreet solutions, and operates within the grey areas of legality.

Whether he’s managing drug cartel logistics or aiding morally conflicted characters, his ability to maintain composure in chaos is awe-inspiring.

Hall in Billions

Hall in the Showtime TV show Billions is a mysterious and influential character within the intricate landscape of high-stakes finance and power dynamics.

Operating in the capacity of a fixer for Bobby Axelrod, Hall plays a crucial role in orchestrating behind-the-scenes maneuvers that can make or break deals, reputations, and careers.

The show portrays him as someone with a deep understanding of the covert aspects of the financial world.

With an aura of secrecy and strategic thinking, Hall navigates the morally ambiguous terrain of Billions, often dabbling in illicit and devious strategies to achieve desired outcomes.

Fletcher Chace in Trust

In FX’s Trust, we meet Fletcher Chace, a captivating example of a fixer operating within a world of immense wealth and family drama.

Set against the backdrop of the Getty family’s oil dynasty, the series follows Chace as he navigates an intricate web of power, money, and personal relationships.

Chace’s role as an advisor to the family reveals his understanding of the dynamics between generational wealth and personal ambitions.

Tasked with managing crises, negotiating deals, and shielding the family from public scrutiny, he embodies the quintessential fixer – resourceful, discreet, and often torn between loyalty and pragmatism.

However, we also get to see the emotional toll of his role as he maneuvers through these treacherous waters.

Robyn in Flack

Robyn in Pop TV’s Flack showcases the whirlwind world of a fixer in the realm of celebrity PR.

The show offers a glimpse into the chaos behind the glamorous façade, with Robyn as the unflinching force adept at damage control and image management.

Robyn’s character is a blend of wit, charm, and a dash of self-destructive behavior – a combination that shines as she grapples with her clients’ scandals while dealing with her own demons.

Her adeptness at crafting narratives and manipulating perceptions serves as the backbone of her profession, and the show delves into the cost of juggling these roles.

Nick George in Dirty Sexy Money

In the opulent world of the wealthy Darling family, we meet Nick George, the reluctant fixer for this messed-up crowd.

Nick is an idealistic lawyer who finds himself thrust into the role of the family’s attorney and problem solver after his father’s sudden death.

His journey navigates the complexities of balancing his principles with the Darling family’s web of scandals, secrets, and power struggles.

As he endeavors to manage the family’s legal woes and image crises, he is constantly torn between his ideals and the allure of wealth and privilege.

His character evolves from a principled outsider to a fixer entrenched in the world he initially sought to resist.

Cat Chambers in Reef Break

In ABC’s Reef Break, Cat Chambers takes center stage as a dynamic and unconventional fixer within the picturesque backdrop of the South Pacific.

She is a former con artist turned security consultant who navigates a world of crime, intrigue, and breathtaking beauty.

Her past and skills make her an adept problem solver as she delves into mysteries, retrieves valuable items, and navigates the criminal underbelly of the island paradise.

Cat’s unorthodox methods and personal connections add layers of complexity to her role as a fixer.

With a blend of charm, vulnerability, and daring, Cat is a captivating example of a fixer thriving on the edge of legality and morality.

Jessica Pearson in Pearson

Changing lanes from the no-nonsense lawyer in charge in USA Network’s Suits, Jessica Pearson moves into the realm of municipal politics, where she becomes the right-hand woman to the mayor of Chicago.

She embodies a potent mix of intelligence, determination, and a strong sense of justice.

As she maneuvers through the complex dynamics of city government, she employs her legal prowess and strategic thinking to manage crises, negotiate deals, and maintain a balance between power players.

The series explores Jessica’s journey of redemption and self-discovery as she confronts her past and strives to make a positive impact in a new arena.

This makes her a captivating example of a fixer who excels in the courtroom and the political arena.

Jake Gregorian in Notorious

Meet Jake Gregorian, a charismatic and influential fixer operating in the middle of media and law.

Jake is a successful defense attorney known for his ability to manipulate public perception through strategic media coverage.

His character is a fusion of legal prowess, media manipulation, and pure charm.

As he navigates high-profile cases and collaborates with news producer Julia George, he orchestrates a delicate dance between legal strategy and controlling the narrative in the court of public opinion.

Jake stands as a captivating example of a fixer who thrives in the fast-paced world of media-driven legal battles, leaving viewers intrigued by the intricate dance between justice and sensationalism.

Jung Geum Ja and Yoon Hee Jae in Hyena

In the show, Hyena, Jung Geum Ja and Yoon Hee Jae form a dynamic duo of fixers in the cutthroat world of legal battles.

The two lawyers use their skills to navigate the murky waters of the courtroom, where justice often collides with personal interests.

Jung Geum Ja exudes confidence, resourcefulness, and a willingness to bend the rules to achieve her goals. Her unapologetic pragmatism and wit make her a captivating figure as she fights for her clients, often at the expense of conventional ethics.

Yoon Hee Jae, in contrast, comes from a prestigious background but has a complex personal history. He embodies a different approach, blending charm, legal acumen, and a conscience that occasionally clashes with his ambitions.

The series offers a gripping portrayal of how these fixers navigate the legal system’s challenges while grappling with their own vulnerabilities and desires.

Christopher Chance in Human Target

Next, we pivot to Christopher Chance, a uniquely versatile fixer operating in personal security as a private contractor who specializes in assuming the identities of his clients to protect them from various threats.

Chance’s character is a blend of chameleon-like adaptability, combat skills, and a moral compass that guides his actions.

He takes on dangerous assignments where he becomes the titular Human Target, immersing himself in his clients’ lives to draw out those who wish them harm.

His unorthodox approach to problem-solving, along with a touch of wit, makes him a captivating figure.

Ultimately, the show offers a fresh and exhilarating take on the concept of a fixer, where blending in becomes the ultimate strategy for survival and success.

Ryutaro Ogami in House of the Owl

Second to last, we have Ryutaro Ogami from the Japanese drama House of the Owl.

Unlike many of his American counterparts who navigate the cutthroat world of legal loopholes or high-stakes negotiations, Ogami operates in the shadows.

A master fixer, he’s the discreet architect behind damage control for Japan’s elite. Politicians facing public meltdowns and business titans caught in scandals all turn to Ryutaro to vanish the bad press and orchestrate a smooth recovery.

However, Ogami’s unparalleled ability to solve problems starts to crumble when he’s faced with the dysfunction within his own family.

William Rush in Rush

Lastly, William Rush takes center stage as a medical fixer who caters to the elite of Los Angeles, providing discreet medical services that range from patching up celebrities to keeping their secrets under wraps.

As a renegade doctor who operates outside the boundaries of traditional medical practice, he navigates a world where his skills are in high demand among those who require immediate care and absolute discretion.

The show delves into Rush’s complexities, exploring his motives, personal struggles, and ethical dilemmas as he balances his medical prowess with his unorthodox lifestyle.

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