Interview with I Hate New Year’s Actress Dia Frampton

The holidays are right around the corner and luckily this year there are a ton of new holiday movies for us to enjoy. One such movie is I Hate New Year’s from Tello Films and DASH Productions.

In I Hate New Year’s we follow rising music star Layne Price (Dia Frampton) as she returns to her hometown of Nashville on New Year’s Eve in hopes of breaking her writer’s block. And with the help of her best friend, country music star Cassie Holmes (Ashley Argota) Layne embarks on a wild New Year’s Eve adventure to track down Layne’s ex-girlfriend Caroline in hopes that talking to her will be the thing to get her creative juices flowing again. Little does Layne know that Cassie is in love with her and was planning on confessing her feelings to Layn that evening. So now Layne has to race against the clock and show how she feels to Cassie before it’s too late.

We chatted with the movie’s star Dia Frampton about the new romcom, why it is so important to have queer holiday movies, new music, Dia’s favorite TV shows and so much more.

Don’t forget to check out I Hate New Year’s on-demand everywhere (including on iTunes and Amazon) or on Tello Films (it premiered on December 4th)! And let’s dive into the interview!

Tvshowpilot: I loved I Hate New Year’s. How did you get involved with the project?

Dia Frampton: I was on tour at the time with a band I share with my sister, “Meg & Dia.” We were doing a string of shows in the states and I was off in Wisconsin, I believe, and my manager sent me the audition material and asked me if I could put myself on tape.

I had the flu and fever at the time but decided to put myself on tape anyway. I really loved the breakdown for the story and love holiday films so I was excited to send something in. I found out a few days later that I had been cast, and I was beaming all day long.

Tvshowpilot: On I Hate New Year’s you play Layne Price, a singer-songwriter who goes back home to Nashville after write’s blog strikes. What drew you to the character?

Dia Frampton: I love Layne. She’s always chasing something, always trying to grow and break down her boundaries. I’m also a small-town girl, having been born and raised in Utah and spent my childhood in the tiny town of Logan and St. George. I know that feeling of wanting to branch out. That feeling of moving to LA, all wide-eyed and full of wonder.

Dia Frampton as Layne Price on I Hate New Year’s

Tvshowpilot: There are quite a few parallels between you and Layne when it comes to your choice of career. How did that impact your approach to playing Layne?

Dia Frampton: I spoke to a friend before flying to Nashville, and was pretty uncertain of myself. It’s the first time I’ve ever been the lead in a film. I’ve been on sets before, but would usually just fly in for a day or two. I was pretty intimidated by it all.

I kept thinking that maybe I’m not the right person to play this role, that someone else could do it better, etc. And my friend just said that’s how Layne feels. Use it. That feeling of not quite belonging. That feeling of chasing after something and just feeling always a little out of place. Of getting in your head too much and trying too hard when sometimes you just need to let go.

Tvshowpilot: I Hate New Year’s in one of the few queer women’s focused holiday movies out there. Why is it important to have LGBTQ+ representation in a genre like holiday movies?

Dia Frampton: I think it’s so important for people to see themselves reflected on screen. I have 3 queer sisters, and there are not a lot of films out there where they can see their stories, and also, understand that their stories are just as important and significant in this world.

Queer love stories are not the small side story in a big Hollywood picture anymore. These stories are beautiful and important and deserve to be all their own and in the spotlight.

As a young Asian American in Utah, I didn’t see Koreans in hardly any film or TV show growing up. I didn’t see myself up there, so, it took longer for me to realize that hey, maybe I can be in entertainment. Maybe I can be an actress or a musician. Just because I don’t see a lot of Asian Americans on screen doesn’t mean that it’s impossible.

It took a long time to start seeing familiar faces on television, and still, a lot of these faces are in the shadows, only to pop in every now and then to be the doctor or the mathematician or the Taekwondo teacher.

Now, we are seeing more Asian Americans just being in regular movies about what it is to be human and not a stereotype, and that is exciting to me. Again, representation matters.

Dia Frampton as Layne Price and Ashley Argota as Cassie Holmes in I Hate New Year’s

Tvshowpilot: The city of Nashville really is like another character in the movie. How was it to film in Nashville? And to film a New Year’s movie in March?

Dia Frampton: I absolutely love Nashville. I love the energy there and I love that you can literally walk into any bar on Broadway and listen to amazing live music.

It honestly started to feel like the holiday season as we were shooting. The house we were shooting in had Christmas decor everywhere, and the crew and cast were so friendly, it started to feel like cozy, family holiday time.

Tvshowpilot: Speaking of music, this year you’ve released quite a lot of new music both under the Meg & Dia banner and as a solo artist. Is there more new music we can look forward to soon?

Dia Frampton: Yes! My sister, Meg, and I are hard at work writing a new album. We are always writing and creating things together.

But since it is that time of year, folks can always revisit our holiday album, December, Darling. I’m kind of obsessed with all kinds of holiday music so, Meg and I decided to release our very own Christmas album last year.

Meg & Dia was set to tour overseas this year as well as another 2-month tour in the states, but of course, due to the pandemic, the shows were canceled, so we are hoping we can maybe tour and perform late next year. It’s hard to say when it will be safe again, so we are just waiting and trying to stay positive.

Tvshowpilot: In the movie Layne and Cassie go on an epic party-hopping adventure despite the fact that Layne doesn’t like the holiday because she thinks that something bad always happens on that night. What are your feelings about New Year’s? And do you have any New Year’s traditions?

Dia Frampton: I used to love New Year’s as a kid, but now I’m usually in bed by 11:00 p.m. so, hopefully, I can stay up! Hah!

I remember last year I spent New Year’s with my little sister and we just hung out and talked and were asleep before Midnight. I wish I could tell you some crazy, exciting story but, I’m a pretty boring person. I like cooking on the holidays, curling up with a good book, and watching old holiday movies like Christmas Vacation, and It’s a Wonderful Life.

On New Year’s I do like to pop a bottle of champagne though. Sharing a glass with friends and family and sharing your dreams and hopes for the year ahead is one of my favorite traditions.

Tvshowpilot: Since here on the blog we’re all about TV shows, what is your current TV obsession or a TV series you think everybody should be watching right now?

Dia Frampton: I love My Brilliant Friend. It’s so beautiful and the score is absolutely incredible. Also, the actors are great. There are a lot of very young actors in the show and they are incredible. It’s like, there’s no training, there are no “rules” in their head…they’re just playing make-believe, and it’s so amazing to watch.

Tvshowpilot: Lastly, what’s next for you? Any new or ongoing projects you can share with us?

Dia Frampton: This year has been very, very slow for me. I’ve just been trying to stay ready and stay sharp. Even if there’s no film shooting or tour happening, I wake up every morning and sing and practice my scales and work on a play or monologue. I read often and a lot.

Meg & Dia has been writing new music though, so hopefully, in 2021 we can share some of our new songs with everyone, too.

So here you have it, our interview with actress, singer, songwriter Dia Frampton where we talk everything from Meg & Dia’s holiday album December, Darling and new music from the band and Dia herself to Dia’s holiday traditions and of course I Hate New Year’s.

A big thanks to Dia for chatting with us. Make sure to check out Dia’s Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts for all the latest news on her acting and music. And don’t forget to watch I Hate New Year’s on Tello Films or on-demand when it comes out on December 4th!

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