Interview with Actress Jill Maria

A Rising Romanian-Canadian Actor Out of Alberta and BC, Jill Maria Has Had the Ride of Her Life This Year Finding Her Birth Family

While filming for Christine Blanchette’s show Run With It two months ago Jill Maria found her birth Mother Garofita in Romania off Facebook.

The episode aired on Nous Telus TV Vancouver recently nationally and is on VOD still, where she states she is looking for her birth family while doing a press tour with her friend Jordan Gooden.

Just as Jill Maria Mateas Robinson, travels to her home country of Romania for the first time in 29 years, she shares the news of her new role with Nika Productions in The Grey Man directed by Berkley Brady, and the upcoming Sex Lies and Murder for Crave TV.

Jill Maria felt the timing was perfect to share her happy news to inspire others during the COVID pandemic times. She has found new strength within herself after finding her large family in Romania.

Jill Maria with her birth family in Romania

A lot has changed for Jill Maria. After Being seen multiple times on TV at the Calgary Film Festival in 2019 with Jordan Gooden she has filmed 6 roles in the past year.

“My history is still happening! I am an actor in Calgary and Vancouver, Canada! I just found my Romanian birth family of over 200 family members! I couldn’t be happier and busier with various films to prepare for shooting this September and onwards. I can’t wait for people to see Jann season 2 on CTV by Leah Gauthier and Jann Arden, Jasmine Road by Warren Sulatycky, A Teacher directed by Hannah Fidell, The Grey Man by Berkley Brady, Sex Lies, and Murder, Edmonton film Smile by Justin Keebs, Moments In Spacetime by Patty Cowden, Hot Box which is now on Amazon Prime and Apple TV, by Brandon Rhiness and Julie-Anne Whelan, all which I am seen in this year or next.”

Tvshowpilot: What made you decide to become an actress?

Jill Maria: I grew up with an adoptive mother who was an amazing actress and singer. She acted in theatre mainly, in Thunderbay and in Ontario, she then became a reporter/editor/writer for The Calgary Sun for many years.

I grew up with my Dad as well who was interested in film and music and also was a column writer-reporter and editor for The Calgary Sun, before he fell ill with Cancer. My parents are fairly known in Calgary and are private people. I met a friend who got me into a film who saw a character she needed for her project in me called Go Fish.

My surroundings have always created the environment for me to want to express myself feeling different in a world, due to being adopted and all that came with that, especially mentally.

Tvshowpilot: And how has your acting journey been so far?

Jill Maria: I am very grateful at this point in my career and now my family life since I found my birth family in Romania. I have been landing more roles this year due to striving for my dreams to be an actor and a producer.

I feel happiest when I am with my friends in Calgary or B.C and creating content to share with my network who supports me. I have a film partner always to ride the path with me, which is always organically built and the best part.

I feel happy to share about my roles with writer/filmmaker/ and director Berkley Brady, cinematographer Ian Lister and producer David Bond. I am full time in film and TV and I am always trying to create content and awareness for my magazine, as well for others around me and my own acting dreams.

I urge people to be respectful in the workplace no matter what gender, race, or creed. I want to use my platform for sharing good and love and helping children who are in need.

I hope to work with Daniela Cupse Apostaoei of Destiny Productions, Jessica Alina, Sevdin MacDonald, and Emanuela Roxana to help other orphaned or adopted Romanian children.

Tvshowpilot: You’ve starred in quite a few projects throughout your career. Which has been your favorite so far and why?

Jill Maria: Every project I do is a part of me and the timeline of my career. Relationships and friends are built that last a lifetime.

I always want to keep growing and working at my craft. I have ideas of creating my own projects and I am waiting, building, and getting stronger to do so. But in the meantime, I do what comes my way.

Many projects are offered to me or sent to me by my agent Carla Brown or Zaryck Dean Osman or other kind friends. I am grateful for all of my experiences in Film and TV.

My best times are the most challenging projects where I am acting! I loved recently working with Berkley Brady on The Grey Man (played by Jordan Gooden), where I star in this short horror, and go through many emotions. I am thankful to Berkley for directing me in my best performance I have ever felt I did in 8 years of acting.

JIll Maria onset of The Grey Man with Berkley Brady

Also, meeting Kevin Sorbo, John Ratzenberger, and Sam Sorbo was very cool on Miracle in East Texas. I got to play a character with John thanks to my friend Shawna McGill for getting me that spot in the movie!

I have a lot of celebrity friends and big PR companies I work with. I still pinch myself that I get to know as friends’ artists, like Jordan Gooden, Lesia T. Bear, Fulvio Cecere, Camillia De Giuseppe, Chris Tutty, Nathaniel Arcand, Nash Productions, and many more I am proud of who are doing big things in their careers.

Tvshowpilot: Speaking of acting credits, you’ve been on an episode of CBC’s Heartland as well.

Jill Maria: We all love Heartland in Calgary, it’s the staple show out of Alberta which means a lot to many people, and has given many actors their start in film. I learned a lot about how films are made from being on the Heartland and Hell On Wheels.

I love all the cast and crew. I just adore Scott Lepp the producer of Heartland and Sandi Somers of Hudson, which is a Heartland next generation series.

Tvshowpilot: Since Heartland is one of the main TV shows we cover tell us a little about your experience on the show.

Jill Maria: I have been seen on the show as a town’s person a few times and am seen during the wedding scene of Amber and Ty’s wedding, with my late friend Allan Stickel!

Tvshowpilot: Besides acting, you also do PR, including with CBC, one of our favorite networks.

Jill Maria: With Taro PR and CBC I support Heartland in my own magazine. I had Blaine Schlechter interview Amber Marshall and Graham Wardle for season 13 and we put them on the AMPIA Rosie Awards 2019 cover opposite of multi-talented rising artist Jordan Gooden, Lesia Bear, and Morgan LeBlanc.

Tvshowpilot: What does doing publicity for actors or shows usually entail?

Jill Maria: First, find yourself and what we care about in life, take time with people who know what they are doing with helping with building a brand.

I learn about the clients who come to me for support. I find who they are and who they want others to see them as, and we go from there. I find what is special about someone and let everyone know! Knowing all the credits to be learned, details of the show, or actor and is a start for building to share them on media.

PR is very important, marketing yourself and others seeing your work. Everyone has their own path and light inside them. When they are ready or the world pushes them to be seen they will be.

Tvshowpilot: What has been the most memorable experience you’ve had when it comes to PR work?

Jill Maria: I love working with all my cover stars and clients. Zulie Alnahas was my first client, then Benjamin Ross Hayden, then Lesia T. Bear, and I have supported Jordan Goden, Brett Heart, and Serinda Swan for my magazine, which I built for my PR clients out of necessity to help people in Alberta and Canadian film and TV.

It is a full-time career for me helping other people alongside my own dreams. I was called to it and needed from others around me with my natural skills of promoting and it just snowballed. I’ve been told my visionary skills of spotting rising stars and supporting them organically is what makes my publicity work special.

Tvshowpilot: On top of all that you also run I’m Here With Magazine and podcast. How did that come about? And can you talk a little about the thought behind it and the work that goes into it?

Jill Maria: I’m here with you is the idea of the magazine. I was inspired by Zulie Alnahas and Allan Stickel to support them to be seen as the stars I knew they were!

I do my magazine work alongside my acting career, it’s the only way for the magazine to be organic. I am a media source to help others. My whole life goes into my magazine from working late nights writing, posting articles, creating the content of the article, lining up shoots with Jordan Gooden, or whomever I get to work with. I always say I could have bought a house instead of making a magazine. But I wouldn’t trade for the world helping the people I care for and believe in or are inspired by.

My next cover star is Jordan Gooden. I am very proud of it and I support other magazines and PR companies all the time. I am working on a national commercial for Bolivia Travels show to air on OMNI TV, for more people to see the brand of the magazine.

Tvshowpilot: You have been in the entertainment industry for many years now. What advice would you give to anyone who wants to follow your footsteps whether it be acting or doing publicity?

Jill Maria: Be yourself always. In this industry, everyone is special and has a voice. Believe in the energy inside and align with people who are like-minded. If you want to do something just do it. Really family is the most important thing in the world. We all need love to create and feel happy when we do succeed!

Keep your mental health strong and know you are just fine the way you are. Others who don’t support you aren’t meant to be in your life. Just always have purpose and reason for trying to be on TV. TV and film is forever. People care and are always watching. Just live your best life and be positive about yourself.

Tvshowpilot: What is your current TV obsession or a TV show you think anybody should be watching right now?

Jill Maria: I watch everything on Netflix, Amazon, City TV, Telus TV, CTV, CBC, HBO, and History. I am a huge fan of all films actually, it called to me a long time ago to be part of it through friends and life pushing me to it in 2012.

I watch a lot of TV. I love Tribal, Superstore, American Horror Story, Riverdale, Dynasty, Bloodline, Nashville, Grand Hotel, Mohawk Girls, Coroner, This Hour Has 22 Minutes, anything CBC, Ancient Aliens, true crime stories, Cobra Kai, Hot Box, Wynona Earp, Heartland, Mindy Kaling, Jann Arden, Back to the Future Trilogy, Project Blue Book, The D Cut starring Marie Marie Marolle, The Dutchess, Hell On Wheels, The Fosters, Lucifer.

Dirty John, Pretty Litle Liars, Sons of Anarchy, Insatiable, Stranger Things, The Crown, Good Girls, Friends, Schitts Creek, Arrested Development, Jane the Virgin, Indiana Jones, Waiting, Upload, Wizzard Of Oz, E.T., The Goonies, Modern Family, The Order, 21 Jump Street, Blacklist, Brooklyn 99, Broad City.

I love all Martin Scorsese films, Steven Spielberg projects, Will Farrel, Nicole Kidman, Viola Davis, Denzel Washington, Russel Crowe, Margot Robbie Ana De Armas, Di Caprio, and Jack Balck starring movies. I also watch all the Marvel and DC Comic shows and movies.

Tvshowpilot: Lastly, what’s next for you? Any new or ongoing projects you can share with us?

Jill Maria: February’s Dog by Paul J. Chinook and Quinn Teechma is in post-production, I have my own show I produce called Let’s Talk Mental Health with Quinn Teechma. I am also creating my own show for my magazine with Goodenergy and my own documentary about finding my family in Romania.

Let’s Talk Mental Health poster

I am an actor as well in Moments in Spacetime by Chris Cowden, Miracle in East Texas by Kevin and Sam Sorbo, Assassin’s League by Cory Smith, the new Alberta Government Commercial directed by Ryley Burghall, and The Grey Man by Berkley Brady of Nika Productions. I am proud of being the voice of Barhara with Destiny’s Productions Romanian documentary film.

So here you have it, our interview with the super-talented Jill Maria Robinson in which we talk all things acting, PR, her latest projects, and how after 29 years she found her birth family in Romania.

A huge thank you to Jill for chatting with us and letting us get a glimpse at her busy life as an actress, marketer, model, publisher, podcaster, and overall storyteller.

And make sure to follow Jill on Instagram to keep up with all her latest projects.

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