Heartland Renewed for Season 13

For a while now fans of CBC’s Heartland have been wondering if there will be another season of their favorite show. Or if season 12 is the show’s last. And this worry stemmed from the fact that the twelfth season of Heartland was only given 11 episodes instead of 18 which was the length of all the rest of the Heartland seasons except the first one. Well, the wait is finally over because news just broke that Heartland is, indeed, getting another season. That’s right, Heartland season 13 is happening, friends!

Heartland season 13 announcement

The announcement was made by none other than the show’s lead actress Amber Marshall who plays Amy Fleming on the series.

During her announcement, Amber not only told us about the fact that CBC had renewed Heartland for season 13. But also thanked fans for their continuous support. Because let’s face it, 13 seasons is a long time to love a show. But if you are a true Heartland fan like us, then you know how easy it is to love this wholesome family drama.

What we know about Heartland season 13

Since the announcement of the renewal just went live, not much is known about Heartland season 13. We do know that the season will consist of 10 episodes, which, although is one less episode than season 12 is still great news. Yet, beyond that we don’t know if all your favourite actors will be back for the new season. Or what stories will be told during it. But what we do know is that we can expect another amazing season filled with family and horses. After all, those are the cornerstones of Heartland. And those are also the two things that make so many people fall in love with this series so quickly.

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But while we wait for more news on Heartland season 13, let’s remember that there are still two episodes left in Heartland season 12. And I have a feeling that these two episodes are going to inform us quite a bit about what we can expect to see in season 13.

So, are you excited that Heartland was renewed for season 13? And what do you want to see happen on the next season of the show? Let us know in the comments below. And check back here on the blog or on our social media for the reviews of the last two episodes of season 12 and all the latest news on Heartland season 13!


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  1. I live in Maine where can I get season 12 and 13 I watched up to season 11 on Netflix I can’t find 12 and 13 can somebody please help me

    1. You can watch season 12 on Up Faith & Family or get the DVD. As for season 13, it hasn’t been released in the US yet, so you will gave to wait for a while to see it.

  2. I LOVE Heartland I ordered season 12 from Amazon but it would not play in my Blue Ray it says it is Region 2 I live in the USA and have every season except 12 and 13 were can I get season 12 for the USA? My wife and I love HeartLand and wish it would go on forever!!! I hope I can get the season 12 and 13 PLEASE help us if you can

    1. The season 12 DVD for the US and Canada region (region 1) will be available on Amazon CA starting January 28. Not sure when it will be available on Amazon US.

  3. I am very disappointed to hear that heartland has made only 10 episodes for season 13. Fans should bombard cbc for the return of heartland for 20 shows instead of half of what we are getting

    1. It’s definitely sad that the past two seasons have been shorter. But at least we still got new seasons. Fingers crossed for season 14!

  4. Please let us know when the last two episodes of season 12 will air and where. Same for season13. It was family time for our two shildren and mom and dad. We looked forward to it every night. We miss it.

    1. It really depends on where you live and how you watch the show. I’d say you will have better luck asking this question to the channel or platform that you watch Heartland on not here.

  5. I am so very excited and happy that Heartland will be be in Season 13!!!
    This is the best show ever!! I love all the characters and love how the shows are so well written. I can’t imagine not having Heartland. What wonderful actors. It’s so nice and I wish there were more shows like this….just clean, good stories. The scenery is awesome too. KEEP THEM COMING!!!

  6. I live in the state of Virginia and I love heartland I hope this show stays on for a long time at least until Amy’s daughter grows up and takes on her mother’s legacy. This is such a healing show I am a country boy and I dont show my emotions very much. This show brought them out of me especially with this being the first anniversary of my father’s death. It’s also showing me it’s never to late for love.

  7. We just finished binge watching all 12 seasons over the past few weeks and just finished season 12 today ( dec 29th 2019).
    Didn’t watch much of anything else the whole time. Can’t get enough of this show. It is by far the best long- running Canadian series ever. Production quality is as good or better than any US production. Its magical.
    Cannot wait for Seasons 13 to infinity !! Hope we can get it on CBC or on Netflicks !!

  8. I live in the uk and absolutely love Heartland, I’ve watched every episode and git hooked after episode 1. I can’t wait to start watching Season 13.

  9. Yes, please continue airing Heartland!!!!! The characters and stories are outstanding!!!! Plus it is a family show and it is hard to find a show that is good for the whole family!!! We started watching about a month ago and we are already on season 9!!!! We hope that it continues for many years!!!!

  10. Love this show so much that I have watch all season like 50 time I cant wait till the new season I hope there be more season to come I love to see like 20 or more season of this show

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