Heartland Renewed for Season 13

For a while now fans of CBC’s Heartland have been wondering if there will be another season of their favorite show. Or if season 12 is the show’s last. And this worry stemmed from the fact that the twelfth season of Heartland was only given 11 episodes instead of 18 which was the length of all the rest of the Heartland seasons except the first one. Well, the wait is finally over because news just broke that Heartland is, indeed, getting another season. That’s right, Heartland season 13 is happening, friends!

Heartland season 13 announcement

The announcement was made by none other than the show’s lead actress Amber Marshall who plays Amy Fleming on the series.

During her announcement, Amber not only told us about the fact that CBC had renewed Heartland for season 13. But also thanked fans for their continuous support. Because let’s face it, 13 seasons is a long time to love a show. But if you are a true Heartland fan like us, then you know how easy it is to love this wholesome family drama.

What we know about Heartland season 13

Since the announcement of the renewal just went live, not much is known about Heartland season 13. We do know that the season will consist of 10 episodes, which, although is one less episode than season 12 is still great news. Yet, beyond that we don’t know if all your favourite actors will be back for the new season. Or what stories will be told during it. But what we do know is that we can expect another amazing season filled with family and horses. After all, those are the cornerstones of Heartland. And those are also the two things that make so many people fall in love with this series so quickly.

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But while we wait for more news on Heartland season 13, let’s remember that there are still two episodes left in Heartland season 12. And I have a feeling that these two episodes are going to inform us quite a bit about what we can expect to see in season 13.

So, are you excited that Heartland was renewed for season 13? And what do you want to see happen on the next season of the show? Let us know in the comments below. And check back here on the blog or on our social media for the reviews of the last two episodes of season 12 and all the latest news on Heartland season 13!


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  1. Being a horse owner me and my wife love watching the show we look forward to it. Wish I was more shows that had believable training tactics and love for animals.

  2. I absolutly love heartland, i watched all 12 episodes in about a month. I would of watched 24/7, if i dud not have to wait for my husband to watch, he is also a fan.
    I was raised on a ranch, and loved to ride hirses, but my sister fell of and got a concusion. That was the end of our riding.
    Always wanted to be a barrel racer.
    Please, never stop heartland, i have never loved a show as much as i love heartland, the characters are real to me!

  3. I wish it could be a forever series! Just watched Season 12 in one sitting. Love. This show inspired me to move back north with family. (After 27 years!) I met a family friend who I am now marrying in Feb! Then off to Calgary from Michigan! Spending a week in Banff. I have to see the beautiful land there. My whole life changed and this series was a catalyst that gave me the hope for the life I knew was out there! Thank you & I CAN’T wait to watch again! The writers are excellent!

    1. That’s an amazing story, Tiffany. Congratulations and here’s to hoping that we get at least a few more seasons of Heartland!

  4. Truly love this show and hope it continues to be produced. We need a season 14 and more.

  5. My daughter and I watch this show religiously. Some days we have binge watched for 8 or more hours. We started watching it about a month ago and absolutely love it.

  6. Love…love…love the show. Great family values in this show. Hope it goes in season 20!!!

  7. I am a new Netflix watcher at the age of 73 and I just loved this show. I am looking forward to series 13. So excited when I found out it was happening.

    1. We don’t know yet but as soon as we do, I will be sure to share the news here on the blog. 🙂

  8. Heartland is a fabulous show. I binge watched them from beginning to end on Netflix in the UK, and am bereft when it came to the end! Really looking forward to season 13, it can’t come soon enough.

    1. We absolutely love this show! Only draw back is here in Virginia we can’t watch online. I found one site that did, but they are charging now. Just can’t take on another bill now with my husband being sick. Can’t wait to see the new episodes!

  9. Love Heartland, only just recently connected to Netflix & we hooked just started on series 4 so we still have a lot to view. Love all the characters , thank you for a great show.

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