Heartland Renewed for Season 13

For a while now fans of CBC’s Heartland have been wondering if there will be another season of their favorite show. Or if season 12 is the show’s last. And this worry stemmed from the fact that the twelfth season of Heartland was only given 11 episodes instead of 18 which was the length of all the rest of the Heartland seasons except the first one. Well, the wait is finally over because news just broke that Heartland is, indeed, getting another season. That’s right, Heartland season 13 is happening, friends!

Heartland season 13 announcement

The announcement was made by none other than the show’s lead actress Amber Marshall who plays Amy Fleming on the series.

During her announcement, Amber not only told us about the fact that CBC had renewed Heartland for season 13. But also thanked fans for their continuous support. Because let’s face it, 13 seasons is a long time to love a show. But if you are a true Heartland fan like us, then you know how easy it is to love this wholesome family drama.

What we know about Heartland season 13

Since the announcement of the renewal just went live, not much is known about Heartland season 13. We do know that the season will consist of 10 episodes, which, although is one less episode than season 12 is still great news. Yet, beyond that we don’t know if all your favourite actors will be back for the new season. Or what stories will be told during it. But what we do know is that we can expect another amazing season filled with family and horses. After all, those are the cornerstones of Heartland. And those are also the two things that make so many people fall in love with this series so quickly.

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But while we wait for more news on Heartland season 13, let’s remember that there are still two episodes left in Heartland season 12. And I have a feeling that these two episodes are going to inform us quite a bit about what we can expect to see in season 13.

So, are you excited that Heartland was renewed for season 13? And what do you want to see happen on the next season of the show? Let us know in the comments below. And check back here on the blog or on our social media for the reviews of the last two episodes of season 12 and all the latest news on Heartland season 13!


  1. Love the show. Please let me know when the new season starts on Vision TV. Thank you

  2. We have really enjoyed Heartland. Itis great. We are now watching season 11.

  3. This is so disturbing. Season 12 got only 11 episodes and Season 13 is going to get only 10.
    When you consider how much other junk is on TV; pathetic viewing, this show is one of the only ones that doesn’t offend on every level.
    Just about every other drama on TV is based on some EMS situation. Really, can writers not come up with any other scenario than in a hospital, fire hall or police precinct? Give me a break.
    My son, 32, who has Down’s Syndrome lives for “Heartland” He owns every season on DVD and watches them over and over. I now a show can’t go on in perpetuity, but has the story really run its course? I don’t think so.

    1. It’s probably less about not having any more stories to tell and more about budgeting and actor availability. And I agree, it’s sad that there are fewer and fewer episodes in each new season but at least the show is still going and we can still follow the adventures of the Bartlett-Fleming-Borden-Morris clan.

  4. As a family we cannot express how much we look forward to every episode of Heartland. we can all relate to the ups and downs in razing our family. How they talk through the upsets of life help us and our children to understand. So many of us certainly hope it continues.

  5. Please bring it back soon love the show was upset how I was left hanging there love watching the horses and all the actors

    1. Heartland hasn’t been cancelled. There might still be season 14, we just don’t know yet.

  6. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this show. My daughter and I have watched it from day one and never miss it. Best show EVER. Please don’t end Heartland. It is our Sunday favorite.

  7. i just recently got hooked on this series on NETFLIX. Love this show.

  8. Did we see all of season 12 on CBC, ? When will we see season 13 . My absolutely best show …❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ It

    1. You probably did. Season 12 was just 11 episodes long, and season 13 only has 10. As for when you will see season 13, it really depends on where you live. If you live in Canada you can watch all seasons on CBC Gem, while US fans will get to see season 13 starting February 13th on UP Faith & Family.

  9. Any update on when Season 13 will be on? I love this show. I watch it on my UP FAITH channel and it stopped at Season 12

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