Conviction Season 1 Episode 10 Review

After a brief hiatus a new episode of Conviction aired this past Sunday and begun the show’s run of last four episodes, since ABC didn’t order additional episodes of the series beyond its initial 13. And even though it looks like we won’t be getting more than 13 episodes of Conviction, it seems that these last four episodes will be amazing, if episode 10 was any indication. So let’s get on with the Conviction episode 10 review.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

Case of the week of Conviction episode 10

After the heartbreaking case of episode 9, Hayes and her team took on another controversial and tough case. They reviewed a conviction of a girl, Sophie Hausen, who is accused of murdering the man, who raped her. These types of cases are always hard, because on one hand you realize that the man got what he deserved, but on the other hand it is clear that murder is still murder no matter the circumstance. And that was the theme of Conviction episode 10.

We have seen in previous episodes, that the cases CIU review have impact on the team, and this time around, the case impacted Hayes and Tess the most. They both were constantly fighting to prove Sophie’s innocence. But in the light of CIU’s last case Hayes was especially determined to get Sophie out of jail.

This was a surprising yet understandable change of attitude for Hayes. In all other episodes she always emphasized that the CIU works to bring justice not to get convicts out of jail. But now, it seems like that won’t be the case anymore. And I am curious to know how Hayes will react, when they won’t be able to free the person, whose conviction they are reviewing.

Getting back to the case of the week, the team figured out what really happened and how to prove Sophie’s innocence. However, it took a lot out of Hayes and the team. Luckily all ended well. We saw Sophie released and embraced by the other victims of the man who raped her as well as Hayes outing the man, who covered for the college athletes crimes. It was a much needed win for Hayes and her team to get back on track and back in the groove.

Secondary story lines

The secondary story line of the episode was Hayes dealing with the emotions caused by her last case. It was evident that she was not fine after she couldn’t stop the execution, and everyone asking if she is fine didn’t help at all. On top of that there also was the matter of Hayes and Conner’s passionate night at the motel.

All episode they both seemed going back and forth, but luckily thanks to a little advice form Jackson, Hayes revealed Conner her feelings. It was a risky move from Hayes’s part, since they don’t have the best relationship track record, but it turned out as the right thing to do. Conner admitted his feelings for Hayes, too, and they finally decided to try their hand at dating.

This made me so happy. Finally the power couple of Conviction together and actually happy. Let’s just hope that it lasts this time, as it would be sad to see them apart as the season 1 of the show ends.

We also saw Tess finally telling Matty who she really is. Of course it was after Matty asked her out and Frankie convinced that she should do it, but none the less, it’s out there now. And Matty took is as expected, he walked away. But I hope that things will work out between them as Tess and Matty would make a great couple, despite the circumstances.

Last thoughts

It is sad to think that this was Conviction episode 10, so there are just 3 more to go. I have really come to love this show and its characters. But, unfortunately, based on the ratings, the future doesn’t look too bright for the show. So I guess we should enjoy it while we can and then Conviction will join the list of 1 season shows that were cancelled too soon.

Episode highlights:

• Sam expressing his concern for Maxine
• Frankie showing the lab tech who’s boss
• Frankie asking Tess if she knows how to shoot a gun
• Jackson giving advice to Hayes
• Tess finally telling Matty about who she is
• Hayes confronting the man who covered up the rapes
• Hayes and Conner finally getting together

Episode let-downs:

• Hayes freaking out about Conner and the case
• Maxine being defensive about Sam trying to help her

Quote of the episode:
Hayes: “Wallace and I slept together.”
Jackson: “Ah, sex and death, classic combination, no shame there.”

Promo for Conviction season 1 episode 11:

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