Heartland Season 12 Episode 9 Review

The previous episode of Heartland ended on a couple of cliffhangers. Including Georgie possibly missing her chance to qualify for the equestrian camp in Europe. And Amy and Ty rushing to stop Laura from letting Star race. But despite us having to wait an extra week to see how these storylines resolved, this episode delivered on those resolutions in a big way. Want to know how the storylines from episode 8 concluded? Then check out this Heartland season 12 episode 9 recap.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

Back to health

Last episode we saw Amy and Ty butt heads with Fairfield’s new manager Laura over one of the stables’ racehorse. Because, as we found out, the horse was running races on a fractured leg. And this episode picked up right where the last one left off. The couple arriving at the racetrack and looking for Star.

It didn’t take them long to find Laura. But as soon as she spotted Ty and Amy Laura announced that they are too late to stop the race. Fortunately, a vet who Ty knew was responsible for examining the horses before the race. And after Ty talked to her and convinced her that Star was in no shape to race, the horse was pulled from the race and Amy and Ty brought her back to Heartland.

However, while at Heartland Ty found out that Star was in worse shape than he thought. Because after the painkillers wore off Star wasn’t eating. And the bloodwork confirmed that besides the stress fracture in Star’s leg her kidneys were failing. So Amy and Ty were racing to save Star’s life. And that got them even more on the edge leading to another argument. This time it was about Ty dismissing Amy’s more holistic approach to treating horses as useless in this severe of a situation.

Luckily, by the end of the episode, Ty and Amy were able to save Star’s life and make up. And it looked like even Laura was on her way to redeeming herself. What with helping Amy and Ty with getting Star eating again. Yet, after Laura admitted to the couple that besides painkillers she also gave Star shockwave therapy, they wanted nothing to do with Laura. It’s a good thing that Laura already sent in her resignation to Lisa.

Breaking point

But Amy and Ty weren’t the only ones on edge this episode. Because on Heartland season 12 episode 9 we finally saw Georgie reach a breaking point. Both physically and mentally.

At the beginning of the episode, we saw Georgie explain to her coach Kim why she missed the showjumping event. But, even though Kim was not happy with Georgie, after the points from the missed race were updated she let Georgie know that there was still a way for Georgie to qualify for the camp. She just had to win the next event that was in two days. Talk about pressure.

So, Georgie once again threw herself into training. But the more she pushed herself the worse it got for Georgie. It started with throwing up while on a run. And culminated in Georgie barely being able to get out of the bed on the day of the even. However, she still pushed through and did what she set out to do – won the horse show. Yet, it came at a price. Because right after her run she collapsed on the ground.

It turned out Georgie was exhausted. Physically and emotionally. Which caused her to faint after winning the event. And that really put things into perspective for both Georgie and her parents.

Georgie finally called Wyatt. While Lou and Peter realized that they were part of the problem. Because, after talking to Kim, they finally understood that part of the reason Georgie was working so hard was because she didn’t want to let her parents down. The three of them talked and Peter and Lou finally made it clear to Georgie that she should only go to the camp if she really wants to. So, it remains to be seen what Georgie decides to do.

No shortcuts

While the third big story of the episode tackled a storyline that started in episode 6. Meaning that it was all about Tim and Mitch trying to convince Jack to expand their cattle business to be able to meet Garland Foods’ request for double the order of Heartland beef.

In the beginning portion of the episode, we saw Tim and Mitch meet with Fred Garland at Maggie’s to discuss the new order. And Fred was not happy to hear that they still didn’t have a solid answer for him. So, Mitch and Tim managed to convince Fred to give them three more days to figure out if they will be able to meet his demand. Now all that’s left to do was to get Jack on board. Because Jack was still hesitant to grow their business worrying that the quality of their meat will suffer if they expand.

And they figure that the best time to try to convince Jack to double their operation was during the cattle drive. Yet Tim didn’t just want to talk to Jack and explain to him why expanding the herd might be a good idea. Instead, he decided to get Jack to take a backseat on this matter. Quite literary I might add by asking to be the trail boss halfway through the drive.

Yet, Tim’s plan blew up in his face. After Tim decided to take a shortcut against Jack’s advice they ended up having to turn back and take Jack’s route anyway. Which only proved Jack’s point that they shouldn’t expand their business. And this time even Mitch agreed with Jack. Which means that their cattle business won’t be growing after all. However, unhappy Tim was about it.

Last thoughts on Heartland season 12 episode 9

And I couldn’t wrap up this recap without mentioning the date Lou went on with Fred Garland. That’s right, Lou went on a date with Jack, Tim and Mitch’s business partner. But before you start worrying too much about what that could mean for Lou and Mitch, I have to mention that the date did not go so well.

Lou wasn’t that interested in Fred in the first place, agreeing to the date only because Mitch seemed a bit jealous when he heard that Fred was chatting Lou up. And the date only proved Lou’s suspicions that Fred wasn’t really her type since he spent the whole time talking about his grocery stores. So it looks like even though Mitch is still engaged all hope isn’t lost for Mitch and Lou just yet. Especially after seeing the look on Mitch’s face as he was watching Lou, Peter, and Georgie having fun cooking as a family.

And finally, if you’re wondering if the upcoming two episodes of Heartland will be the series’ last or if there will be another season of Heartland. Then I can happily announce that Heartland was just renewed for season 13. Meaning that no matter what happens in the last two episodes of Heartland season 12, there will be a 10-episode thirteenth season for us to enjoy.

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Quote of the episode:

Kim: “Don’t doubt yourself. Yeah, I can see it in your eyes. I want you to put those thoughts out of your head. Now! Because you have as much potential as anyone I’ve ever coached. You can do this, Georgie. I want you to go out there, kick some butt, have fun doing it.”
Georgie: “Okay.”

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  1. I love Heartland and it seems that in every episode there is a reason that brings me to tears. I binge watch then I am sad I watched the whole season so quickly. I’ve seen all 13 seasons and I sure hope there is a season 14. This is definitely my favorite show.

  2. I love this show I watched all 11 series in a week and half I can’t wait to still catch up with season 12 and 13. I agree I want Peter and Lou back together Mitch isn’t for her and how they turn it around they broke up because peter was away to much and now the shoe on the other feet Lou never around always in New York. I hope after season 13 they make season 14…love this show and the people who play in the show.

  3. I don’t know why everyone seem to want Lou and Mitch get together. I like Peter and wanted Lou and him get back together even though Lou is my least favorite character. She always make a mountain out of a mole hill.

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