Heartland Season 14 Episode 7 Review

Another Heartland episode has come and gone. And this time around we not only saw a beautiful story between Amy and her daughter. But also saw Tim doing something you’d never guess Tim would do. And well as Georgie and Quinn coming for a visit.

Want to know more about all this? Then keep on reading this review of Heartland season 14 episode 7!

This is your official spoiler warning since this is a recap of the newest Heartland episode.

Stronger than she looks

If in last week’s episode we saw Amy concentrate on finding new homes for the wild horses that got kicked out of their herd, then this week Amy’s focus was solely back on her daughter.

During the beginning portion of the episode, we saw Amy teaching her daughter how to ride on their miniature horse, Monty. Lyndy was doing so well, in fact, that Amy thought that it might be time to graduate to a full-size horse. And who better than Ty’s horse, Harley.

However, Jack wasn’t so sure that that was the right move. After all, it’s a pretty big jump from a miniature to a full-sized horse. So, while Amy was getting Harley tacked up, Jack promised Lyndy a snack, which meant no more riding for the day.

Amy, of course, didn’t appreciate Jack’s meddling and him coddling Lyndy so much. And she said as much to her grandfather. But Jack only wanted what’s best for Lyndy. So, the two had a good old conversation. During which they figured out that their disagreement might be a bit more about Amy, Jack, and Lyndy missing Ty than the safety of riding Harley.

Amy: “Ty was an amazing father, you and I both know that, but it’s also no secret he bubble-wrapped her. He worried about Lyndy so much that he build her a treehouse on the ground. Look, I loved the way he doted on her, but it’s my job as her mother to help her stand on her own two feet, just the way my mom did with me.”

Jack: “Well, she’s adjusting fairly well, all things considered.”

Amy: “Maybe, but lately, she won’t leave my side. She won’t sleep through the night in her own bed. Grandpa, I am not gonna let her do anything that she’s not ready for, I promise you that. But she’s strong. She’s so much stronger than she looks.”

Jack: “Oh, of course, she is. She gets that from the Bartlett side of the family.”

So, with Jack on board now, Amy made it her mission to help her daughter be a bit more independent. Which included getting Lyndy to sleep in her own bed and getting her to ride Harley. Yet, at first, Amy failed at both.

Shaun Johnston as Jack and Ruby and Emmanuella Spencer as Lyndy on Heartland episode 1407

Lyndy not only ended up in Amy’s bed again that morning. But she also refused to ride Harley saying that he’s daddy’s horse and that Ty will ride him when he gets back.

Hearing that broke Amy and Jack’s hearts. But Amy knew what she needed to do. So, she explained to her daughter that daddy isn’t coming back. And that it’s okay if that makes her sad because it makes Amy sad, too. However, Lyndy still didn’t want to ride Harley.

Fortunately, by the end of the episode, Amy ended up figuring out a way to both get Lyndy on Harley and get her to sleep in her own bed all night.

An act of profound strength

All through the episode, we saw Amy trying to pack up Ty’s clothes to donate them. But every time she just couldn’t go through with it and put the clothes right back into the closet. And although she was telling Jack about how strong Lyndy is she felt like a fraud doing it, since she couldn’t even muster up the strength to donate Ty’s things.

Luckily, Jack was there for Amy to confide in and had some good advice to give.

Amy: “How can I expect my daughter to be so strong when I’m obviously not? “

Jack: “There’s no timeline on what you’re going through. You’ll donate Ty’s things when you’re good and ready. “

Amy: “What if I’m never ready?”

Jack: “You will be. Just like Lyndy will ride Harley and sleep through the night in her own bed. When she’s good and ready. Every moment that I witness between you and your daughter is an act of profound strength. And I couldn’t be more proud of you.”

And that ultimately helped Amy to not only finally pack up her late husband’s things. But while doing so she also figured out that if she had such a hard time getting rid of Ty’s things, especially his signature leather jacket, maybe Lyndy was missing her father immensely, too.

So, Amy brought Lyndy Ty’s jacket and put it in her room for Lyndy to see. And the next morning Amy woke up alone in the bed, only to discover that during the night Lyndy, instead of heading to Amy’s room, had taken Ty’s jacket and now was snuggling it close while still sleeping in her own bed.

That gave Amy an idea. And at the end of the episode, we saw Lyndy finally ride Harley with Ty’s jacket hanging close by.

Cloak, dagger, and polo

If we know one thing about Tim, he isn’t big on fancy sports like polo. After all, he’s a cowboy through and through, and as such thinks that playing polo is the easiest thing in the world. But this episode he experienced firsthand that that is not true. And it was all because of Jessica.

Last episode we saw Tim and Jessica flirt and then bond over their shared experiences with cancer (or cancer scare in Tim’s case) which led to a kiss. So, at the very start of this episode, we saw Lou and Lisa touring a possible venue for Lou’s upcoming wedding to Mitch. And Tim was tagging along for some weird reason. Or was it, since we saw Jessica there taking photos of a polo match happening in the arena of the venue.

But Tim being Tim ended up put his foot in his mouth in front of Jessica by saying that polo is boring although polo happened to be Jessica’s favorite sport. So, later he tried to reason that polo is boring because it’s just showy and didn’t require any real skill like rodeo does. And bragged that he’d probably pick it up quickly since it’s so easy to play. But Jessica saw right through him and, when the opportunity presented itself, signed Tim up to take the place of another player in a practice polo match.

So, Tim went into panic mode. Jessica had said to the organizer of the practice match that Tim’s basically a professional polo player. Which meant that there is no way Tim could just show up and wing it. He would look like a fool in front of both Roland, the organizer of the match, who, mind you was also hitting on Jessica, and Jessica herself.

Moreover, he couldn’t really drop out without looking foolish either, although he definitely tried. That left Tim with only one option, practice polo before the big game that weekend.

First, he asked Amy to teach him. But she suggested that Tim would be better off if Amy got in touch with some of her contacts at the polo club and got them to teach Tim the basics. However, since Roland was part of said club, Tim couldn’t do that. So he went to option B – ask Quinn for help.

That’s right, Quinn and Georgie came home from Florida this episode. And, although it was because Quinn had a business meeting in town, it happened to also work out that Quinn could help Tim by teaching him how to play polo. At Quinn’s friend’s private arena no less, since nobody could know that Tim was learning to play polo.

And Quinn was a strict coach, calling Tim out on his shit when necessary. Which seemed to impress Tim. So, although it took Tim time to get a hang of it, he eventually learned the basics and was ready for the polo match. Which all his family promised to be at when Tim reluctantly admitted that he got Quinn to teach him how to play polo.

Michelle Nolden as Jessica and Chris Potter as Tim on Heartland episode 1407

The first half of the match didn’t go so smoothly for Tim. Especially, since Jessica was playing with Roland on the opposing team. And he even earned a penalty. But after halftime, Tim managed to score a goal. And, although his team still lost, he managed no to make a complete fool of himself.

Jessica even invited him to an after-game celebration. But Tim declined by not only blurring out that he’s a recovering addict but also telling Jessica that it’s not his scene. Which confuse her. So, when she asked Tim why he was telling her that he admitted that he likes Jessica. But before she could reply, Roland called her.

But all wasn’t lost. The next day, Jessica ended up inviting Tim to the dude ranch and admitted that she likes him, too. Although she also cautioned Tim that she’s a nomad and she likes her life that way. However, Tim was fully aware of this and just wanted to enjoy the time they had together.

Jessica: “I don’t want to make you a promise that I can’t keep. “

Tim: “Well, I wasn’t looking for promises, I was looking for an hour for coffee. “

Jessica: “Well, a coffee date sounds nice. “

So, although this thing between Tim and Jessica might not be permanent. It looks like it is happening for as long as Jessica is in Hudson. Which seems to suit both of them just fine.

Dream wedding planning

Speaking of Lou’s wedding, in this episode we also saw Lou continue to plan her wedding. However, she was having doubts about everything. Including the venue and the wedding dress. And the root of that seemed to be that, although she didn’t want her wedding to Mitch be like her first wedding, she unintentionally was planning the exact same wedding.

As I already mentioned, at the beginning of the episode, she and Lisa were touring wedding venues. But at the same time, Lou admitted that she just wanted to have her reception at the dude ranch. But when Lisa pointed out that that’s where Lou wanted to have the reception for her first wedding, she just shrugged it off by saying that that never actually happened. And that for her second wedding, she finally can plan the wedding she always dreamed of. Not really considering that the plan for her dream wedding formed when she was marrying Peter not Mitch.

And then there was the whole wedding dress fiasco.

First, Amy thought that the dress Lou was trying on was the dress from her first wedding, not a new one she bought for her wedding to Mitch. And when Lou told Lisa this, who agreed that the two dresses are pretty similar, Lisa she suggested they go get another dress.

Michelle Morgan as Lou and Jessica Steen as Lisa on Heartland episode 1407

So, they got a new dress. But it got ruined by Katie who was acting shady all episode. And when Lou finally confronted Katie about it she admitted that she tried it on and went riding in it because she, and I quote, “always wanted to wear a long flowing dress while riding a horse, like Arwen in Lord of the Rings.”

But Lou wasn’t mad at Katie, she just laughed at her antics. Which is when she realized that maybe, deep down, something more was going on.

Luckily, Lisa was there for her in Lou’s moment of need and told her that it isn’t the dress or the venue that’s important, it’s how you feel on your wedding day.

Honey, when I married your grandfather, it was the definition of a low-key event. But it was perfect for me. It didn’t matter what I was wearing or the location, it’s how I felt. I hope you can find your way to that feeling on your wedding day. It doesn’t matter how you do it.Lisa

So it looks like Lou has some things to think through when it comes to the wedding stuff. I just wonder if she’s feeling the way she is because of all the stress from planning the wedding or because she has doubts about marrying Mitch.

I hope it’s the first one. But I can’t tell. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

The secret ring box

Finally, as I mentioned before, Georgie and Quinn were back at the ranch this episode. And they had some important news to share.

It all started with Lou suddenly getting a call from Georgie that they’re flying in from Florida that evening. Which already was suspicious to Lou even though Georgie explained that Quinn’s meeting got pulled up so they had to come down to Hudson sooner.

Then, when Georgie and Quinn arrived late that night, Quinn forgot one of his bags in the kitchen. And, since it was slightly open, Lou saw a red ring box inside. But before she could see what’s inside the box, Quinn came back for his bag. So, Lou was left wondering if there was another reason for their sudden visit other than Quinn’s business meeting.

Jordan Burtchett as Quinn, Alisha Newton as Georgie, and Michelle Morgan as Lou in Heartland episode 1407

Finally, during breakfast, Quinn told everyone that they have an exciting announcement that he and Georgie want to share with the whole family.

All of these things put together sent Lou’s mind into overdrive with thoughts that Quinn is about to propose. Even though Amy tried to tell Lou that that’s probably not it and that there probably is a reasonable explanation as to why Quinn has a ring box in his bag.

So, that evening Lou was on pins and needles. And when it came time for Georgie and Quinn’s announcement, she feared for the worst.

However, it turned out that Quinn just wanted to tell everyone that Georgie’s inches away from securing her spot in the North American Youth Championship. Meaning that she would be competing against future Olympians and would be one step closer to actually competing in the Olympics.

But that still wasn’t good enough for Lou since she was still wondering why Quinn had a ring box in his bag. So she dropped some hints to Quinn during Tim’s match. However, Quinn just thought that they are talking about Georgie’s Olympic dreams not possibly getting married.

By the end of the episode, Lou was no closer to figuring out if Quinn really was about to propose to Georgie or not. So, she decided to just go for it and ask Quinn outright about the ring box in his bag. And, dun dun dun… it held his cufflinks inside.

So, it turned out that Lou had jumped to the completely wrong conclusions. And, since at first Quinn was confused as to what Lou thought was inside the box as well, only realizing that Lou was expecting to see a ring, not cufflinks after Lou was already saying her goodbyes, I don’t think Lou has anything to worry about just yet.

Although I kind of wouldn’t mind eventually seeing Quinn propose and officially become part of the family should we get more seasons of Heartland. Quinn fits in so well, so it would be great to see Georgie and Quinn eventually take the next step in their relationship.

Last thoughts on Heartland season 14 episode 7

I love how between Jack and Lisa each Fleming sister has their own support person. Jack is Amy’s rock and sounding board when it comes to dealing with losing Ty. While Lisa is helping Lou plan her wedding and supporting her through all that stress. It’s just so great seeing Lisa being a permanent fixture in the Heartland household and becoming a mother figure to everyone, but especially to Lou.

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And it was also great to see Heartland highlight another equestrian sport that we haven’t really seen that much of on the show. Over the years we have seen everything from show jumping to jousting. But it’s nice to see that there is still new stuff that hasn’t really been showcased much in the 14 seasons of this series.

Promo for Heartland season 14 episode 8

And here’s the promo of the next episode of Heartland, episode 1408 titled Changing Gears that’s airing on March 7th:


  1. I really like Mitch and feel so sorry for him because with Lou it is always I love you, I love you not. Now one more time she is questioning whether she loves Mitch or not. So writers put Mitch out of his misery and let Lou and Peter remarry. I think the entire family needs that stability right now!

  2. Who played Roland in this episode….and where have I seen him before? It has been bugging me since I watched it!

  3. Nice to see the Polo story return to Heartland. Seeing Stephen Amell (Nick Harwell) act on Heartland S4 was an early treat to his role on Arrow.

  4. Hi, after reading your review of episode seven; I don’t know why Lou and Mitch don’t have the wedding at their ranch . It’s where they planned their life together when they decided to buy it.
    Lou can still wear a gown if that’s her thing. Personally, I liked Lisa s wedding attire . She looked so beautiful. Which just shows lacy wedding gowns aren’t be all end all for weddings , especially a Second wedding.
    By, the way, thank you for writing wonder reviews on each episode . It’s really the only way I and I’m sure other s can keep up with Heartland Season 14 . As the show is Not in many areas of the US and perhaps other countries as well.

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