Madam Secretary Season 3 Episode 22 Review

Although the Madam Secretary season 3 finale is only next week, this episode very much felt like it is the finale, because of all of the things that happened in it. From new realizations and revelations to terror attacks, the episode was packed. So let’s see what happened on Madam Secretary season 3 episode 22.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

Case of the week

If episode 21 concentrated mainly on Elizabeth’s work, then you could say that this episode was very much a culmination of what Henry’s been doing for most of this season. Because on Madam Secretary season 3 episode 22 we finally saw how the biological weapon was used. And the target wasn’t the Middle East. Not even close.

The episode opened with terrifying shots of VFF testing their biological weapon that apparently has 80% kill rate. Which already set up the fact that we should really be fearing for our characters’ lives. And then, when the Director of National Intelligence announced that Henry and Mo will be going to Israel to help stop the bioterror attack, the realization that Henry might be hurt really set in. However, it turned out that Henry was never in danger. And that we actually should fear for Elizabeth’s live instead.

The bio-attack

After the Al-Qaeda members, who were smuggling VFF into Israel, killed them, the biological weapon came into the hands of Al-Qaeda. And they weren’t about to use it to prove a religious point. Instead, they decided to use it to show the Western world what they are capable of. And what better way to do it than to hit all G20 countries at once by attacking the Conference which was attended by all of the G20 leaders, including President Dalton and Elizabeth? So that’s what they did.

At first, Al-Qaeda organized a drone attack on Vatican, which was promptly stopped by the US and Italian forces. However, it turned out that it was a false attack to distract everyone from what their real target was – the G20 conference dinner. Luckily, Jay managed to deliver the news that there was no virus onboard of the drone to Elizabeth just in time for her to figure out what the real target is. And nobody, save the two terrorists, was infected. Which also kind of concluded the whole VFF, bioweapon story line.

Blake’s revelation

While Elizabeth was navigating banking related issues and threats to national security, Blake had concerns of his own on Madam Secretary season 3 episode 22.

We learned that before becoming Elizabeth’s assistant, Blake actually worked in finance. And apparently, some of his former colleagues were going to be at the conference. However, although we initially thought that Blake was panicking only because his old colleagues would laugh that he’s an assistant now, it actually went deeper than that. Blake’s previous boyfriend was one of these colleagues. And Blake was concerned that his current co-workers will also learn that he is bisexual.

That’s right, this episode dropped a huge bomb on us because we got the confirmation that Blake indeed is bisexual. And we also found out that Blake deliberately chose not to reveal his sexual preference to anyone at the State Department. Mainly because Blake thought that him choosing not to tell anyone was him employing his rights to privacy. But, after a conversation with his ex-boyfriend, he finally realized that right to privacy actually has more to do with trusting the people he is close to with his personal business. And so Blake also confessed about his sexuality to Elizabeth.

What was her reaction to Blake’s sudden outburst? She just went and hugged Blake, accepting him for who he is. As well as thanking him for daring, to be honest with her. It was truly a beautiful moment and showed us that maybe we shouldn’t be afraid to express who we really are to people who are the closest to us.

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Stevie’s realization

The third major plot point of Madam Secretary season 3 episode 22 was Stevie’s Harvard Law future. On episode 19 we save Stevie got put on a waiting list for Harvard, which didn’t sit well with Russell Jackson. He was ready to go to Harvard and demand them to let Stevie study there. However, Stevie being the grown up she is, told Russell to stand down and that she is going to try appeal to Harvard herself.

But on this episode, after both Elizabeth and Henry had to go out of town and they asked Stevie to take care of the two younger McCord siblings, Elizabeth asked Russell to help with getting Stevie into Harvard. Elizabeth got worried that by staying in Washington Stevie won’t be able to spread her wings. But, of course, Stevie found out about her mom’s stunt and kindly asked Elizabeth to bug out of this matter. Although Russell had already set a meeting for Stevie with the Harvard Law’s admissions Director. And Stevie intended to take the meeting.

However, life got in the way and Stevie had to ditch the meeting to bring Jason to the hospital. But by having to take care of her siblings, Stevie realized what she really wants to do. And that is to do what she can now, not sit in a classroom for three years. So it looks like Stevie is staying in Washington for the time being.

Last thoughts on Madam Secretary season 3 episode 22

I was so impressed when Henry used his knowledge in religion to interrogate Reverend Slattery. It again shows that knowledge is power. And that if you know how to use it, it can be more powerful than weapons or any treats. On top of that, the interrogation scenes also solidified the reason why Henry was brought onto this case in the first place. And it also was a nice ending to this story arc for Henry.

Lastly, it was also a nice change to see a show resolve all of their running story lines not on the last but on the second-to-last episode. This gives Madam Secretary time to really set up plot points for season 4. Although, there might still be a cliffhanger at the end of the season 3 finale since things change so rapidly on this show.

Episode highlights:

• the morning State Department meeting
• Elizabeth calling Henry out for not telling her that he’s going to Israel in front of the President
• Henry and Elizabeth’s banter before he left for Israel
• Elizabeth asking Russell to help Stevie get into Harvard
• Blake confessing his concerns about meeting his old colleagues to Nadine
• Russell’s pep talk to Stevie
• Henry using his knowledge to get information from Reverend Slattery
• Nadine making Blake look good in front of his former colleague
• Stevie choosing her family over Harvard Law
• learning more about Blake, his past and who he is
• Elizabeth realizing where the actual attack will take place
• Russell really caring about Stevie and her future
• Blake confessing to Elizabeth that he is bisexual and Elizabeth’s reaction to it

Episode low points:

• Elizabeth meddling in Stevie’s life
• Stevie changing her mind about Harvard
• Elizabeth overreacting about Henry going to Israel

Quote of the episode:
Matt: (in a bad Italian accent) “Ah, Roma, city of carbs.”
Elizabeth: “I have to admit, I’ve been dreaming about the Stracchi for the past week. (high-fives Matt) And the deal with Russia on tax avoidance. So where are we on that?”

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