Killjoys Season 3 Episode 10 Review

It was the beginning of the end. But also the start of something new. Because the Killjoys season 3 finale closed some story lines, yet burst others wide open. The finale was so not what I expected in the best way possible. So here is my take on Killjoys season 3 episode 10 recap.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

The war is here

Killjoys season 3 finale had many sudden and unexpected twists and turns. As well as many great character moments. But the main event of Killjoys season 3 episode 10 was, of course, the war. Which began and ended in a very unexpected way.

The episode began with Dutch, D’av, Johnny and the rest of their side of the war enjoying the last moments of peace before the war began. Which gave us some awesome scenes full with celebratory drinks and The Last Supperesque setting. And it was followed by D’avin providing Dutch with a little peace of mind by bringing her and Johnny to what will become John’s future farm, full with robot-sheep and everything. But the peace didn’t last long because Aneela’s Armada entered the Quad space. Meaning that the war had finally come.

However, although Aneela and her Armada came knocking on the Quad’s door, she didn’t quite act the way Dutch thought she would. Instead of attacking, the Hullen Armada just laid in wait, which didn’t make any sense. So Dutch decided to seek answers by visiting Delle Seyah, not realizing that that was Aneela’s plan all along – infiltrate the RAC, capture Dutch, rescue Delle Seyah and begin the war. Which she (with the help of her Hullen soldiers) did quite successfully after stabbing John in the lung after he unmasked her as not being Dutch. And so the war began.

Successes and failures

Turin took the lead in the war-room after D’av left to save his brother, which resulted in them successfully luring the Hullen into the sonic weapon’s range, severing the Hullen ships’ connections using the sonic and taking out the first wave of the Hullen ships. Pretty good for an army assembled from Killjoys, Scarback monks, and Ferran mercenaries. Unfortunately, that’s where their luck ended.

After Delle Seyah, who was commanding the Hullen side of the war, noticed that the Hullen war ships were picked off, she demanded Gander to do something about it. He obeyed Kendry, by informing her about the sonic weapon and where it was located. So Delle Seyah sent Hullen to destroy it, starting with bombing the spot. Which sent Pree, Gared and the rest of the gang on the ground packing with the sonic in tow. And, unfortunately, it also meant that the sonic kill zone was gone and RAC was vulnerable to Hullen attack.

Both the RAC and the ground crew took heavy hits. Though, just as it seemed that the war was lost, Turin came up with a plan. He sent Fancy to get the sonic weapon operational again, while he himself defended the RAC by luring some of the Hullen to him and attempting to use the genetic bomb to wipe out all of the Hullen ala episode 5. But when that didn’t work, and Fancy, Pree, and Gared were facing down more Hullen soldiers than they could fight, John and D’avin managed to convince Delle Seyah to end the war.

So Hullen surrendered. Fancy saved Turing from being made into a Six. And the war was over. No losers or winners. Just the end. A bit anticlimactic, if you ask me, but at least most of my favorites lived.

Brothers on a mission

While Turin, Pree, Gared, Fancy and the rest of the Killjoys army were dealing with Hullen attacks, John and D’avin were infiltrating Aneela’s ship, thinking that Dutch had gone there to kill Aneela alone. However, they were quickly captured by Delle Seyah and Aneela’s Hullen henchmen, since Kendry was the one on Aneela’s ship commanding the war, not Aneela.

Luckily, as per usual, John managed to get them out of being thrown in Hullen prison by telling Delle Seyah that if Aneela kills Dutch, Aneela herself dies, too. Which, probably isn’t true. But, hey, Delle Seyah believed John. And the lie got them brought to where Aneela was facing off Dutch. Unfortunately, they were a bit too late, because, as they arrived at the Necropolis, Aneela and Dutch were already going into the green. And, not only they couldn’t save the women they loved, they also had a whole other set of problems on their hands.

After Dutch and Aneela fully immersed themselves into the green, the Lady sent not only creepy spiders but also Hullen loyal to her after Delle Seyah, John, and D’avin. And that left them no choice but to order Lucy to cut the both ends of the Necropoli elevator, which sent them floating in space. Guess they will have to get used to each other’s company. At least until they come up with a way to get out of the elevator.

The final showdown

After the Hullen soldiers captured Dutch, they took her to Delle Seyah’s Black Root ship, which brought her to the Scarback Necropolis, the one place in the Quad that would guarantee Aneela the privacy she sought to finally kill Dutch. And so the long-awaited showdown between Dutch and Aneela began.

They had words, they fought, and Dutch got the upper hand. But, instead of outright killing Aneela, she used Nebula, the device Zeph created that contained all of Dutch’s memories, to implant them in Aneela’s head and show Aneela, what she was missing. And it changed everything.

Aneela finally remembered that she was the one who created Dutch and why exactly she did it. But, more importantly, Aneela remembered why the Lady is so angry. It turns out, when Aneela brought Dutch out of the green, it showed the Lady that it could be done and ever since then the Lady had been trying to get out. And the only way to stop that from happening is for Dutch to go back into the green. So they decide to go into the green together to kill the Lady.

But when they got to the place that Aneela calls The Green Space, which essentially is the place between all the memories that are stored in the green plasma, they met Khlyen there. And he split the dreadnaught that was meant for Dutch to kill Aneela with into two knives. Almost as if he knew that in the end Dutch and Aneela will end up working together to kill the Lady. And that’s how Killjoys season 3 finale ended. Making me wish that it was next summer already.

Last thoughts on Killjoys season 3 episode 10

Many call this Killjoys season 3 finale a game-changing episode. And I have to wholeheartedly agree. It shifted everything in the Killjoys universe. Enemies became allies. And we ended up in a place – The Green Space – that we haven’t really explored yet.

Lucky for us, Killjoys got renewed for two more seasons. And even if these two additional seasons (season 4 and 5) will be the show’s last ones, I am fine with it, because I know that I will get to spend two more years with Killjoys delving deeper into the Killjoys world and ending this journey on a note that, hopefully, will be satisfying and very bad-ass. So, until next summer, Killjoys fans, when I will be back with recaps for all Killjoys season 4 episodes.

Episode highlights:

•D’av making sure that Dutch knows that John will be taken care of even if she dies
•Pippin’s commentaries this episode (classic!)
•Dutch saying goodbye to Alvis
•Turin returning to the war
•Johnny recognizing Aneela, when she pretended to be Dutch
•John going after Dutch with D’av even after being stabbed in the lung
•Zeph telling the Jaqobis she loves them
•Jaqobis sandwich (I want to be in one!)
•Pree and Gared moments on Killjoys season 3 episode 10
•D’av and John rescue mission banter
•Dutch finally facing Aneela
•John convincing Delle Seyah to bring them to Dutch and Aneela
•Turin staying on RAC until the end
•Dutch telling Aneela that her life mattered, that it was real (loved that moment!)
•D’avin asking Delle Seyah baby-related questions (hilarious!)
•Dutch and Aneela going into the green together to kill the Lady
•John convincing Delle Seyah to call off the war
•Fancy saving Turin from being turned into a Six
•Zeph kissing Pippin
•Khlyen greeting Aneela and Dutch in The Green Space

Episode low points:

• Hullen infiltrating RAC and kidnapping Dutch
• Aneela stabbing Johnny
• Hullen almost winning the war
• Alvis actually being dead

Quote of the episode:
Johnny: “John’s right here and ready to go, drama queen. Quit flapping your balls.”
D’av: “You are in no shape for a mission.”
Johnny: “I’m in amazing shape. I will wrestle you right now!”
D’av: “If you cough hard your lungs will fall out.”
Johnny: “Jealous? That’s a feature, not a bug.”

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